Anno 2070 Scenario: Monumentality

In this scenario/single mission you have the objective of building three monuments and populating each island with 2500 of each type of person.  This will take between 28-35 hours to complete

Talk about a typical self-objective for continuous play!  If you are planning to do continuous play on easy you should do this scenario and just continue on from where the game ends.

In this scenario you will need to construct three monuments (one per faction) and have 5,000 executives (for Eco and Tycoon) and 2500 geniuses (for S.A.A.T.).

Not easy.

So you need to get all three factions to Tier 5 (well SAAT to Tier 3).  The map is huge and will have tones of extra islands you won’t even need.

Tilda Jorgensen is on this map and is an easy AI.  She will ask you permission to settle a new island… in which you can constantly so no.  As well you can eventually take over her island if you choose.  Truthfully however you are best off just buying shares in your own islands for some mega cash.

All of your required islands will net you around an extra +8,000 maintenance balance.

You will gain immediate access to all three factions, something not seen in any other scenario.

To use this to your advantage build Tycoon and Eco roughly simultaneously while building Tech at regular timings.  I’ll start Tech around Tier 3 of Tycoon and Eco.

Once again there are more islands than you will need.  There are four giant settlement islands of which you only need 3, one settlement per faction.  The fourth island can be used for producing goods that do not require fertility types… and tea.

Note on the Global Trust and Eden Iniative monuments: They secretly require 1400 executives to finish.  This 1400 requirement suddenly shows up one phase from being complete, focus on building up these remaining executives as the thing is building.

As well almost all trade routes should be done using large Tycoon ships patrolling giant 6-resource routes.

The Global Trust

The fastest and easiest group to obtain your objectives with will be the Global Trust.  They produce more resources than the other factions and have lower requirements.  The Tycoon faction does not require environmental strength in order to move up, the others do.

In all of these factions it is important to produce Tier 5 goods.  Once again Global Trust will have the cheapest ones to produce in the highest quantity.  Because they take up so little space it is best to focus your attention on getting these guys to Tier 5 and creating 5,000 of them.

It should be noted that you will need to have a large portion of your main island.  You should move your meat production, wine production, and as many factories as you need to off of the island.

As far as power sources go you should use Eco turbines for the most part.  These are environmental damage free and do not chew up your coal stocks.  They won’t produce a lot, but you won’t need a lot until later.

The main power source later on will be a single nuclear power plant.  One power plant can power the entire Monument, and then some.

Don’t worry about choosing an island with or without the ability to produce the uranium for that power plant.  Most of your islands will be getting powered by uranium so you can afford shipment.

Your eco demands can be handled by Eco buildings once again, they’re cheap and effective.

Having powerful eco balance is not as important for Tycoon as it is for the other factions.

The Corporate Headquarters will cost as follows:

50 Tools
80 Building Supplies
25 Concrete
25 Steel
-250 Maintenance Cost
-40 Power
-40 Eco Balance

Phase 1:
300 Tools
160 Building Supplies
-500 Maintenance Cost
-80 Power
-80 Eco Balance

Phase 2:
300 Tools
160 Concrete
-600 Maintenance Cost
-140 Power
-120 Eco Balance

Phase 3:
300 Tools
160 Steel
-7500 Maintenance
-200 Power
-160 Eco Balance

Not that bad.

This building will act as all of the needs based types for an area so make sure to build it in an area in which you can build a lot of homes.  You can also delete all of the needs based buildings that share the same retical as this one.  Make sure however not to destroy all of them… because not all of them are going to be in the influence area.

For a total list of all trade routes and how this faction’s trade routes were dealt with to achieve 5,000 residents watch the video.  Keep in mind, 50,000 residents is a secret achievement in the game.

You will need a grand total of 653 homes to meet the minimum 5000 executives.  You will require more if you do not meet all of the needs of all homes.

As far as resource chains you will need the following:

27 Fisheries
35 Liquor
18 Fast Food (36 Meat + 18 Spice)
12 Plastics (12 Oil Refinery + 36 Oil)
10 Luxury Dinners (5 Lobster + 20 Truffle)
8 Champagne (16 Grapes + 8 Sugar Beers)
8 Gold (8 Gold Smelters, 8 Diamonds, 8 Gold, 4 Coal Mines)
9 Pharmaceuticals (9 Chemical Plants, 26 Fat Farms, 9 Aquafarm, 13 Rare-earth borer, and 7 Manganese)

Take each of these one at a time and you’ll be at 5,000 citizens in no time.

Note: If you have higher fertility crops will yield more resources and cut down on your total needs.

The Eden Initiative

The Eden Initiative is the second faction you should focus on.  Once again you will be doing these two factions simultaneously with both producing building supplies and tools.

The Eden Initiative will require eco balance to be positive and power, so they’re slightly harder to tier up.

Once again make sure you have Tier 5 goods.  Without Tier 5 goods Tier 5  homes will not fill with people.

You will want to use the exact same power setup as Tycoons, it is good for all three factions.  As well eco will be the same, however you will just need to spend more on making sure it is positive.

The cost for building the Leisure Center are as follows:

50 Tools
80 Building Supplies
24 Wood
36 Glass
-250 Maintenance
-40 Power
-30 Eco Balance

Phase 1:
300 Tools
160 Building Supplies
-500 Maintenance
-80 Power
-60 Eco Balance

Phase 2:
300 Tools
160 Wood
-600 Maintenance
-140 Power
-100 Eco Balance

Phase 3:
300 Tools
160 Glass
-750 Maintenance
-200 Power
-140 Eco Balance

For how trade routes and resources are handled to get to 5000 executives watch the video.

The resources you will need to get 5,000 Executives are as follows:
31 Fisheries
27 Liquor
15 Health Food (15 Rice + 15 Vegetable)
15 Communicators (15 Chip factory + 5 Sand + 7 Copper)
13 Pasta Dishes (6 Flour + 19 Grain + 13 Vegetables)
10 Health Drink (20 Fruit + 10 Dairy)
3 3D Projectors (8 Rare Earth Borer + 4 Manganese + 4 Diamond)
4 Service Bots (4 Chips Factories + 1 Sand + 2 Copper + 4 Bipolymer + 15 Corn + 8 Aquafarm)

Note: If you have higher fertility crops will yield more resources and cut down on your total needs.

The S.A.A.T.

The Tech faction is the only faction in the game that really struggles to make money.  You will probably be sitting at around 10,000+ in maintenance (that is your income in case you were wondering what that means) after building up the Tycoons and Ecos.

However the Techs will not contribute to your income at all.  They will just cost.

Techs fortunately only build with three resources (Tools, Building Supplies, and Carbon) and require 2500 less geniuses than executives of the other factions.

In order to access the Tech monument you will need to hit 1200 geinuses… almost half of what you need for the full goal.  A big advantage however is that their monument reaches the entire island.  On the downside it is harder to maintain with double the power cost and double the maintenance costs.

Because their requirements are overwhelmingly so few you will only need half of an island to fulfill their total needs.

The costs for building a Science Forum are:

150 Tools
250 Building Supplies
100 Glass
100 Steel
75 Carbon
-800 Maintenance
-140 Power
-30 Eco Balance

Phase 1:
300 Tools
160 Concrete
-1000 Maintenance
-250 Power
-60 Eco Balance

Phase 2:
300 Tools
320 Wood
-1500 Maintenance
-350 Power
-100 Eco Balance

Phase 3:
300 Tools
120 Carbon
-2000 Maintenance
-500 Power
-140 Eco Balance

After you have these you can simply double the number of Tech homes and bring in supplies.  This will be the easiest one to reach the goal with.

For more information on how to get the trade routes of the S.A.A.T setup watch the video.

The resources you will need to get 2,500 Geniuses are:
4 Fisheries
8 Functional Food (8 Aquafarm)
8 Functional Drinks (8 Coffee + 8 Sugar Beet)
8 Immunity Drugs (8 Gen Farming + 4 Coral Breeding)
8 Neuroimplants (4 Chip Factories + 8 Spongefarm)
2 Laboratory Outfitter (2 Iron + 2 Platinum Metal Converter)

Note: If you have high fertility some crops will yield more.


Putting the finishing touches on the hardest mission the developers offered for this game means adding in lots of homes, having tones of building materials, and fulfilling all needs.

As some tips you can build a second monument on your largest island and have double mass influence.  You can see on the video I in fact did this with my Tycoon island.  The downside is that you will need overall more homes as you will not have the Entertainment Station available to boost the total number of acceptable inhabitants per home.

Nuclear power has the unfathomable problem of possible nuclear explosion.  The effect is 30 game hours of pollution on one of your islands.  This is simply not acceptable and you are better to lose 20 minutes by going back to your last autosave than go through this.  To this extent it becomes valuable to invest in tools to reduce the chance of this happening.

Since this does in fact take almost 30 hours to complete it is worth while to produce Arc Updates from your geniuses.  These will come in handy.  Especially true are upgrades that increase influence area of Needs buildings, those that help with Eco Balance and those that help with Electricity.

Maintenance reducing upgrades are almost useless on this particular scenario. As you may note in the video I was always fluxuating between 5,000-20,000 bonus maintenance credits and was always over 3M total credits.  Money is not an issue.

It is possible to beat this without eliminating Tilda Jorgensen.  However, you should try to get rid of her eventually.  She is an easy computer and has the most passive personality possible.  If you have the Deep Ocean expansion you can simply buy her out and she will disappear.  If you do not you can purchase a fleet from Thorn for 100,000 credits and wipe her out with relative ease.  Since she is so easy she will not produce a fleet except for a single warship which she uses for trading.

Overall this mission will become very stressful very fast.  Take a deep breath and focus on getting enough of each resource after you get all of your monuments complete.


Anno 2070 – The Future of Research

In this guide you will find out how to complete all of the objectives of The Future of Research scenario/single mission from Anno 2070.

You will need:
A working copy of Anno 2070
A brain
8-20 hours of time

Attain 2500 Geniuses

Genius is the third and final Tier of S.A.A.T.

Geniuses require a large number of expensive resources and because of this can barely sustain themselves.  They very often become financially tight.  To this extent you should always maintain a Tycoon or Eco island developing it as your financial resources become tight.

Tycoons will need to reach Tier 4 (Tycoon Engineers) and Ecos will need to reach Tier 5 (Eco Executives).

In order to reach Tier 3 S.A.A.T you will need to meet the following requirements:

Tier 1 to Tier 2:
Functional Food (1 Aquafarm + 1 Functional Food Factory)
Energy Drinks (1 Coffee Plantation + 1 Sugar Beets Plantation + 1 Energy Drink Factory)

Tier 2 to Tier 3:
Immunity Drugs (2 Gen Farming Laboratory + 1 Coral Breeders + 2 Immunity Drugs Manufacturers)
Neuroimplants (2 Sponge Farms + 1 Electronic Recycler + 2 Cybernetic Factory)

Each of these will have to be balanced based off of existing populations.  This calculator can explain what exactly you will need for 2500:

Basically you will need to settle all of the underwater islands and three mainland islands in order to accomplish this.  Pro tip use seeds to get cheat fertilities on the S.A.A.T. island and on your tycoon island.  Vegetable fertility seeds can be purchased for the Tycoon Island and Sugar Beet Seeds can be purchased for S.A.A.T. island.  Alternatively you can just settle a fourth island.

Science Forum

To gain your massive tech population you will need a science forum.  The science forum makes it so that every single tile on an island gains all of the Needs based benefits.  It’s one up on the Eco and Tycoon versions because they only encompass a retical.

Just like their counter parts they do not give you the Police Station, Hospital and Fire Station utilities.

The initial cost of building this is:
150,000 credits
75 Carbon
100 Steel
100 Glass
150 Tools
250 Building Supplies
-250 Power
-60 Eco Balance
-1000 Credits/Minute

Advancing to Phase 2 Costs:
300 Tools
160 Concrete
-350 Power
-100 Eco Balance
-1500 Credits/Minute

Advancing to Phase 3 Costs:
300 Tools
320 Wood
-500 Power
-140 Eco Balance
-2000 Credits/Minute

Completion Costs:
300 Tools
120 Carbon
-750 Power
-50 Eco Balance
-2500 Credits/Minute

So yes this is a very expensive building that will most certainly take a long time to build.

Since you can only choose one faction you will be required to purchase Wood and Glass or Concrete and Steel from factions.  Remember that if you set your warehouse at the Trade tab to Purchase these things they will very quickly fill up.

For Eco the power costs will be very challenging.  You may be required to get all the way to Eco Executives in order to get access to Solar Tower Generators.

Tycoon will have a far easier time with this as they can get three nuclear power plants running to cover all of these energy needs.  However they will have to put down several Deacidification Stations to keep pollution in check.

This process is expected to take roughly one hour.

Researching Assistant’s Trainng

To gain Assistant’s Research Training you first have to research the research.

To do this go to Basic Research Projects > Infrastructure > Public Buildings Research.

This can take in the upwards of 90 minutes so hopefully you have surrounded your academy to speed this process up.  It costs 15,000 credits and does not guarantee success in getting the research you want.

The component of Assistant’s Training include:
40 Carbon
60 Microchips
4 Emergency Equipment
2 Effluent Pump
1 Labor Regulations Documentation

Labor Regulations Documentation has to be built at the Academy.  It is under Public Buildings Research as well and requires:
20 Carbon
25 Microchips
2 Maintenance Units

Most of the components are built from Laboratories so yeah.. don’t delete your labs just because you have a Science Forum….

Anno 2070 – Environmental Warriors Scenario Guide

In this scenario you are introduced to a pretty rough area. There is tones of permanent pollutants.  There are ten on the map total each valued at -100 eco balance.  This means you start off on a map that is total -1000 pollutants.

The goal is to get to +1000.

On top of this Vadim Sokov is on the map.  Vadim Sokov’s personality type makes it so that the only thing he will do is pump out oil.  He will not add in any environmental techs and his islands will average polluting values between -100 and -400.

War with Vadim Sokov is not a real option.  If you declare war on him every single oil tanker you sink will cause an additional -100 eco balance.  This means you have to fight an eco war!

To make matters worse Vadim Sokov will settle a new island every 1.5 hours adding an additional -400 pollution to your total goal.  But don’t worry, you’ll be producing so much good environmental stuff it won’t matter.

You should try to build as few environmental structures as possible early on.  You can build a few to get islands to eco balance for your crops, but that’s all you should do.

Instead aim to get to Tier 5 citizenry and get the two tier 5 goods.  Trust me when I say, you will need a lot of credits and a strong cash flow for this one.  You will need to take five islands to pull this off.  Each island will max out at +1000 eco balance, so we should try not to stack all environmental power on one island.

If you are playing with the Deep Ocean expansion it gets a little harder.  Vadim Sokov will constantly be trying to buy out your main island and so you will need to always spend money (once you hit Tier 3 citizenry) in order to keep this island under your control.

So once you are at full citizenry and have lots of money floating around it’s time to start building environmental structures.  At Tier 5 your cost effective way of doing this will be with Ozone Maker Stations for eco balance and powering them with Solar Tower Generators (with full fields).

As well it is acceptable to use Monitoring Stations on all ore patches you are not using.

As you build them turn off which ever ones you can to save money.  You will need about 30 ozone maker stations total to make this work.  This also means you will need a lot of glass, wood, and tools.

Once you have all of your ozone maker stations turn them all on simultaneously.

If this is still not enough you can simply turn them all off and add in a couple more.

New Anno 2070 Event: The Nordamark Border Dispute

A new event has arrived for Anno 2070.  The DLC is entirely S.A.A.T. but this event is uniquely tied to both factions.

The Nordamark Border has become a demarcation line for two emerging superpowers.

During the Scorpio Crisis The Eden Initiative and The Global Trust came together to fight Scorpio’s large pirate fleets in order to avert total nuclear destruction.  After this crisis however both sides have been trying to inche ahead of the other.

The Eden Initiative came up with new “Formers” technology capable of generating immense power far greater than anything the Global Trust could come up with.  The Formers were also green technology meaning that people were more likely to ask for them.

As a response The Global Trust started developing high economy projects in projected low economy areas.  The continued success of their business model across thousands of islands showed that the Global Trust was still a bastion of economy.

The two sides developing lands has lead to a border dispute at Nordamark.  Each side has a claim to more and more land.  As a neutral party it is your responsibility to facilitate a neutral ground for the two to negotiate peace.

In this opening mission you have to develop Diplomats by having 150 workers from each side.  Over an 8 minute timer you will develop diplomats from your population.  The goal is to have both sides like you and trust you so they will sit down at your table for negotiations.

The above video shows very quickly how to do this first part of the event.

Anno 2070 Continuous Play: Surviving Hard AI

One of the biggest threats in Anno 2070 is no doubt hard AI.  Hard AI in Anno 2070 are punishing and vindictive.  Every time you are weak it seems like they move towards declaring war on you.

This video deals with this awkward opening in which you have just been destroyed by pirates and you need to get open an army to deal with emergent threats from other players.  Where do you go from here?

The answer, quite simply is you expand your citizenry to give you access to ammunition.

As an alternative ammunition is purchaseable from the arc.  HOWEVER this is a short term strategy and you will need to start manufacturing ammunition on your own anyway.

Surplus ammunition will also sell well later.  At this point in the game there is a small awkward timing where you are insanely vulnerable to attack.  In this point you have to balance the creation of a fleet with the development of you citizenry.

How to Continuous Play Anno 2070 #1: Learning the Basics

Probably the most sought after video series for me to create is one on Continuous Play.  Well the Anno 2070 rush is mostly over but new games coming out are kind of on the low side.  So I’ve taken it upon myself to create videos explaining Continuous Play and showing cool things you can do in it.

In this video you will learn how to evolve your buildings, how to set taxes, how to defend against Hard AI pirate attacks, what people’s demands are, how gathering facilities work (depots) and what to be looking for.