Heroic Chimaeron 10-man

Well now that Chimaeron is fixed and consistent I feel confident that I can give a solid 1-shot strategy to this boss that once you get it you will be able to replicate every single time.  I’ve largely been dreading writing this simply because every time I’d write something one of my friends would say “yeah but what about when Chim does this” and I’d have no answer.

Chimaeron is a two phase fight and will represent one of the easier heroics you will do.

Phase 1

Much like on normal mode you will need two healers assigned to raid healing and one healer assigned to tank healing.  Raid healing stays mostly the same where you are using your weak sauce mana efficient heal to heal up targets who are getting gooped.

The only healing that will get a little more intense is tank healing.

In this fight you will have a choice of either using two or three tanks with one of those being a DPS tank.  The DPS tank is someone who has to be wearing plate so that’s a ret paladin, unholy DK, frost DK, fury warrior, or arms warrior.

So I will describe the two possible tank setups and you can choose which one will work for you.

Two Tank Setup:

You will have two main spec tank.  One tank has to eat all breaks and the other tank has to eat all double strikes.  This means that your main spec tank will need to be topped off constantly.

So one tank should be eating all breaks, this is the person tanking for the majority of the time.  The other tank should be eating all double strikes.

Every now and then the robot will go offline and you will have a phase called Feud.  Like in normal you deal with this by stacking up and splitting up the damage of the goop between all raid members.  Nonstacked raid members will die.  Your main tank should stay unstacked since the person tanking cannot  get gooped.

The main tank will be the solo tank during Feud which of course will be volatile.  You will need to immediately use a powerful single target cooldown on this tank.  Pain suppression, shield walls, guardian spirit, lay on hands, and any other powerful single target cooldowns will be exceptionally powerful here.  It will feel like your tank just gets one shot immediately if you don’t do this.

Healers should be spamming heals on raid except for the tank healer who should be nonstop spamming his most HPS efficient spells into the tank.  Other raid healers can choose to aid the tank with hots, shields, and instant-casts.

There will be constant goop damage happening so you will be raid healing hard.  Make sure your raid is trying to mitigate damage as much as possible.  This means nether ward (warlocks), glyph of raptor strike (hunters), mage armor (hunters), feint (rogues), anti-magic shell (death knights), dispersion (priests), shamanistic rage (enhance shamans), and Barkskin/Tranquility (druids).

The double strike tank will have no break, this is why he must be the person tanking during this phase.

As soon as Feud ends the main tank has to take it back and go back to regular roles.  By this time Break will have fallen off this tank.

You will go through three feuds total before second phase.  If you read a fourth feud you will probably be in trouble.

Three Tank Setup:

So in this setup you will use two main spec tanks and a DPS tank.  Many people who do this boss have problems dealing Break.  What ends up happening is if the double strike tank doesn’t get taunted off fast enough he/she will get a stack or two of Break.  This means when this tank is solo tanking during Feud will be taking bonus damage.  This strat favors guilds that don’t have stamina stacking Feud tanks.  Or on the other hand tanks that are not particularly geared.

In this approach your DPS tank who can be any plate wearer tanks in DPS gear and in the tanking stance/presence/aura.  Because of the robot this tank cannot possibly die.  As long as he’s topped up above 30%.  The cool thing of course is that a lot of DPS tanks will be able to heal themselves.  DPS DKs and ret paladins will do an exceptional job at this because of word of glory and death strike.  DPS warriors have some moderate self heals they can use in a tight spot.

Your first main tank will soak all of the double strikes.  it is permitted for your double strike tank and DPS tank to share breaks.

Your third tank will taunt the boss during Feud and tank it alone.  This tank should be your highest HP tank.  A feral druid will fit this role very well as he will be able to DPS while he’s not tanking.  This tank will still have to be spammed just like in the 2-tank approach except you’re removing Break from the equation.

After three feuds phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

The push for Phase 2 is an important one.  The ideal phase 2 opening is having your tank with no break tanking and everyone topped off to 100%.  To do this you have everyone but the tank stacking up.  You will push over at 20% so make sure your DPS are stopping around 23%.  You need to let that third feud happen.  After that feud ends if you are close to 20% push it over.  There should be enough time for your healers to top up everyone while stacked.

Your two tanks will be able to soak a lot of hits and dodge/parry a lot of them as well.  You will want whoever is tanking to pop every single cooldown they have right away if they intend to survive for any amount of time.  Two tanks with all cooldowns up should be able to survive about 30-45 seconds.

Once Phase 2 pushes over it’s best that you stay stacked. Logic tells you that you should spread out so that the boss traveling around will give you more time to react and kill the boss.  This logic however fails when you realize that Chimaeron has a 5-second swing timer meaning that as soon as he targets you, you will have a full 5 seconds to react to him.  This fight is insanely good for hunters and rogues as they will be able to Evasion and Deterrence a few swings from Chimaeron.  After that they will be immediately able to vanish/feign death to interrupt his swing timer.  Obviously hunters are best to spread out as they can just disengage away and will lose no DPS time.

While this phase is going on there will be a constant ticking dot from Nefarian that will take 10% of your HP every 10 seconds.  After about 30 seconds you will stop getting 2-hit by Chimaeron and start getting 1-hit.  Healers should be DPSing during this phase with the exception of priests.  Priests can still shield players and should make every effort to get a shield up on everyone before they start DPSing.  After all the shields wear off they should reapply them all.  Obviously if you have anything like antimagic zone or power word: barrier this will help a lot too.

Best of luck on this kill.

Heroic Omnotron Defense System Guide and Tips

I’ve been dreading publishing any sort of guide on this fight specifically because it is the one fight that no one farms.  In 10-man Heroic Omnotron is almost unfarmable because of too many erratic elements in the fight.  This will represent one of the harders fights you will encounter and no amount of gearing is going to fix that.

If you’re progressing this is going to be a good thing of course because this fight and Conclave of Winds will give you something to do while you are waiting on gearing.  I can’t give a definitive way of one-shotting this boss as it will be different every single time you pull it.  Instead what I can offer you is tips on dealing with odd combinations and how exactly the fight works.

As stated you will probably not farm this encounter any time soon and you will probably just end up killing it if you get combinations that are easier to deal with throughout the whole fight.


Before anything I’d like to discuss composition.  There are variable successful options available to you depending on the balance of gear in your guild and/or people’s abilities.

This fight is one, tankable but you need one very well geared tank for this.  If you feel you need more healing or DPS and decide to turn that off tank into an off healer or half DPS remember you will need to shift positioning.

You may also want to get a misdirect available when a new robot activates.

This fight is also four healable.  The DPS requirements to complete this fight are insanely low so if you feel that raid damage or tank damage is too high for you currently just sub out a DPS for an extra healer.  All this means is that DPS have to be switching over to oozes very quickly when Toxitron is out.

Obviously you can choose to sub out a tank or a healer for a DPS.  This fight is also two healable if you have two really good healers for it.

Obviously I will say that a balanced 2-tank, 3-healer 5-DPS raid is going to be the most stable for this fight.

For DPS this fight favors ranged pretty heavily however you will want a melee or two to handle interrupts.

Before I go over the robots make sure that all dots and damage is cleared off of each robot by 40 energy (maximum 90 energy).  This means 0 damage period beyond 40 energy.  So warlocks, shadow priests, moonkins, and unholy DKs need to time their dots appropriately and switch to using moves that do not reapply dots at the appropriate time.  Too many dots up will always spell disaster.

As a rule of thumb you should try to keep everyone semi-stacked in the middle of the room for every single one of these robots.

Robot #1: Magmatron

Magmatron has two powerful and dangerous abilities to worry about.

The first is an AoE flame attack that will take everyone down to roughly 50% HP.

The second is a fixated line attack of fire that if a person is not healed through will kill a person.  This means you will want the person selected for this ability to either move away from everyone or everyone to move away from this person.  Which happens will be situational.

At the end of every phase each robot will throw up a protective shield that if damaged will have some negative repercussion.  Magmatron’s will do blasty AoE damage if it is broken.  Although it is possible to heal through this alone consider it an automatic wipe if this shield is ever broken.  Each shield will get applied at 40% Energy (they have energy bars)

A preventative step for DPS classes is to time your dots to fall off before 100%.

So yes, a lot of the stuff from normal except it all hits harder.  Think for a second any of these effects happening simultaneously with any of the other robots I’ll describe.

Robot #2: Arcanotron

Between all of the robots I think this might be the second hardest one to handle.  Arcanotron has two spells to deal with.

The first is the normal Arcane Annihilator.  This is most often the last part required to get Achieve-a-tron.  In normal Annihilator will hit for 50k.  Heroic Annihilator will hit for 100k.  Normal it’s nice to get as many of them as possible, in Heroic you HAVE TO GET THEM ALL.  If you cannot get them all you should bring in the fourth healer who during Arcanotron’s main responsibility will be to drop pre-emptive hots, shields and heals on Arcanotron’s targets.

It will obviously be far easier for two people to do interrupts than to bring in a fourth healer to try and pad people’s effective health.

The second ability is Power Generator.  This drops a pool on the ground that will increase damage done of everyone in it and also regenerate mana.  DPS and healers will need to abuse these puddles to get ahead on DPS and replenish mana.  The fight is long enough that DPS do not need to use them (although they should) but healers most indefinitely should.

Nefarian will occasionally shoot a black ice lance at the Power Generators.  This will cause the pools to expand in size and explode.  Like all effects there is a +1 yard on the visual effect so make sure you’re clear of them.

Arcanotron puts up a shield that when attacked will increase his haste.  If Arcanotron gains too much haste Arcane Annihilator will eventually be uninterruptable and will lead to the untimely death of 1-2 raid members.

Robot #3: Electron

This is one of the weaker sauce robots to deal with, however this is the one that has positional requirements.  Electron has two abilities.

Electrical Discharge is a pretty standard AoE chain lightning move.  You should moderately spread for this so it doesn’t target too many people.  It is likely to hit 2-3 targets.

The second ability Lightning Conductor causes one person to pulse AoE damage.  This person just has to be clear of hitting anyone.  Don’t make efforts to run away from people because of the secondary effect.

Nefarian will shoot a black ice lance at the target of lightning conductor every now and then. This will cause lightning conductor to transform into Shadow Conductor.  Shadow Conductor will cause everyone outside of the radius of the shadow conductor to take the damage they would have taken from lightning conductor.

This means at least one of your tanks will be taking insane damage during shadow conductor.  Also everyone should be loosely spread but close to everyone for when this hits.

When electron puts up his shield every attack done to him will make the tank take bursty damage.

Robot #4: Toxitron

This is also going to be known as Wipe-a-tron.  Toxitron is the single hardest of the robots to deal with.  Toxitron has two abilities.

The first is Poison Protocol.  Poison Protocol will spawn three ads each with roughly 300,000 HP.  These ads will chase a random raid member (except the tank tanking Toxitron).  You can obviously see this is why solo tanking this fight might get a bit chaotic.  The bombs will explode dealing 130,000 HP in damage and placing a patch of ooze on the ground that will tick for 20-25k.

Hunters/mages should be wary about using feign death or invisible as this will cause the slimes to just choose some other poor unsuspecting fool to chase.

These oozes should be kited away from the next ability.

The second ability is called Chemical Bomb.  This will place a light damaging AoE on the ground.  This increases the damage taken of anyone in it.  This effect also has a friendly fire component so any enemy units in it will take bonus damage.

As a part of good strategy you will want to try your best to move whatever boss is currently being DPSed into the pool.

Nefarian will pull everyone into the Chemical Bomb.  This is why you want ads moved away from chemical bombs.  Despite the damage boost gained from having them in the green pools the risk of a bomb hitting someone is too high.

Toxitron’s shield is the only one that you can have damage rolling on.  New applications of damage however will place a stacking dot on you.


It’s the combinations of any two of these robots that proves to be potent.  Although I am giving tips that have worked for me in the past your composition may require something different.  Some of these are going to feel impossible to deal with, that’s why the solutions for them are so hard and co-ordination intensive to carry out.

Combination #1: Toxitron and Magmatron

Basically any combination with Toxitron is going to suck and this one is no different.

This combination is most likely going to require you to use a raid cooldown.  What’s going to happen is you will have everyone pulled into the green ooze puddle (which increases the damage you take) and Magmatron’s going to do an AoE attack.

If players do not move out of the ooze immediately they will die. Even if they move out of the ooze the raid will still be taking a lot of damage.  You will need people stacking loosely and have a spot to run to to restack for AoE heals.  You will also need an AoE raid cooldown as soon as you get sucked in.  These include aura mastery, divine guardian, power word barrier, and anti-magic zone are all going to be powerful abilities here.

Obviously as you go through this list you will find using a raid cooldown is the only available option so obviously if you get too many bad combinations you will just wipe.  If you do not have a raid wide cooldown available mini cooldowns like shield walls, frenzy/enraged regeneration, felward, iceblock, etc. can be used.  Your raid simply must be aware that this particular combination is volatile and can be an instant wipe.

Combination #2: Electron and Toxitron

The combination to worry about here is Slimes and Shadow Conductor.  As I said everyone should always be semi-spread.  When shadow conductor comes everyone stacks up.  In the shadow conductor.  The shadow conductor target has to slowly move away as your raid attempts to kite the oozes.

Remember that your DPS will have 2 second casts they are laying on the oozes.  Basically your melee won’t be able to touch these slimes so you will have to keep your ranged in mind at least until shadow conductor goes away.

Combination #3: Toxitron and Arcanotron

This is one of the easiest Toxitron combinations to deal with however it does have a unique challenge to it.

Basically in order to kill this boss you have to get every single Annihilator.  If you miss one then someone dies.

So Nefarian does this move where he pulls everyone into the ooze.  This means your two regular interrupters are going to be away from Arcanotron.  You will need someone ready with a ranged interrupt.  Most tanks have a ranged interrupt.  Obviously the more ranged trying for this one critical interrupt the better.  You can even have a resto shaman try and hit it.

Combination #4: Electron and Arcanotron

This is the easiest combination to deal with.  The only major concern is that you will want to stack your shadow conductor on top of Arcanotron and have your Electron tank move in closer (to the middle if possible).

This is just so that you can get interrupts while shadow conductor is going on.  Other than that your Arcanotron tank should be wary of where the Nefarian influenced pools are.

Combination #5: Electron and Magmatron

This is another particularly easy combination to deal with however there is one OMFG THIS SUCKS moment.

This is when you are all standing in the shadow conductor and Magmatron fixates a target for his in-line flame attack.  Obviously the target has to move out of the shadow conductor.  This person is likely to die.  There’s so much damage going around your only option is to hand of sacrifice him, guardian spirit, and pain suppression are all viable options.  Another is that said person dies and you battle rez them.

Combination #6: Magmatron and Arcanotron

The only thing to really worry about with this combination is to make sure that your raid is not in line between the two robots.  Basically the line of fire can only hit the interrupters or tank if it targets either.  This means any pools from Arcanotron that are between the two robots will have to be abandoned.

These are the six possible permutations but just because you get them doesn’t mean you will get these random crappy effects.  It’s entirely possible you’ll get the hardest combination and move through it with ease.

If you can deal with all of the combinations you will kill this fight.  It’s not unfarmable but it is far harder to farm because with the random orders it will be different every single time.  In a 25-man you will have multiple CDs to deal with every scenario possible but in 10-man you’re going to have less resources meaning you will be praying to see Toxitron as little as possible.

Heroic Atramedes: Difficulties and Concerns

After killing Maloriak on heroic we thought this fight would be steamrolled over, we were wrong.  Each fight may exemplifies an element of your guild that yours is strong in.

Maloriak is a boss that will favor guilds who are mechanicalized and technocratized.  These big works simply suggest that people appeal to strengths that they have been working on and get good at.  Healers for example have tank healers who focus mainly on healing the tank.  This fight has people who need to set up traps so that tanks can kite.  There is a need for people who have strong AoE and people who have strong single target.  Tanks need to pop cooldowns depending on their task.  This boss is task oriented and if everyone gets good at their one job the boss dies.

Atramedes on the other hand is a test of individual raid member competency… and it can be a painful lesson.  Our top healers got high sound almost every single attempt.  Since she was an officer in the guild she invoked the “this fight is bugged” excuse instead of owning up to her faults.

The only thing in this fight that is not individual responsibility is the imps.  These little purple imps pop out of little purple portals and jump on people’s backs.  Other DPS have to unload on these imps.  I had one attempt where I had an imp on my back for thirty seconds with no one DPSing it but me with my dots (the only offensive spells in the game that can be casted on things behind you).  my dots killed it but the damage was already done.  As soon as I killed it off I hit a high sound bar.

Everything else is pretty stupid proof, but you will have a stupid in your raid.  The DPS and healing requirements in this fight are not particularly high.  It can be 2-healed or 5-DPSed.  Honestly bring an extra of whatever you need.  If your healers aren’t pulling particularly high HPS get another healer.  If your DPS are averaging 15K (instead of 18K) you should probably pick up the extra DPS.  This fight is a DPS right as well as a retard check.  You CAN carry one person to the kill but the other nine have to be decent.  As people get better gear obviously you will be able to carry more people.

For a break down of this fight its simple.  Most of the damage is the same.  Tank takes slightly more damage and sonic pulse does double damage (that’s the pulse that signals the discs).  Every time you hit a gong Lord Nefarian will show up and burn a gong.  Basically this means you will have five gongs for the whole fight so no one can screw up to sonic discs.

Additionally Atramedes will spawn an imp who will jump on the back of a random raid member and start chain casting a spell that will increase the sound on the target.  You have the option to interrupt it’s cast but really if your DPS are fast enough in switching they can just burn it down fast.

So obviously sound is important and not messing it up is huge.  You will need one gong to interrupt Searing Flame and you will need one gong on air phase to stop him after some speedy class (mage/holy priest/rogue/ret pally) kite the beam a little.

Not a terribly hard fight but if one person eats a full disc its a wipe.

Heroic Maloriak: Things You Miss

Well after our first successful Heroic Maloriak kill it’s time for me to give out some wisdom on this fight like others.  This fight will ask a lot out of your raid so make sure you take your best players, not necessarily the most appropriate ones.

One pre-phase tip I should note is get used to DPS doing interrupts on the lightning thing and tank taking care of interrupting ads.  The lightning blast is really important to get.  You cannot let ONE TICK of it hit.  In our initial attempts we found this out because I started doing interrupts on my holy paladin.  I’m a former warrior gladiator and getting half casts is what I do.  If you cast this before it ticks you will save yourself learning time later in the fight and you will also save your healers about 10-20k mana before the healing actually gets rough.

Second pre-phase tip, make sure you get some abberitions out before black phase, like one set of them total.  You will be AoEing in black phase and even though it will lower your AoE and make it take longer for you to get out of black phase it will overall make the fight easier as you will have less ads to deal with later.

Phase 1 – Black Oozes

If you’re unaware of the heroic difficulty of this fight you may want to know that this is the only major difference between the two modes.  This phase is absolutely brutal on everyone.  The first thing you will want to do if you want to get this phase done is do some phase 1 practice.  You do not want to move out of the ooze puddles when they land on the ground.  That is simply too slow.  Instead you want your raid getting used to moving out of them before they spawn.  Remember that each tick of this pile is 10k and you’re likely to take 30-40k dmg if you react to it landing.

There is an animation that shows the puddle landing.  It will look like oil is being spilled on that area.  If you move before you lands you will take zero damage.  It is worth a few wipes just getting people used to this without having any pressure on killing the pets.  It’s obviously a little harder for healers to do this but this will help them deal with timings (which are very important in this fight).

I guarantee that if you work on reducing raid damage in this first phase of the fight it will feel insanely easier than out right attempting to just blow through it.  You will have to do two black phases so you probably will want to get good at it.


I have healed and DPSed this fight and I can say that healing this fight is by far lamer.  So you’ve gotten your phase 1 practice good.  This will help your healers a tonne and will make their mana last way longer throughout this fight.  You will want two people who heal tanks really well and one person who can heal the raid really well.  When I was healing our makeup was holy pally (me), disc priest, and resto druid.  When I switched to my warlock our healing setup was disc priest, resto shaman, and resto druid.

So one tank during this phase will be unhealable for portions of the fight.  Think of Loatheb where you have a limited time to heal the tank before he becomes unhealable again.  You will need a team of healers to deal with this tank.  One healer can take care of this job fine BUT since you are moving around for a lot of this fight the one healer just won’t do.  So yeah place your two tank healers on this guy.

Your raid healer can heal the other tank fine.  However this tank will taking some pretty spiky damage throughout the fight so don’t underestimate it.

So with this setup your two tank healers are going to have to top the tank up in between the boss breathing fire on him.  After he is topped up and he starts breathing fire again you have them switch on to the raid as healing is reduced by 99% on the tank during this part of the fight.

For this fight you will want 2-3 people with really good AoE to carry you through this phase and green phase.  Good AoE DPSers include:

  • Fire Mage
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Survival Hunter
  • Moonkin Druid
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Frost Death Knight
  • Combat Rogue

You need 2-3 of these.  Each of them has such a sick DPS output.  On the other hand you will be needing  proper raid buffs/debuffs that might not be brought by a spec specialized in AoE dmg.  Remember you want to bring at least one DPSer who can interrupt, preferably two.  You can have one be a 20 second interrupt, you just gotta make sure they can bring one.  After that you just need people who are good at DPSing while moving.

FINALLY TANKING.  Tanking is pretty rough in this fight.  Honestly if you have to choose tanks get yourself a prot warrior for ads and a blood DK for the boss. The prot warrior can kite ads so effectively and will reduce so much damage.  Basically his ability to leap around is like having extra survivability cooldowns.  The blood DK is a person with a lot of static cooldowns.  We used a feral druid first and then switched to the blood DK.  The druid would go from 100% to 5% health every time, the DK would only go to half health.

So recap, you want a tank with a lot of cooldowns for the main boss, so whoever has more cooldowns (trinkets/engineering) included you want on the main boss.  The more mobile class you will want on the ads.  Keep in mind mobility can be made up by a holy priest and survivability cooldowns can come from your raid.  But it is optimal to have a DK/warrior for this.

Okay let’s say you get past a black phase that’s great.  Maybe you will get lucky and hit a blue phase.  If you do blue phase is as easy.  Blue phase works the exactly the same in heroic as non-heroic.  Red phase on the other hand… a little scarier.

Phase 2?: Red Phase

Okay so you have successfully gotten through a black phase.  You may have hit a blue phase and lawled a little bit at it.  You think you are in the clear until the next black phase… and then red phase hits.

Handling red phase requires a raid composition that will help you.  The AOE fire that gets split amongst the raid is twice as powerful now.  In 10-man it was hitting for 1.2M damage.  One person has to stay out of the fire because of the debuff.  This means it will splash nine people (including your ads tank) for 130,000 damage… that’s a lot.  We basically sat there praying that people would resist enough damage to survive and when it did.  After so many wipes to red phase it started to hit us, we need something prepared for that.

You are going to have to deal with three massive splashes of red phase damage so you will need three cooldowns available for it.  Below are some solutions we came up with or other raiding guilds we talk with were using:

  1. Anti-Magic Zone/Power Word Barrier: These spells both function roughly the same as they have roughly the same effect.  You will have everyone stacked in melee range on this boss so if you drop one of these your entire raid is going to take 10k less damage.
  2. Aura Mastery: This is more of an RNG thing.  Your raid will gain 780 resistance for 3 seconds and cast resist from an additional 10-20k damage per person. If you have to rely on this cooldown I would pop this one first so that your transitions are easier.  I used this on my pally and it worked every single time but the amounts of damage people were reducing from it varied heavily.
  3. Divine Guardian: Flat 20% damage reduction mmm.  This will take 25k damage off of the scorching breath. making it amongst the most powerful cooldowns available.
  4. Disc Priest shields: There is no damage in this phase other than the tanks melee swings.  So if you get everyone shielded up before each breath they will take 10k less damage each.  After each breath you can top up with prayer of healing and start re-shielding again.

As of March 17, 2011 pets will no longer effect the breath on 10-man heroic Maloriak.

I’m sure I’ve missed some possibilities but look at what you have in your raid and use it.  Mages can pop mirror images to mitigate it even more.  Your pets are likely going to be able to survive 2-3 blasts of it before they need to be healed up.

Blue phase will largely represent a regen phase where your healers will get to do some stopcasting and get some mana back.  The only other thing that goes unmentioned is that you will always want to release two sets of ads as close to green phase as possible, so you have one phase followed by another.  Whatever the second of the two is, is when you want to release ads.  It will just make healing that much easier.

Phase 2: The Real Phase 2

Congratulations you’ve killed the fight.  You will have one more black phase before you hit phase two.  Phase two the only difference is that the fire stays on the ground longer so this does end up being a massive burn phase. Also the blue circles on the ground that form balls are bombs that instead of tossing you into fire… just kill you.  If you wipe here you will need to either get more gear, change up your DPS, or rethink your tank for this (if the fire lines are not being stacked close enough together for max dps time).

Keep in mind you have to be able to do basic raid mechanics.  The video below is an attempt on our part where some of our raid members are ignoring the boss mechanics and just trying to burn down.

In this video our ads tank isn’t kiting appropriately and pops all of his CDs instead of rationing them.  A mage stands in a blue void zone and kills 5 people.  Our main tank eats a fire wave.  Just good fundamental stuff that you do in regular.

Best of luck on 10-man Heroic Maloriak folks.

Heroic Chimaeron: RNG and Difficulties

We finally got down Heroic Chimaeron this week and I’ll tell you that was two nights of living hell.  The boss encounter is ridden with RNG from beginning to end.

If you’re unfamiliar with the encounter it’s roughly the same as normal except all of the stuff your healers are dealing with during the fight will not stop for the stacking phase of the fight (when the robot goes off line).  It’s all in all pretty simple fight…. until you encounter the RNG.

There are three basic things that can happen in this fight that are entirely random:

  1. Triple Break: So as part of the strategy you have two tanks taunting off to soak up his primary moves.  During the stack phase you have one normal tank who will get break damage and one tank that will taunt for Double Strike damage.  Usually by the end of this phase your tank will have two stacks of break which is pretty darn hard to heal through.  Every now and then he will open with a triple break.  Triple break is unhealable.  His swing will hit for 200,000+ damage.  Hence your tank will get one shot.
  2. Phase 2 delay: This one sucks a lot.  Phase 2 is supposed to push at 21%.  So you want to time this push for after a massacre and heal everyone up to full before phase 2 begins.  So you have everyone topped up and ready to go… but then it doesn’t push into the next phase until another 3-4%.  Suddenly everyone takes a massacre and it pushes.  So you have an entire raid at 10% health and you can no longer survive any longer than 30 seconds.
  3. Phase 2 one-shots: Chim has a 5-second swing timer… pretty long.  Every now and then Chim will do a double strike in phase two that will just instantly one shot an additional person.

So basically us killing this boss was one of these RNG type effects just not happening.

We decided we’d rather work on other heroics during the week rather than try and farm this heroic that has so much damn RNG.  Just know that just because you’re wiping it may not be a strategy flaw, there’s just something going on in this fight that has no solution.

Edit: As of March 15th these bugs no longer exist.  Maloriak will now push at 20% and will not do double strikes between 21% and 20%

Tips for Killing Nefarian Guides Probably Forgot About

When we were getting our kill before all the nerfs came about we were having some troubles with it simply because we did not understand the fight.  As we were going through the three challenging phases.  We did it in 10-man and a lot of the times guides and videos we watched looked at it from a 25-man point of view and the tools they suggested using were unavailable in 10-man.

Tip #1: Three Crackles in P1

Initially this will sound like a retarded suggestion but after you wipe so much in P3 it will make more sense.  Basically what happens in P3 is that you have your tank kiting around and eventually there is too much fire in the room so you can’t really reset your debuff on the ads… and your tank just dies.  The goal is you want Nef to be as close to dead as possible by the time he hits phase 3.  You can’t crackle in P2 like most videos suggest because a 10-man simply cannot bring enough healing or have enough group cooldowns to save your raid.

So here’s what you do.  Burn down Onyxia to around 20%ish.  Keep one ranged DPS on Onyxia and swap all your other DPS over to Nefarian.

Why do this?

You want Onyxia to be low and only one DPS can really handle this.  In our kill I did this on my warlock.  You want Onyxia down to about 200k.  Your tank can take Onyxia down the rest and will stop doing anything around 10-12k.  You need it low enough so that your ranged DPS can turn around and kill Onyxia as soon as the third crackle happens.

If a third crackle happens Onyxia will automatically one-shot the raid so the timing needs to be precise.  That is once Nefarian hits 70% your ranged need to kill off Onyxia.

What else does this do for you?

In Phase 2 there’s quite a bit of DPS idling. This means your ranged DPS are going to be able to nuke down Nefarian during P2 after their ad is dead.  We got Nefarian down to 62%.  This mean that instead of having to burn Nefarian down from 80 to 0 we only had to burn from 60 to 0… way easier.

Tip #2: Love your Healers

Healing is pretty damn easy in Cataclysm.  Because of restrictions on mana responsibility usually falls on DPS to not stand in AoE, maintain crowd controls and interrupt dangerous spells.  In this fight before Crackle you will be expected to do whatever you can to top yourself up.  Druids should rotate Tranquilities if you have multiple.  Blood DK tanks should use a group Rune Tap.  Warlocks (like myself) should use drain life.  Rogues should recup.  Getting the idea?  Yeah you should do whatever you can as a DPS to get yourself topped up before every single crackle.

Crackle will bring you down by 10 to 20% health so being any lower than that will suck for you.  I know it’s going to be a DPS decrease for you to pop some cooldown to survive but trust me, your DPS will be higher than you dead.

In Phase 3 crackles become pretty volatile specifically because you need to pound Nefarian down as fast as possible.  If everyone is using some semblance of responsibility when you get close to the crackle point not only will healing be easier but your ability to DPS will be better.  You won’t have to completely stop DPSing.

Tip #3: Kite the Fricking Ads

A lot of people when they get to this fight they get all caught up on some sort of gimmick for dealing with ads.  You can get silly things like a hunter bringing a tank pet and just misdirecting to the pet.  Some people like to have a third tank show up and just tank the damage.  Whatever you decide to do know that you will need 5 strong DPSers for the third phase.  Gimping one of your DPS down in phase 1 will hurt you pretty badly in phase 3.  So if you have anyone at all that will be able to pick up ads while on the move… please do.

We’ve killed Nef twice now (been focusing on hard modes) and in both kills we have someone just pick up the ads and rotated AoE controls to deal with the ads (Ring of Frost doesn’t work sorry).  Our two kiters were a fire mage and a frost DK.  Both performed the job admirably (although the fire mage probably did a better job with not taking dmg while the frost DK had ads positioned better).

AoE crowd controls to consider:

Shadownova – Destruction Warlock
Glyph of Shadowflame 70% snare – Any spec Warlock
Earthbind Totem – Any spec shaman
Earthgrasp Earthbind Totem – Elemental Shaman
Army of the Dead – Any spec Death Knight
Hungering Cold – Frost Death Knight
Frost Nova – Any spec Mage
Glyph of Cone of Cold – Any spec Mage
Dragon’s Breath – Fire Mage
Frost Trap – Any spec Hunter
Holy Wrath – Any spec Paladin
Piercing Howl – Fury Warrior

You might also want to consider having someone CC the first one.  Make it a shackle or a root.  It just makes it easier for your kiter to pick up all the ads.  You will need to rotate some form of crowd controls over this little period.  With us we had our fire mage run around spamming instacasts and scorch while running around earthbind totem.  We moved the ads off to the side and once that happened we rotated frost nova, dragon’s breath, shadownova, shadowflame, and glyph of cone of cold.  Once the second shadownova came out they all died in a neat little pile.

Tip #4: And Final Spread the Dragons Out ASAP

If you have a misdirect that’s great, if you don’t well that will suck.  The dragons do insane bonus damage when they are close to each other.  So for christs sakes save yourself some pain and suffering and move them as far apart as possible.  If you have misdirects in your raid save them for when Nefarian lands.  If you don’t make sure your tank taunts Nef does some ranged threat move and b-line it for the other corner.  If you’re a DPSer you probably shouldn’t switch on Nef until he is in position.

Best of luck on your Nef kills.