How to: Black Garden Stockpile Mode

As part of a 1.6 weekend special Trion released the new Stockpile mode into their game set. Stockpile mode is only available during the special Black Garden weekends (the warfronts will rotate) meaning this will be available once every five weeks. So in this article I will deal with how the game works.

How it Works

The fang is gone.

In its place are lootable black balls.

Your job is to carry these black balls to Cleansing Orbs.

But there’s a trick. Each orb you carry reduces your movement speed. You can carry a maximum of three at once.

The orbs come in pairs and will spawn in mirrored locations. Each orb will have 8 charges on it. Every time you do a turn in you lose a charge on the orb.

Each black ball is worth 10 so it is advantageous to carry a whole bunch at once.

Orbs are placed in strategic locations that will favor one team over the other. The first set has a minor inconvenience in a large rock placement making it a slightly longer run path. After that orbs will appear very close to bases. Considering there are eight charges this leaves a mini strategy involving dumping on their orbs or dumping only 3 orbs into yours.

As another note a kill with worth 2 points. You will need 500 points to win so obviously carrying orbs will be more worthwhile. Winning teams are successful in cleansing black balls and preventing their opponents from doing so. Priority targets are the ones who have the three orbs debuff.


New Ember Isles Fire Raid Rift: Enkindled Spirits

In this video my guild (Elite) take on one of the new T2 Rift raids.  Everything in here is dangerous.  The raid rift has four phases.  Missing from this video is the phase where you kill 24 demons.

The second phase (first boss) involves three enemy NPCs appearing.  We numbered the firelord #1, the cyclone #2 and the fire imp #3.  The cyclone and fire imp must die at the same time and the game will prevent you from doing otherwise.  The firelord should be pulled away to avoid AoE on the melee.

The fire imp will put up a debuff that is casted on himself.  Your DPS and tanks must stop attacking him until it is dispelled off.  The debuff will cause a thorns effect (when you attack him he hurts you back) that will deal up to 4,000 damage per hit.  This means you get two shot.  DoTs will trigger this effect as you will see in the movie.

The cyclone has to have it’s own set of DPS on it to interrupt every single one of his casts.  He will just randomly one shot people and if a cast gets through someone dies.

Once the two of these die kill off the firelord and move on to the next phase.

The next phase is Level 52 dogs.  We rounded up all of these and AoEed them down, easy peasy.

The final phase involves a Djinn.  The Djinn will put a stacking buff on himself that will increase damage.  He will occasionally summon bats to aid him and will often blind a target.  The key is to off tank the bats and focus the Djinn.  You will want two tanks swapping off and on the Djinn for cooldowns and you will want a third tank just tanking bats.  As you can see in the vid when my group tried to kill off bats we ran out of time and the Djinn two shot our tank.

You are expected to be tier 2 ready to do this raid rift.  This means having conquered all of T1, otherwise this will be very hard.  The rewards however are worth it, unlike most raid rifts all of the loot in these rifts was immediately used.

Best of luck.

Rift PvP: How to PvP with Little Gear

I’ve made it known my re-intention to do the grind but this time instead of Rank 5 being the maximum it has been re-proportioned so that Rank 8 is the new maximum. This makes it a longer grind and less about free gearzors. I’m currently sitting at Rank 5 and it is a grind. I recently put out a nice guide on how Port Scion works and in a future article I will be dealing with Stockpile Mode in Black Garden. So in this article I thought I’d give some helpful tips on, How to PvP Little Gear!

PvP is gear oriented. Once you have enough gear you can almost go as any spec in the world and have great success. But without gear it sucks, in fact, it’s brutal. PvP is definitely not a good place to get an introduction to the game. As a newbie you will be crushed and everything will be 10x harder than it ought to be. Without tiering off PvP the game transforms into Mass Rank 5-8 vs. Mass Rank 1-4. In this regard PvP is something that you will have to suffer through until you get enough gear to compete.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

Everything you do will involve a learning process. From the first time you install that new tire to the first time you decide to make muffins for your loved one you will always have to learn how to do it the first time and get better at it over time.

It should be no surprised that without knowing the maps, the rules, the tactics, or personal strategy it will be hard to PvP without gear.

Don’t let death and losses bog you on. You get prestige from your allies killing people and losses are worth something to. The latest stockpile mode for Black Garden offers 600 prestige for a loss.

If you get bogged down on your losses and stop trying to win you are only empowering yourself to level up far slower. You need to think of yourself as a valued team member and look at what you can do to help. You have to accept that losses are not your losses its due to a total weak team, but you also have to keep in mind that you can move on to the next match.

On that note, don’t think you’re not part of the team and don’t have any responsibility in the loss. You should prohibit yourself from getting angry. If you are getting angry at a game, take a deep breath and continue on. NO need to insult your team mates. That just builds bad report and lowers a winning spirit.

You can get excited though, getting excited is very good.

Find Something to Do!

Let us face it; you are not a pyscho killer. You won’t be a psycho killer for some time. Your heaviest hit probably brings down someone’s health by speckles. This does not mean you cannot be a useful member of a team. Not everyone is meant to kill their opponent.

If you are a cleric you should be a healer. A low level healer will help more than a melee cleric.

If you are a rogue go marksman and dispel off people’s buffs, alternatively go bard to provide buffs to your group.

If you are a warrior, go void knight and drain out healer mana. But pop your cooldowns often to survive.

If you are a mage grab yourself a chloro build and keep people alive.

The fact is you need to find something to do, and it will not be mass killing people until you get decent gear. This means doing a lot of the ‘bitch’ jobs on maps. In Port Scion this might mean killing NPCs and doing turn ins.

I can honestly say I spent a lot of my first two ranks just dispelling people and sapping people to slow them down. This gave me a great opportunity to figure out what buffs are REALLY important to people. I actually still fully debuff spam rank 8s.

And on that note:

Be a Pest

You are not going to be on the front line owning face. So you need to slow down the enemy victory as much as possible. Sometimes by preventing victory at any turn you are ensuring that your side gains a victory.

This is something I just started doing in high rated player matches I’m in with the new Black Garden mode. When the new drop areas show up I will start running single orbs to my enemy’s base. My thought is if I get one in I am stealing a charge from them and gaining 10 points for my team. If I die I’m still stealing a charge off of their orb since they will undoubtedly pick it up and try and turn it in themselves (instead of a three turn in).

This means just camping on the healer and spamming your interrupt button.

You need to make it harder for these guys to accomplish their tasks, so apply all your snares as they continue to move around. Sap them as they attempt to cap a node. Spam your AoE in the middle of Black Garden. If you can make it harder for your opponents to do something your better geared allies will be able to knock off people easier.

Don’t Suicide

Sometimes you may feel like doing an AoE knockback is worth your death. So you will run in there and do your AoE knockback. Bad idea friend! When you die that means your team is less one person in the match up putting your team at a further disadvantage. Warriors are by far the hardest to get good use out of at lower ranks specifically because they are purely melee (and purely squishy if not part tank spec).

There is never a good reason to run into a crowd of people and deal stupid damage. Don’t suicide means playing smart. Generally if you are a ranged player you do not ever want to fight out in the open. Instead you will want to fight next to a rock, a tree, a ledge, or a wall so that you can sneakily move out of line of sight.

A lot of people complain about dying too easily when they have no gear. This is not because of low gear; it is because of low skill. You will still get owned pretty hard even after you get gear. You need to learn how to survive in this game or surely you will always die.

Port Scion is Your Friend

Port Scion is a game that is low responsibility. It involves 20 people making it the largest warfront available. It is also one with NPCs that will do a lot of fighting as well.

As an alternative Trion sponsors high prestige weekends for specific warfronts.

Well hope that was in some way helpful, see you in game.

How To: Battle for Port Scion

Port Scion is a neutral shipping port off the coast of Telara that is a high source of Sourcestone. Sourcestone as you know is an important resource for powering Defiant machinery and for Guardian blessings. This battle is for acquiring source to your leader and will involve moving source from various places on the map to your leaders.

It’s a Points Game

This mass PvP unlike WoW’s mass PvPs is about points. Your team must acquire 1000 points to win. You can acquire points in various ways which are described below:

Dragon kill: 50 points
Ithluk the Maimed kill: 100 points
Pylon Kill: 100 points
Sourcestone turn in: 30 points

Ithluk the Maimed is located in the church which is north of the bridge and the red dot on the map. If you still can’t find him, go upstairs.

In the church are three sourcestones. Where the dragon is, is one sourcestone. This means that whomever has the bridge has the easiest acess to the sourcestones.

Having the bridge also gives you a forward position to attack the pylons which also give 100 points the first kill.

It’s About Killing a Boss!

Each side has a boss that is located on different sides of the map. You can see on my map the blue hero icon for my boss. If this boss dies, the match is over. So along with this game of collecting points you also have to make sure your boss doesn’t die, or kill theirs.

In order to protect your boss or push theirs, there are tools that will aid you in doing so. First and foremost if you turn in so many quests you will create an “Assault.” An assault is a group of three NPCs (one elite and two non-elites) who will move on a path along the south towards the enemy’s pylons and inevitably boss. These units will grant the extra fire power you need to push on through.

Quests are:
Ending it All: Kill Ithluk the Maimed
No Mercy: Kill 10 Defiant/Guardian Soldiers
Order in the Court: Kill 10 Endless Court
Relics of Piety: Collect 5 Relics of Port Scion

After turning in 10 of any of these quests you will gain an assault. Assaults are pretty difficult to defeat and will require two people to kill off.

A different assault type comes when you kill off Ithluk the Mained. Doing so will spawn a mobile hero unit with an assault group. This hero is a 10-man boss and will require 5-10 people to kill off. Just like the assaults he will move along the southern roads to assault pylons.

Pylons aid in the protection of your hero. Each pylon holds up a pile of dirt that would otherwise block your fast path to the boss. By killing off a pylon it causes the dirt to fall. Pylons can be rebuilt by special builder heroes who also aid in the direct protection of your boss.

By killing off pylons you make it so that your opponent cannot easily protect your boss. This means you will need to protect your pylons and you should also destroy theirs. Otherwise this will happen to you:

Once you have killed off the pylons you can more easily kill off the enemy’s main boss. What you should gather is if your pylons are gone, you will lose your boss far more easily.


This warfront unlike the others present multiple tactics. The two most common and effective are:

Fast Victory: To gain a fast victory assault the church first and kill Ithluk the Maimed. This will spawn your hero which you follow to victory. The hero will go to all of the necessary locations and as long as you have enough healers and a tank you can just follow him all the way to victory. The added hero will take care of opponents and give you the extra DPS you will need to kill off this boss fast.

Church Running: This more stable way to winning. The goal is simply control the bridge and move source from the church. This means controlling two positions while leaving the south single source available to the enemy.

Your group makeup will decide how you play. As an individual you can run source, kill enemy players, snipe pylons, defeat bosses, turn in quests, defeat enemy assaults, or just follow the pack.

Bonehew the Thunderer Kill Strat – Deepstrike Mines

Bonehew is the third boss in Deepstrike Mines and is one of the more challenging ones you will encounter.


Seismic Disturbance: Envelops the target in a cloud of green smoke damaging all allies within the smoke.

Seismic Push: Deals 1k cone damage and knocks target backwards.

Split: At 25% he will split into two bosses with the same strengths and abilities as the full boss.


You will want to find yourself a grouping of barrels to sit next to for this fight.

So what you are looking at is a bunch of boxes and barrels around the room. You will want to situate yourself near a box or a barrel. This way when the boss does his knock off you will be safely taking damage by the barrels.

Every ranged is going to want to do this and spread out around the room so to avoid area of effect damage from the green cloud.

The boss is tanked in the center of the room. Every now and then he will charge in a direction. This is dodgeable, but trying to dodge it risks getting knocked over the edge of the room. If you are attempting to dodge it move closer to the middle of the room to minimize the risk.

At 25% Bonehew will break into two bosses of equal size and strength. They have all of the same abilities except they will hit their knockoff at different angles. This makes finding your barrels to block it with imperative.

It also does not matter which boss you kill first, just make sure to focus down one fast.

Boss ends after second half dies.

Gregori Krezlav Kill Strat – Deepstrike Mines

Gregori Krezlav is the second boss of Deepstrike Mines.


Rend Life: Drains life from target.

Death Blast: Deals 10,000 damage to target.

Risen Channeler: Spawns three channelers who will make him immune to damage while alive.


It is enormously important for this boss to understand interrupting priority. DPS are responsible for getting as many rend life interrupts as possible. The tank is purely responsible for interrupting Death Blast. As long as you interrupt death blast it is hard to wipe on this boss.

On a timer Gregori Krezlav will spawn three channelers. These have to die before Gregori Krezlav will be damageable again. If you are looking for efficiency have everyone target the same one.