Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath Walkthrough

Hello my name is Troublmaker.  You may remember me from such walkthroughs as Red Alert 3, Starcraft 2, and Rise of Venice.  Today I am writing down a walkthrough for the game Song of the Myrne.  It will come in three sections.  The first lays out how the game works.  The second lays out the most minimal way of completing the game.  The third is how to do all of the side quests.  I’d highly recommend playing all of the side quests as the game is a short 3 hour experience.

Section 1 – Game Mechanics

The basic controls of the game involve your mouse being your aiming tool, your left click being your attack and your Shift key acting as a parry when you have a shield equipped.  All attacks can out-range enemy attacks, even melee ones.  Melee weapons have a range on them indicating how easy it will be to out range enemy attacks.  Ranged enemies will always signal they are going to attack by saying something and then attacking one second later, even ranged attacks can be dodged.

At the bottom right hand side of the screen is a little brown bar.  When you move near it a large menu will open up.  There are three menus that you can open up here.

First is the Inventory.  It’s a very large inventory.  When you open this you will notice you and your equipment to the right.  This is where you equip gear. The first weapon you will find is a dagger in a drawer, but you can also use a pitch fork you find next door.  Drag the item from the inventory to your character to equip that item.  Some items are 2-handed and obscure the use of a shield.

To the bottom are your command bars.  As you put more in them they will expand to add more.  Your most basic ones are Left click, Right click, Q, E, and 1-5.  You can move items from your inventory into this task bar to use them.

Next up is your Character screen.  This shows all of the existing stats of your hero.  Whenever you level up you can come here to add stats to various areas.  You can also add points into abilities.  To the right are tabs.  These are abilities you can unlock.  When you meet The Mage you will unlock three schools of magic that you can unlock.  There are many ways to complete this game, the easiest is to spend your points highly into Strength with some in Health.

Finally there is the Quest tab.  This will tell you what existing quests you have available to complete.  Clicking on each quest will give you the details of what you have to do and selecting “Note” will give you any updates on how it works.

Section 2 – Direct Route

So you want to go the direct route, well shame on you.  But now that you’re here we might as well get.

When you first get into the game you will show up in a field.  Go into your home and go upstairs.  Going upstraights requires you to often click on the steps to go up.  Upon going upstairs you will see your pet bunny, who is also your sexual partner, is dead.

To get to the person everyone blames for all of their problems you will need to plant a Crystal Ball in the Mage Tower North of the main town.  In order to get that Crystal Ball you will need three skeleton keys to unlock a door.

From where you start off head north into the next screen and then head east.  You will find a hatch that you can enter that will bring you into the town.  Exit the building and head into the town.  Go to the Inn and pay the 4G to get a room for rent.  This room will be free from here on out.

As well all directions will be laid from this town.

You will need to obtain three skeleton keys total.

The first one can be found east of the town.  Make sure not to head any north, pure east.  You will enter a sandy type of an area.  Head southeast and you will find the troll.

This boss has two basic mechanics.  The first is he will throw iron in all directions.  This can be dodged and out ran.  If you are hit by this ability you will be stunned and take moderate damage.

His second ability is sending out three yellow homing missiles at you.  Each of these will do high damage and stun you.

The boss also has a melee attack.  If you have any ranged attacks by this point preferentially use them over melee attacks.  If you only have melee you will have to keep your distance to avoid the enemy’s melee.

Now head back to the town.  Go to the building to the west of the inn and use the hatch to get across the river.  Head north and talk to the gravedigger.

The gravedigger will tell you of a demon inside the crypt, maybe a lich raising the dead.

The first floor will require you to kill off a skeleton wizard who has a key to get to the lower level.  This is located at 12:00 on the Youtube video if you are searching.

Once you get the key open the door and jump into the hole.  There will be a large collection of skeletons here.  You can use the switches to move the cannon to make the cannon kill your enemies.  All you need to do is dodge their attacks while repositioning the cannon to kill enemies.

The person who will drop it is the skeleton wizard, who is in fact a lich.  Once you collect the key leave.

The final key can be found in front of a giant spider in the Spider Woods.  Move to 10:00 in this new video for the fight.  To get to the spider woods head west from the hatch.  From here move west but don’t go all the way.  Instead at the T-intersection go north.  Once you are north hug west until you find an entrance to it.

In the spider woods hug the east and head north.  There will be a pod melee it to open up the road.  This will lead north and there will be the giant spider.

This spider has two identical attacks that hit in two different diagonal patterns.  The easiest way to do this is use a ranged attack in the direct northeast part.  This is a location where it is impossible for the boss to hit you.  But if you have to melee you will need to move left and right after he uses each attack to avoid the next.

Once it is dead, loot the chest for the final key.

Next up to put the keys in play

Move this video to 12:00 to get to the appropriate spot.

North and east of the village is a weird little building.  You are left with a clue “3×2.”  There are three pillars that when you click on them will activate 0 lights, 1 light or 2 lights.  Set them all to 2 lights and hit the latch to open the door.

While inside head straight north and head upstairs.  Next go into the front door and continue going straight.  There are three Skull pillars.  Hypothetically a key should go in each one.  But you can throw all three keys into one.  It will open three doors.

Head north from here and you will be going back downstairs.

A security guard will inform you that there is some sort of supernatural force in the way.

On the east there will be one item to collect and on the west another.

Clear out everything to the east because there will be a bed here you can use for regenerating your stats and saving the game.  Head directly south and there will be a room full of ghouls, and some sort of towel like thing.

Next head west and you will have to beat a wave of arrows.  Head left and then down, right then down, left then down and so on and so forth until you’re at the bottom.  Pick up another towel like thing and make your way east for a quick route into the main room.

Place the two items in the two bins near the guard.  A portal will open.  It’s a portal to this guy’s soul.

Defeat the boss inside by meleeing him down, he has no special abilities and is just a standard mob.

Loot the Swamp Orb from him.  The ghost that was to the north will now be gone.   Head north and click on the portal.

This will bring you to the mage tower.  Put the orb in the holder and move north.  Put the orb in the next holder and move north again.  As you approach to the top you will enter a portal that will bring you to the final zone.

You will now enter what is Beneath Myrne.  There are three evil trees here.  Kill them and head east.  Then head south.

Here you will find a walking puzzle.  Each block will light up as you step on it, unlocking the door. The fastest solution is South East East South West South East South West West West North West West South East South East East East.

There will be a Sickle.  The sickle is needed for destroying vines.  Head north and there will be a set of vines there you can destroy.  Vine will give you wood.

Once this is cleared continuing following the bridges until you run into a flower.

This boss takes no damage from conventional attacks.  However there are four small switches surrounding him.  Step on them to release a fireball.  With every single fireball that hits him he will gain a much faster attack hitting in more directions.  Once you hit all four switches the flower will turn into a door in which you can travel further down.

To the west is an inn you can recover at.  Head north and east to a line of arrows firing.  At the end of this is switch, hit this.

Now head into the inn and in the guest room to the north is another switch, activate this.  A door will open.

Go through the door and head across the fire into the final door.  The door will have a boss symbol on it, the only boss symbol in the game.

This boss has four portals that will spawn enemies infinitely.  There will be a pile of fire in the middle that will go on and off.  Inside of this chest are bombs.  These bombs can be placed next to the portals to destroy them and stop the enemies from spawning forever.  By activating the switch you can re-supply the chest with more bombs to destroy them.

Or you can ignore these and move north and just melee the boss down.  He will send two brown things to the left and right that will damage the enemies.  The fire will also damage them.  Simply meleeing the boss down is the fastest way to defeat this boss while simply one hitting any of the enemies that are capable of getting close enough to you.

The boss has a lot of health and will take some time to destroy.

At 5% the boss will begin firing lasers from his eyes.  Simply move to the left to dodge them and finish him off.  The higher your level the less time this boss will take to kill.

Section 3 – Side Quests

Congratulations you’ve opted to do all of the side quests and prove you are a real man, and if you happen to be a woman, well you’re a real man too.  At least 10x manlier than all those non-men who went the direct route.  The game has X side quests total.  By completing the side quests you will run into all of the objectives for getting to the main story.  Once you complete all the side quests hit Ctrl F on this guide and find “Next up to put the keys in play” this is where you will lead into the final part of the game.

Side Quest #1: Witchas

This can be found in the forest to the east of where you start off.  Battle through the enemies consistently heading east until you find a home.  There is a witch in there.  If you speak with her she will tell you that she has a cat in a tower she wants you to find.

Head north from here and you will hit the town.  This is the place from which all directions will come from now on.

There is a building to the left of the inn.  Go inside this and you will find a latch in the eastern room.  Use this latch to cross the river.  From here head west.  Continuing heading west until you hit a T-intersection.  From here Head North and you will see a building.

Go inside.  This is your first puzzle room.

Your goal is to get all of the blocks on the toggles so you can open the door to get the witch’s cat.

If you head through the east you will need to place the block on the toggle in there.  Once it’s on it will unlock a gate to the south that is full of enemies.

Kill all the enemies and move the block from in there on to one of the spaces.

Next move to the east and step into the fire.  Hit the switch twice to push the block into pushing distance.  Push this block on to a switch.

Finally go back through the arrow maze and push the final block on a toggle switch.  This will open the door with the cat.  Talk to the cat and choose to Take it.

Back trap your steps back to the forest where the witch is to turn in the quest.  You will be rewarded 5 Bonus Mana which you can use to cast spells…. if you had any spells.

Side Quest #2: The mage

Although not officially a side quest this will show you how to get to the mage who stands accused of turning all the water yellow.

From the town head west until you get to a beach.  At the beach head north and there will be a door with rocks blocking it.  Just slightly to the east of it is a sign and a hidden hatch, go in the hidden hatch.

There will be a room full of rats, kill them and head east until you get to a portal.  To activate portals you need to click on them.  This will bring you into the Mage Tower.

There are two sets of ladders, northern ones and southern ones.  The northern ladders will lead you into a red room, exiting the red room will bring you to the mage.  The southern ladders will lead you to a blue room, this will bring you back to the town.

Talk to the mage and he will offer to teach you magic for a fee, pay the fee.  You will get Ice Bolt and 5 mana.  Well worth it.

You can also ask the mage why the rivers look like piss, the answer may surprise you.

Side Quest #3: My Friend Egda

A little girl in the town asks you to find her friend Egda.

Head through the hatch in the building just west of the inn.  Head west until you hit a T-intersection.  Head north, you will be at the mage tower again.  When west from here to enter the spider forest.

Egda is located to the west and north.  She is covered in webs and has yellow larger eyes than the rest.  Upon looting her corpse you will find a log to confirm this is in fact her.

While you are here head east to destroy a White spider burrow and then north to destroy the spider for one of the three skeleton keys.  Look to the main guide for more details on that.

Return to the little girl and gain some bonus experience.  She will now offer to be your friend.  If you say yes you can tell her how everything is Cool or Cool (Sarcastic).

Side Quest #4: Booty and the Beast

You get this mission in town from a family in one of the buildings.  They will tell you they sent their daughter off to live with their Uncle Bens and she hasn’t returned any of the letters they’ve written her.  They want you to check up on her.  You have the option of telling them she is dead, at which point you will get no experience and will not be able to complete the quest.

She is located to the east of the town.  You will enter an area that looks like a desert.  Head south and then east to find a building.  Enter and the residents will identify themselves as Uncle Bens.  He will tell you she was captured by a troll who lives directly to the east of them.

The troll is one of the skeleton keys, so kill him.  Look to the main walkthrough for how it’s done.

Once dead head into his cave.  Inside the cave is a girl.  Talk to her and she will tell you the story.  After she is done head back to Uncle Bens who will be outraged.  Then head back to the parents in the town who will also be outraged, this will also complete the quest.

Side Quest #5: The Evil Un-Lich-Ed

This is likely one of the first side quests you will get, and also likely one of the last ones you will want to do because of the difficulty curve.  You will get this from the Gravedigger who is outside of the hatch that leads into the town.  To get to this head from the town to the building just west of the inn.  There is a hatch here and it will bring you straight to the gravedigger.

From here head north and kill the zombies in the cemetery.  Move into the Mausoleum.  There will be a few skeletons ahead and a magical one to the east.  The magical one is a mini boss. He will have a key that will let you into the next door.

Once in you will fight against the Lich.  There is a cannon that can be moved.  It can be moved by pushing it and also by using the switches.  Use the cannon to kill all of the enemies.  Spend your time dodging the enemy attacks.

To get out the puzzle is not as hard as it seems.  All you have to do is make sure the solid brick in the grouping of three is anyone but the middle one.  With that make sure the cannon will fire on the ball behind it to open the door.

Loot the Lich and the mission will complete.

Side Quest #6: Something Fishy

From the town head west until you reach a beach.  From here head south and you will find a fishing shack.  Enter it and a fisherman inside will ask you to rescue his wife Lucie.

Go back to the town.  From here head north and east.  You will enter the tower.

From here continue heading north until you find a room with Skeleton symbols on it.  This is also where skeleton keys are deposited.

In here head directly east and open the door to fight off a few enemies.  Talk to Lucie and tell her to follow you.  Exit the room and re-enter the room.  If she is not there then return to the fisherman for your reward.

Side Quest #7: Sir, you are being raided

If you loot around the beach you will find “Pirate’s Orders.”  Read these to start the mission.

Head back to the town and head east into the desert.  Follow the trail to the north and take the path to the north.  Defeat the pirates and click on the block.  It will tell you it needs a plunger.

Now click on one of the bombs, it will add a note to your book telling you this will prevent the pirates from invading.

Head back towards the town and head northeast towards the tower(not the mage tower the other one).  Head north into it until you get to the room with Skeleton keys and head west.

There is a trap in the way.  To best avoid this move quickly three across the top, move down one, move two across, and then head one across.

In the southern room is a mad man who calls himself BaBoom.  BaBoom will give you a plunger after he informs you that he put explosives down by the pirates.

Head back to the bombs and explode them.

To turn in the quest head back to BaBoom and tell him the tale.

Concluding Thoughts

For a full video walkthrough follow this playlist.  There may be some cracks that are missing like, how to mine or how to dig up graves.

The game is very short.  A first playthrough can be completed in 3 hours, a second one will take even less.

With no DLC in the pipelines this walkthrough should hold for all of time.



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