3v3 Tournament of Glorious Design Begins!

And so begins the 3v3 Tournament of Glorious Design.  This is the second major community tournament in Wargame: AirLand Battle.  The last one just finished up and this new one is being hosted by the PLF Clan.

The format is rather interesting, it will be a round robin style tournament in which everyone faces everyone and the two top teams will face off in the finals.

Myself and Rangroo will be casting all of the games from this tournament on the Youtubes.

How to Kill Tanks in Tank Fights – Wargame Airland Battle Tactics

The T80U was the pinnacle of Russian technology during the Cold War.  It was expected to be on the front line of any major war that was coming.  For this reason Eugen Systems gave this unit a lot of special love and for those brave enough to use a Soviet-only deck, they get this juggernaut.  They mostly deflect artillery shots and tank a tonne of front end damage.

But that raises the question for many people…. how do you beat one of these things?

The simple answer comes from an analysis of armor values.

The T80U has a back armor value of 3 and a side armor value of 9.

To put this in perspective, the T55 which dies very easily has a front armor of 7.

It means that any shot from behind a T80U will do insanely high damage and shots from the side will do medium damage.

In order to do this the key will be to position your tanks in such a way that if their tanks move out you can hit a side shot, and if they continue to push you will be hitting from behind.  Having a flanking position means no matter which tank the T80U turns to hit… they will always be taking bonus damage.


I should make a final note to end this that Wargame: AirLand Battle has critical strikes.  Critical strikes are earned by hitting units on weak spots in their armor.  A good tank commander will always manuever their tank to hit these locations in the enemy, without exposing themselves.

Anti-tank infantry, anti-tank vehicles, tanks and helicopters can all be used in trying to hit these weak points to gain those critical strikes.

As always I hope this guide was helpful.  If you found this interesting make sure to subscribe to the channel for Wargame commentaries and more great tactics.  See ya guys next week for more Wargame: Air Land Battle Tactics