How to Trade – Anno Online Guide

In Anno Online the ability to trade becomes available after you unlock the Merchant Residence.  Trading is absolutely necessary as in the earliest stages you will need Dye for Books and Spices.  Yes in case you are wondering, this is also how you get books and spices.

This is not to be confused with trade routes between your islands which are used to supply goods you can produce.  This trade is used to sell surplus goods to other players and purchase goods you need from other players or Northburgh.

In this guide we will learn how to buy spices, however after this you will learn how to sell surplus goods on the market, buy dye, and purchase off of the market.

So to start you will need a free Pier:


With a Pier place a Trade Storehouse:


On top of a Pier:


By doing this you create an area in which trade ships can pick up and drop off supplies they are choosing to trade.  If you choose to Sell your storehouse will store a set number of for sale goods.  If you choose to buy it will allow only one ship to access it.

The next step is to make a ship and equip it with a Merchant:


Once this is equipped it will allow your ship to trade.

The next step in this long process of getting trade is to click on Harbourmaster’s office and click a button under Select landing!


After this you will get the following menu:


If you select to sell you will not need a merchant ship.  In this menu you can select to sell off a section of your surplus at a set price.  Other players will be able to look through the Buy menu of the market and buy off of you.  It’s always important to make lots of friends!

If you select Buy you will need a ship and will select it in the next menu.

Next up you need to select what you want to buy.  Let’s take Spice:


As you can see Northburgh is the only person who will ever sell you Spice (and Dye).  He also has an unlimited supply (that’s why he’s such a rich baller who can always loan you money).

One more Next button and your trade route will be complete.


Allods Specialization Guide

Allods Online has a unique specialization system.  By specialization or spec I mean the customization of your character’s abilities.  Spec in this game is based into stats and talents.  Talents are split into abilities and rubies.


There are 14 stats in this game total

Allods Online gives you a decent idea of what stats you should invest in.  This is the stat placement for a tank.  As you can see stamina, a valued stat by tanks in all other games is not highly valued in this game.  Keep in mind end game tanks are still stamina stacking.  These trees merely tell you what you are going to need to maximize your damage per second.  Every level you are going to gain a certain number of stats with the ability to place another talent yourself.  When you neglect some talents those ones will actually go down.  Of course most stats that go down you won’t care about anyway.


Strength much like in other games increases your physical damage.  Unlike in most games however there are no pure physical damage dealers in this guild so strength ends up being a very poor stat for damage dealing optimization until you can cap out other stats.


In World of Warcraft this stat is called armor penetration.  This is a percentage based increase for physical damage dealing.  It will scale up your damage more for the higher their armor type is.  This stat is going to be very poor at early levels but as you get higher in level is going to be extremely valuable.  If you however over the tool tip it will tell you how much armor penetration you will be gaining based on every point you put in.


In World of Warcraft this stat is called hit rating.  This stat increases your chance to hit with attacks.  This is the most important stat you will have at end game and for leveling.  This is a very cheap and effective stat to gain.  Getting hit capped is very easy and can be done almost entirely from leveling stats.  Similar to finesse it s going to tell you how much more hit rating you need to cap.


This stat will increase your chance to dodge.  This is entirely a tanking stat based around avoidance.  Because avoidance is generally a bad thing in these sorts of games it is not exactly a stat you are going to want to stack.  It is something that if you get on gear it is fine but otherwise ignore it in any gearing decisions.


This stat increases your chance to get critical strikes and and decreasing your chance to receive a glancing blow.  Critical strikes are player based.  Glancing blows are are non-player based critical strikes.  A critical strike in this game is triple damage so this is going to look very attractive.  However critical strike does not go up as fast as any other stats and is entirely based on *cough* getting lucky.  For this reason this stat is not something you’ll want to invest in for nearly any spec.


This is the primary tanking stat.  In World of Warcraft this stat is called defense and resilience.  This stat decreases your chance to receive critical strikes and decreases your chance to receive glancing blows.  This means for a tank this is going to be a stat you are going to want to invest a tone of stats into until it is capped.  Nothing like pulling a trash pack and watching your tank get one-shot because he got destroyed by 3 mobs right?


This stat simply increases your health, only really worth it for a tank.  Other classes need little bits of it to survive area of effect spells but nothing severe.


This spell increases your spell damage.  This is going to be the second most important stat for a caster.  Every point of intelligence is going to give you one point of damage on your spells.


This stat increases your chance to hit with spells.  This acts as the caster version of expertise.  You start off with something lude like 30% chance to miss with spells and as you invest points it goes down fast.  This like expertise is a very easy stat to cap out and is well worth the investment.  It is the cheapest and easiest way to get high DPS.


This stat is unique and does not appear in any other game.  For this reason it’s value is hard to determine.  Conviction increases the duration of crowd control effects and reduces resistance of them.  This stat sounds extremely overpowered in a player-vs-player scenarion, imagine something like a 20-second sheep.


This is the stat that opposes Conviction.  Just like conviction it is rather unique and it is impossible to determine it’s value.  Willpower decreases your chance to be crowd controlled and decreases the length of crowd control effects.  Once again it’s impossible to determine how valuable this stat is going to be.  It will all depend on whether people with crowd control are investing into conviction.  At that point you get it entirely for a crowd control arms race scenario.


This stat increases the ‘wound complexity’ of your attacks.  Think of rage like everyone having mortal strike.  Wound complexity makes it so that you are less likely to be healed for full amounts.  This is entirely a PvP stat but is a must for any damage dealers.


This stat opposes rage.  This stat allows for your heals to ignore ‘wound complexity’ aka rage.  This is essentially another arms race type stat where you get it if everyone else is getting rage.  If people are generally not stacking rage then this stat gets wasted.


This is the mana regen stat in the game.  It also increases the points of mana you have.  This becomes the ultimate healer stat.  DPS do not generally touch this stat as they can just regen their mana in other ways.


Your talents are also very different in this game.  As you level you get one talent point.  Your talent tree will look something like this:

Pretty basic talent tree

Each talent is going to start off costing 1 talent point.  If you want to optimize this talent further you will be required to invest multiple talent points into it.  Your talents do not transform abilities you purchase in game like most MMORPGs.  Instead your talents are your abilities and by optimizing them you are buying the ranks of them.

Each rank moves up ever so slightly.  As an example a spell may go up by 100 damage but increases in casting time by 0.5 seconds.  So in this you are gaining higher DPS but because of te increase in cast time only a little bit.  Others may slightly increase the resource you gain from the spell.

Not all talents are necessary and you generally talent towards whatever you want to do.  If you are a healer you only want healing talents, tanks tanking talents and DPS damaging talents.  My favorite by far is a dot increases only the duration of the dot so you apply it less, not the actual damage component.


Rubies are another unique talent system in the game.  This is what you would call a specialization tree in any other MMORPG.  Rubies cost more and more gold per ruby you buy so it is possible to get every single ruby slot filled.  The first one costs 1 gold, second 5 gold and continues to scale up.  Ruby slots are actually going to modify the moves.

The ruby slots come in the form of a talent grid.  You need to have a talent adjacent to the one you want.  So when you’re looking at investing in here you are going to look to what general path you want your character to take.

There are three paths total you can start at, based around your three starter moves.  Each is a separate grid that will require you to move deeper and deeper into.  Each has it’s own benefits that sometimes but not always focus around that one move.

Remind anyone of Final Fantasy XI?

Make sure you put a lot of thought into where you invest points because re-speccing takes time and money.  The fast way was to spend money, the hard way is to collect the proper tokens.