Steam Sales Review #79: Sonic CD

In 2012 an Xbox Live Arcade PC Port of the old classic Sonic games were all made available to the general public.  These were re-makes with minor bits of touch up.  The original PC Port was in 1996, this one has been adjusted to add in leaderboards and gamepad support.

But are the touch ups enough to make these games worth while.  I sat down with Sonic CD… and in two hours I had finished it.  Keep in mind that’s about right for what you’re paying.  This Sonic game costs $5.  If you buy all its only $30.  If you decide to ever buy Sonic Generations (which I would recommend it’s an excellent game) you can buy the entire Sonic bundle and all Sonic Generations DLC far cheaper than you could just Sonic Generations alone.  So it immediately becomes a worthwhile purchase in light of bundling options.

But is the game very good.  That’s an eerie problem for the Sonic franchise isn’t it?  In fact, very few of the Sonic games are very good.  They’re all very short, they’re all sort of the same thing, and they all suffer from requiring very little skill.  The leader boards allow you to challenge for a “top spot” but realistically people will stop using leader boards after a while.

This was the launch title for the Sega CD and was rather mediocre.

When you play the game for the first time you get to see this amazing cartoon cinematic playthrough of Sonic in this amazing graphical form running around.  But then it brings you into the actual game which isn’t that brilliant.

None of the levels are also particularly good.  They’re all very easy to play very short and really lack a lot of the complexity you find in other Sonic games.

Overwhelmingly this game is only worth a purchase as part of the Sonic Steam package.  Otherwise avoid at all costs.

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