Buyer Beware, Borderlands Pre-Sequel Season Pass

The people who have bought it are screwed as is, but here’s a buyer’s beware for anyone looking to buy the Borderlands PS Season Pass, don’t.

With Borderlands 2 Season Pass you got four story oriented DLC packages.  When more came afterwards people were upset they weren’t included, but not nearly as upset as this season pass.

This season pass includes only the first four DLC, of which only one is a story oriented.  The new Jack’s Doppleganger DLC will be part of the season pass.

There is going to be tonnes of DLC for this game in terms of story content, but only one will be included.

So if you’re looking at a Steam sale, there is no Borderlands Pre Sequel Game of the Year edition, and you’re thinking of picking up the season pass on sale?  Don’t.  It’s simply not worth it one way or the other.


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