Playing Around in Anima Redux, Part 4

Well I’m finally back to journeying around Anima Redux.  Well a few things have changed in the game.  The first most noticeable one is that the game is more stable.  The game used to kick out my Google Chrome whenever it would load.  It also stopped responding.  It still stops responding but instead you get a screen indicating that the game is in fact loading.

They’ve also made an effort to expand the games coverage across the globe to try and scoop the English speaking players in Asian countries.  I suspect all this will do is cause us to see more Chinese and Koreans to sneak on the realms.

Anyway moving along it seems once you hit the Level 24 mark you just get so many quests that you just don’t know what to do with yourself.  The starter zones are all sort of starting to merge into more common leveling paths.  Already the lion people and the humes are converging.  It won’t be long before the elf type people eventually merge in.

Advanced Classes?

When I hit level 25 I got a quest to change my class.  I thought, that’s stupid why would I want to change my class, I’m happy being an Occultist.  So two levels later I think to myself, what the hell.  I’ll see what happens anyway.  I use an item which brings me to the sancrum of Knight Christopher.  I mentioned previously that there is this weird Christoer de Vitesse NPC all over the map.  Well apparently these are his offspring watching over the world.  You run into a very cocky Knight Christoper who makes you kill 8 Level 25+ level mobs

So as it turns out I’m wrong, the class change is just a quest line into the Advanced Class system.  As an Occultist I could choose between becoming an Archmage or a Mastermind.  Archmages have the highest DPS in the game (actual class description) and use fire damage.  I went with the Mastermind who uses crowd control and buffs to overcome his enemies.  An archmage will probably level all around faster however the Mastermind can probably do all of the elite quests.

Then when I choose to become Mastermind the first ability I get is a channeled nuke that does insanely high damage…. so the class descriptions are a little bit confusing.  As I look down the Mastermind tree what I’m finding is mana draining and sustained DPS… nothing really about control.  I’m assuming that this is actually just a buffing/pet class that has little to no emphasis on control.  I also suspect that description of the archmage as “highest damage in game” is probably not accurate either.

Daily grinding

In a latest update they added in dungeons and dungeon quests.  As well they added in these “hunting” quests where you traverse the globe looking for specific creatures.  This has made the game insanely daily-centric.  So the grind to max level isn’t as hard as it once was but it is getting increasingly hard.  I only added about 2-3 levels today.

Item shop

The item shop has blown up with items.  A lot of people are trading items and in game currency for gPotato (gP) which is the currency for the item shop.  The Pero seems to be the most interesting item as it grants you a pet that will imbue in you new attributes.  There’s one that makes you faster.  There’s one that makes you stronger.  I’m honestly at a loss here how a game that wants to emphasize on PvP is ever going to be able to do so as long as items like this exist.

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