Luxury in South Africa – Adventure Park Campaign Walkthrough

This is a very odd mission.  You have damn near infinite funds in order to accomplish five objectives.

First things first…. destroy everything… except the restaurant.  You need to get rid of all of the roads, get rid of the trees, get rid of the refreshments stand, get rid of it all.  You can pause the game to play it safe (Pause button is middle top of the screen).

There is a tool on the left and is the first button.  You can use this to even out the terrain.  Get rid of the ring of water around the restaurant.  Now build a double road directly from the entrance to the restaurant.

Three of your objectives will be to lay down three different rides.  Put the elephant and the jeep rides up front.  Click on the little movie thingy and max out all of the settings on it.

You will also need to “pimp” out these rides.  On the left hand side you have what looks like a film button.  Click on it and you will have effects you can lay on flat tracks.  These are necessary.

Around the restaurant lay down two helicopter rides and a pyramid maze.  Make sure to have decorations everywhere!

Next up click on your restaurant.  Select the edit option.  You can adjust what you buy here and the prices.  Anything that is “priced well” means you can up the price.  Anything that is too expensive you can decrease.  If all is well you can play around and try and increase prices.

You should be able to beat this level before 100 days.

Support for Air and Space Museum – Adventure Park Campaign Walkthrough

You’ve been given some land by space and aeronautics people to build a theme park to help bolster their business.

This mission will start you off with an Air Ship and a Balloon Ride.  These are your kid safe rides.

Make sure to place your rides first.  You will need to place Star Gazer, Alien Lift, Ray Accelerator and the Juggernaut of Steel.

Juggernaut of Steel is your rollercoaster ride.  Make sure this gets anywhere between 1.5G and 2G.  It’s very easily accomplished and doesn’t need nearly as much space as previous games.

Next up flood the park with decorations.  They have no maintenance so it won’t effect your bottom line too much.  Next up flood the park with gardeners, mechanics, and cleaners.  You will probably need 4-5 gardeners, 2-3 mechanics, and 1-2 cleaners.

You will also want to place bathrooms, benches, garbage cans, food, and drinks.  Remember garbage cans and benches have very little maintenance cost associated with them, so go to town.

After this it is a waiting game.  Adding additional rides won’t actually make you any additional cash so don’t bother.  At this point you just need to “bite the bullet” and AFK.  It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes… depending on how efficient your buildings are placed.

Adjust all prices up over time until you begin to generate a profit.  $1000-2000 a month is an acceptable profit.

Once this scrolls up the scenario will end.

El Dorado – Adventure Park Campaign Walkthrough

Well this time around we’re going to open a cowboy themed park… called El Dorado.  Seriously developers are you even trying?  El Dorado was in the Amazon…. oh well… it’s a cowboy themed park.

You will only be allowed to make three rides.  All of the spooky themed pirate rides from the last scenario just don’t do anything here.

The first and most important one is the one you already own, the Minecart.

You will be able to build two other types of kiddie rides.  These can be shorter track and won’t require too much space… so don’t worry about them for now.

Instead focus your energy on making this first roller coaster ride really good… it is after all the first quest.  You need to get to a ridiculous amount of G… so make it a good roller coaster.  The better this roller coaster is early on the easier the whole scenario will be.  Make sure to branch and use as much of the total map as possible.  Have your roller coaster tiles moved up and then have them move down making sure to crash left and right or spiraling in a circle as you come down.  You can spiral upward if you need to save space for some reason.

The rollercoaster has to end at the random track to the north pointing into the mountain.  However you can also choose to have it go through the other mountain area by connecting to the middle mountain track and having it come out of the bottom one.  If when it’s all connected it still doesn’t meet the requirements… delete some track and expand it making the design even more daring.

You have infinite funds, so don’t worry about money.  Note you have to open the park AND open the ride to this this thing out.  I would have at least four up and down loops (that is four up ramps and four down).  Make them as unpleasant as possible.

After you get you 1.5Gs you will move on to your next set of objectives…. which are also your final ones.

They tell you to make one more ride…. you should make two more instead.  There is Western Riding and Wild Bill’s.  Build both.  They are kiddie rides so don’t go too crazy.  Have some mild moving up and some curves… but nothing crazy big.

If you’re doing this right you’ll now have three rides and nothing more.  You will most likely be able to support 2 rollercoasters.  Go to the Edit tab (click on the ride and there is a panel on the bottom right with options, click the Paintbrush looking one). Here you will be able to add on an extra roller coaster.

With Western Riding and Wild Bill’s you will be able to support every single available one.

Once you have both of these built plaster everywhere with decorations.  Go to town.  You have almost infinite funds so don’t worry about how much you are spending.

Next up plaster down some utilities.  You now have access to larger full stands, including a full access bathroom.  Make sure to have two of each and then one vending machine of each in odd locations.

You will also need plants, so plop down some plants around the entrance.  Cacti (cactuses) are cool because they don’t require water so throw them down everywhere.

It’s also worth noting the kiddie horse ride can be put down as well, it is the only one from the last mission that can.

You need to get your Park Rating up to 95%, that’s the big goal you should go for.  To do this you need to satisfy people’s needs.  There is no reason for anyone to complain about decorations.  You should super saturate your park with decorations.  You should also have one maintenance man, one gardener, and one repair technician (2-star) hired on.

Bring all of your rides up in cost and adjust your entrance fee.  you will easily hit over 500 in profits.

If you are struggling to get the park rating up just plop down more of everything (except rides).

Pirate Land – Adventure Park Campaign Walkthrough

Adventure Park has five missions total.  Each of them are linear and will ask you to do a number of tasks.  This walkthrough will take you through the basics of the game and allow you to beat every single level easily.

This is the first one and will teach you the very very basics of the game.

First step you need to hire a gardener.  The menu is third from bottom of the left menu.  The very first type of person you can hire is the gardener.  Place him in the garden to the south of the car ride.  It’s the only place with plants.  It also has two kiddie rides.

Next up you need to hire a janitor.  Place him at the front and he’ll clean up the only mess in the park.

Next up, hire two maintenance men.  A level four maintenance man is needed to maintain the 4-star car ride.  Also purchase a level one maintenance man to work on the kiddie rides (and your other rides as you get them).

Once they repair the rides you will be able to place new rides.

The first ride you will have to build is the The Kraken.  This is a classic cups ride.  Make sure you know where the entrance of it is and the roads are in the proper spots to meet up with it.

You will also need to build your other two rides, a wheel and a Drop Zone type thingy.  Make sure the entrances meet.

Before you open the doors to your area make sure  to max out the price to ride your car ride.  Trust me, it’ll make sense later.

And now you open the doors.

You’ll need to fulfill some basic needs.  The fourth button from the bottom on the left hand panel is services.  These do not generate revenues, they only cost you money for service.  You will need to place two of each.  Spread them around as much as you can but also make sure the entrance is accessible.  By doing this you will also get up your visitor excitement level (they’re really excited about pooping).

If it’s not maxed out make sure to put decorations all over the park.  These do not have a maintenance cost so go to town on it.

Next up on your list is to open your park guest book.  It is the stars on the top.  It is also completely useless right now as no one has made a single entry.  In the future this is where you will see what improvements you need to make.  When people leave they’ll leave a message and effect your overall Park Value.

Next on your list is to maintain 100% satisfaction while becoming semi-profitable.  All they ask is for you to make $50 profit a month, really not that hard.  All you need to do is adjust your prices on all of your rides until you eventually hit profit.  Click on them and adjust the price via the up and down arrows.

You can also change your entry fee.

Once you have the budget balanced you will get an upgrade.  Click on Blackbeard’s Wheel (that’s your ferris wheel) and from the panel at the bottom right select the glowing blinking button.  This will allow you to turn on an upgrade.  Click on the red X and it will turn into a green check mark, this means it is active.

The final task on your list is to build a really good roller coaster, the Runaway Mine Ride.  Place it in a nice open area you will need space. Your goal is to hit 0.5G.  The “G” here refers to “G-force.”  Any kind of downward motion, twist or turn will effect G-force.  Generally speaking you want people moving really fast and then shifting around in a loop or shifting left and right like a snake.

To do this make sure to get to maximum elevation.  You can do this by holding the left click button down and raising your mouse up.  Now you need to get it to come down.  As it is coming down make sure you bring it down slowly but constantly change direction.  Think of a really scary roller coaster you have seen.  They are more likely to look like this:


Instead of this:


Make sure there are very few smooth parts to this ride other than the accent up.  Every single part where you are going down should be absolutely crazy.  Don’t let there be a point where you are spending too much time on the ground.

As soon as you accomplish 0.5Gs the scenario will end and you will be offered a chance to move on to the next one.

If you wish to continue on developing this pirate themed area you absolutely can.