Fieldrunners 2 Heroic Guide: Tangled Turnpike

This strategy involves using no items.

This map features two different paths for enemies.  These paths meet at a turnpike which both enemies will spin around and then leave at different location.  This map also features airplanes which will only fly east-west through the direct centre of the map.

Many towers are used in this strategy.  Make sure you have equipped gattling tower, rocket tower, oil tower, hive tower, pyro tower, and tesla tower.

Start off by building a gattling turret and then fully upgrading it.  Build it at the green square in the middle for maximum punch.  Add 2-3 gattling turrets over time.

After this add a rocket tower slightly to the south and a oil tower in the middle to snare them as they move around the turnpikes. Maximum upgrading this tower will give great effect.

Continuing building rocket towers as close to the middle as possible until you have 5-6 of them.  After this start adding in some hive towers 2-3 of them.

After this save up and purchase a pyro tower.  They cost 90 and are quite expensive.  Alternatively you can sell two rocket towers and a gattling tower to build it.  The pyro tower should go where your original gattling tower is.

You will want a second pyro tower located to the east of this making sure that the pyro towers have plenty of snares around them for maximum damage.

Add a tesla tower at the very end of the mazes making sure it hits both paths.  The tesla tower does very high damage and will act as a finisher for anything that gets through your maze.

Adding another pyro flower along the main travel path will make it so you can finish off the Final Wave.

Good luck gents.

Fieldrunners 2 Heroic Guide: Speedhenge

This is the first speed based mission.  You must kill 300 enemies within 3 minutes.

Start off by immediately turning on fast forward located at the bottom left.  This will make the enemies come out much faster.  However the timer does not increase in speed meaning that you will get more enemies to kill.

This map comes with two free towers that are upgradeable.  These towers will shoot in a line and do massive in-line damage.  The goal here is to channel the enemy towards these towers.

We will be using two towers here the gattling tower and the rocket tower.

Note in none of these speed missions should you ever use snaring or slowing towers.  This means you will get less overall units.

Start off by building three gattling towers and upgrade them to full.  These should direct the opponent south.  After this continue to play unupgraded towers towards the in-line turret.  After this work to block and lead in a diagonal path as far left as possible.

This will give you the basic shape you will need to win.  You can fill in any open areas with rocket towers for extra damage.

Fieldrunners 2 Heroic Guide: Meanwhile…

As always these strats are done without items.  Using items will get you a higher score and can be used to make things easier.  For people trying to save to unlock towers.. they will not want to use items.

In this mission you are introduced to three towers, only one will be used.  The first (the only being used) is the gattling tower.  This is a low cost fast attack low range unit.  You will also be introduced to rocket tower which is high range moderate splash damage and glue tower which is a single target snare.

Glue tower is actually so terrible that I will never use them in any video ever.

This map is very simple, you have to maximize a 10×5 grid.

The goal is to create a snake like pattern for the enemy to move through, it should look something like this:


For high scores make sure to use items so none escape.  In extended play modes you should swap out many of the gattling towers for rocket towers.