Complete Walkthrough of Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight

Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight is the 17th and last Command and Conquer in the Command and Conquer series.  Due to its incredibly poor reception the precepts of the gameplay were completely abandoned, no DLC or expansions were made and the 18th Command and Conquer, which was set to be a free to play title, was cancelled.  A lot has been blamed on the shoulders of Command and Conquer 4.  Did it deserve it?  Who knows.  This is a walkthrough.  At the end of this walkthrough will be my final thoughts on the game.

The format of this walkthrough is pretty simple.  The first three missions will explain how each Mobile Construction Vehicle (which will here on out be referred to as Crawlers) works and then it will follow up on how to quickly get through the objectives.

This walkthrough assumes you are playing the hardest difficulty of the game and thus can be used at any difficulty.  It also assumes you are playing solo.  You can play with another person and the community is large enough for you to find someone to play with.

The Story Up Until Now

Kane is the son of Adam and Even who killed his brother and was cursed to forever roam the Earth.  Kane uses his immortality to try and bring humanity from the caves into modernity acting as a shadow in the background guiding it to fruition.  He starts up a secret society called The Brotherhood of Nod.  Nod is a reference to the Desert of Nod  he was forced to walk.

In Command and Conquer Red Alert, The Brotherhood of Nod have been standing behind Joseph Stalin’s push into Europe.  Here Kane was working under Stalin feeding him essential and vital information that was always tinged to cause a predictable reaction from Stalin.  When Stalin was successful in conquering all of Europe he was immediately assassinated by a Nod sleeper agent.  This was followed up by Kane revealing himself to the world with those iconic words “I am the future.”

What we heard was that the world would have to be reset and allow for the Brotherhood to grow in strength and numbers through this chaotic world.

This opportunity came with meteors crashing to Earth.  These meteors planted seeds that would create a new resource, tiberium.  Kane began harvesting this tiberium and used the profits from it and his new tiberium related inventions to fund the growth of a Brotherhood of Nod army.  The existing world army, The Global Defense Initiative was a shadowy black ops group that Nod exposed.  The two forces eventually clashed in the First Tiberium War in which the GDI won.  They also fired an ion canon at Kane that would horribly scar him.  He was presumed dead.

In the Second Tiberium War, Kane re-emeges to go to war with the GDI.  This time around he is trying to contact the aliens (The Scrin) that infused the meteor with stuff that creates tiberium.  The GDI are successful in stopping him and it appears that Kane dies.

Kane however doesn’t die, but he nearly does.  Instead he is placed in a machine to regenerate over a few decades.  When he re-emeges the Brotherhood of Nod has splintered into many factions and he seeks to re-unite them under his thumb.  All the while GDI was weakening having seen all threats removed.  During this time GDI had to re-draw the world map to indicate tiberium infected zones.  Tiberium extraction had a significant effect on the planet in which 30% of it was habitable by aliens, but not humans.

GDI created a blue zone to indicate civilized world and yellow zone where decades of unrest and civil war were.  Because GDI abandoned these zones and controlled the blue zones, it allowed for a place for the Brotherhood to fester.

When not expected all of the GDI bases were attacked at once. When GDI retaliated a lab they found in Brazil had a Liquid Tiberium Bomb, a weapon equivalent to 20 nuclear bombs.  The GDI pushed back Nod one last time and thought they were done.

However the Scrin arrived and were invading in full force.  The Scrin emerged from a Relay Tower which later becomes known as the Scrin Tower.  The GDI were successful in pushing back the Scrin, but not indefinitely.  Since then GDI has been planning its defenses not just for regional threats, but now galactic threats.


1. Beginning of the End

For the intro all of your forces will be GDI.  As a GDI commander you have access to a distinct set of units from NOD.  Both sides are balanced assymetricly, which means different but equal.

The first Crawler you will be introduced to is the Offensive Kit.  If you however over the portrait of each unit it will indicate what it is strong against as well as what it is weak against.  As well when you however over an enemy portrait it will name what units can be best used against them.  Each unit costs a certain amount of population indicated  by the stick figure in the bottom right of the UI.

Unlike in previous Command and Conquer titles, the Crawler is a mobile vehicle that will supply every single unit you want.  You do not need to build any static structures and will not need to gather any resources.  Your only concern is fielding appropriate counters to what the enemy has.  If you feel like you are missing so much of each unit, you can simply delete a unit by pressing the Delete key.  This is also how you can change one Crawler for another.

1. Rendezvous with the VIP Convoy

Kane is in the convoy and needs to be brought to safety.  First things first drop your crawler in the green hexagon.  Once deployed rally out the Wolf unit.  The Wolf is an anti-light unit with anti-air capabilities.  As you rally them out focus your attacks on a cluster of rocks to the east that is blocking your path.  Upon doing this you will be able to rendezvous with Kane’s convoy.

2. Defend the VIP Convoy

Kane’s vehicle will project a red shield around it protecting it from damage.  This means that it cannot die.  Focus all of your wolves on attacking one target at a time.

In between fights begin rallying out Hunters.  Hunters are an anti-medium armor unit.  These will be necessary for killing enemy stealth tanks.

Follow the road until you get to a ramp in which you will find a Nod roadblock.

3. Destroy the Nod Roadblock

You will gain extra population.  With this rally out Shockwaves.  Shockwaves are anti-building units.  Focus them on the obelisks of light ahead.  You can bring your other units and crawler up to help support this attack.

Once you have destroyed most of them GDI ships will come and finish off the last one.  This will also signal you losing the convoy and the mission complete.

2. Bad to Worse

The second Crawler introduced is the Defensive Kit.  The Defensive Kit is one of the two crawlers that will use energy.  Defensive Kit can deploy turrets to deal with multiple types of threats.  However once energy is capped old turrets and bunkers have to be destroyed to make way for new ones.  All of the units in this kit are infantry and because of this can make great use of garrisons.  On the downside this makes them very slow and very vulnerable to anti-light units.

1. Build and deploy a missile turret at the objective marker

So as the description says, build a missile turret at the green marker.  Missile turrets are found in the Structure Tab in your build menu in the bottom right.  The missile turret is the only turret currently available.

2. Build and deploy a bunker at the objective marker

Bunkers are garrisonable buildings that you can put infantry units in.  They are very good at keeping your infantry alive against overwhelming odds and give the defensive kit most of its strength.  Place it at the objective market.  The bunker will now appear in your Structure Tab in the Build Menu.

3. Collect Upgrade Crystal

Upgrade crystals come in two colors.  Green ones can be exploded for massive AOE damage, however they damage the person holding them.  Red ones allow you to get generic upgrades for all of your units through the upgrade menu.

There are also round globes on the map.  Green globes give a full vet and blue ones give a half vet.  Veterancy makes your units stronger, they will fight harder, faster, and take more hits.

This globe is a green one meaning that whichever unit gets it will gain one Veterancy.  Veterancy is important in units as it allows them to fire faster, deal more damage, take less damage, and have more health.  Higher vetted units perform far better than lesser ones.

The crystal you need to pick up is to the north and is a red one.

To pick up the crystal build a unit and move it over the crystal.

Now if you move into the Upgrade Tab in the Build Menu, you will have various upgrades you can get.

4. Scout TCN Node Location

As you move north to scout the TCN Node there will be two tunnels, one to the left and one to the right.

This is a Nod unique structure that allows them to quickly deploy units from one location to another.  In the campaign this allows the computer to rally out units.  Quickly destroy these tunnels so that you do not have to deal with any Nod units.

As you move north you will find there is a Nod Crawler defending the node.

5. Capture the TCN Node

The fastest way to capture a node is simply to move all of your units on top of it.  Any units you destroy on the node will make it move down faster.  The enemy is also using a defensive kit meaning that this will be far harder.

Deploy bunkers and turrets around the node as you push forward.  Your focus should be on destroying the crawler to prevent any future build ups.

With your bunkers deployed man them with your units.  Engineers can heal inside the bunkers as well.  Surround the node with your structures until all enemy signs are destroyed.  After this simply wait for it to be captured.

Once you capture the TCN Node an EMP will go off and all of your units will be destroyed.

3. Hard Choices

In this mission you will be forced to use the Support Crawler.  The Support crawler is an airborne crawler which creates mostly air units.  This means they will not be able to pick up ground based upgrades.  The support crawler also has abilities that it can use against enemies or to support your forces.  Some of these abilities can include missile strikes, healing, and scouting.  Each ability will cost energy.  Energy will regenerate over time very slowly.  This means abilities have to be well timed to be worthwhile.

1. Repair Defense Base

One of your abilities is Repair Zone.  You can find this in the Support Tab of the building menu.  Hover it over the base defenses (two turrets) and repair that area.

2. Help Colonel James Destroy Nod Tunnel Network

The Support Crawler will normally have aggressive units.  In this case you are being given three spanners which are healing units.  You will have to win entirely with abilities.  Follow James to the three Nod tunnels.

You can use Repair Zone over Colonel James’ clumped units so that less of them die.  You can use the air strike over groups of units and the enemy base.  The airstrike will stay around for quite a while so make sure it’s something that has a lot of health.

3. Eliminate Remaining Nod Forces

You will now be able to build Orcas build as many of them as you can and send them on the enemy Avatar.  It’s the very tall unit.  Once it is destroyed you will unlock the Engineer which can be used to take over the Avatar.  Any unit that is a “husk” can be captured by an engineer.  Some of these husks are more useful than others.  This Avatar is strong vs medium vehicles and can be used against air units.

4. Redeploy as GDI Defense Crawler to reinforce the area

Select your Support Crawler and hit Delete.  A light blue bar will show how the crawler is destroyed.

Re-click on your crawlers.  Note there is a number on it.  This acts as your number of lives.  For every crawler destroyed you lose a life.

5. Construct bunkers at designated locations

Drop your crawler near the green markers.  Plant a bunker at each market.  After you build each bunker units will automatically rally into them.  They will defend the area and the mission will be complete.

This will lead you into deciding what path you will go for, GDI or Brotherhood of Nod.  Scroll down further for the Brotherhood of Nod walkthrough because this walkthrough starts with GDI.

GDI Campaign

1. Spontaneous Outbursts

Use the Offensive crawler for this.  Immediately rally out one engineer and use it to collect the red crystals around the map.  This will give you very early upgrades and a huge advantage moving forward.

1. Secure Evacuation Centers

For most of this walkthrough you will be using three units, Wolves (anti-infantry units), Titan MK 2s (anti-heavy armor), and Avengers (anti-armor).  You will want to get three wolves initially as there are a lot of infantry units on this map.  Wolves will eradicate Nod Separatists very quickly.  Armor should be used to demolish any buildings that are fortified.

Worth mentioning the Titan Mk 2 is an anti-air unit as well.  There will be very large air units (The Basilisk) which it can be deployed against.

Clearing out the three zones is a linear progression from east to west.  Go to each location, clear out units using effective counters and move on to the next one.  As you clear each you will be given free units that will put you over unit cap.

2. Defend the Feeling Refugee Trucks

You will get an unlimited number of refugee trucks that will come by, so there is no time limit on this.  They will move east through the center of the map and then south through the center of the map.

There will be two enemy crawlers that can be deployed.  Any combination of Offensive, Defensive, and Support can be deployed here.  The offensive crawler is still the best bet.  Killing crawlers sets a time limit for when they can re-emerge, so killing crawlers is a huge priority.  Use whatever units you can counter with to counter enemy units while using the remainder to target down the crawler.

Once you can squeeze through 12 of them, you win.

2. Cold Hard Truth

Use the offensive crawler on this mission.  You will want to get a couple of wolves, four engineers, an avenger, and as many more Titan MK 2s as you can get.  The two computers will deploy a large number of Massive units in this mission, so the Titans will be essential.

1. Secondary Objective: Stop dig teams

There is an injured mammoth tank to the north and south.  Directly to the west of the northern mammoth tank is a mastadon husk.

Move all your forces to each of the secondary objective.  Focus down the engineers first and then the other units.  Put an engineer in each mammoth tank and take them.  The computer will deploy commanders so watch for them getting stolen.

2. Get an Engineer into Satellite Relay

Bring your army and all of the massives past the enemy crawler in the south.  Don’t even worry about destroying it, just leave.  It will almost instantly respawn making it almost entirely pointless engaging them.

When you are in front of the steps for the relay send the mastadon in to destroy all of the stationary defenses.

Once all the stationary defenses are down send the engineer to take the satellite relay.  The remainder of your forces and your crawler should move up with him to support.

3. Defend Satellite Relay

Send your mastadon on the enemy crawler.  Use your Titan MK 2s to take out all enemy massives, including the air ones.  Use your engineers to keep everything alive.  Engineers can also be used to repair the array.  Use the wolves to wipe out light units and air units.  Use your avenger to take out enemy mediums.

If you’re really getting desperate you can use your engineers to capture enemy Avatars to do extra medium damage.

There is no reason for the array to get destroyed as an engineer can bring it to 100% health.

3. Transport Down

Use the offensive crawler on this mission.  You will want to get a couple of wolves, four engineers, an avenger, and Titan MK 2s.

1. Secure the Escape Pod Crash Sites.

There are three points that you will have to attack.  Each has a mutant army waiting for you.  Along the way there are three places that will spawn “the locals.”  These Mutant Hovels can be used to spawn useful units when your population cap isn’t maxed and you’re looking to get a lot of units.  The more of these you capture the better.

With each drop pod you save secure you will gain extra units, which will put you over the population cap.  To this end it is invaluable to keep your units alive.

Along the way you will also find a mastadon husk. It’s best to just rally this to home base because it is very very slow and you’ll be done before it gets to any of the points.

2. Capture the Tiberium Control Nodes

So now you need to capture the Tiberium Control Nodes, and the Nod have arrived.  Dash to one of the two possible landing zones and quickly dispatch one of the two crawlers.  Once you’ve done that make your move towards one of the control nodes.  You can send a single unit off to capture the most northern one.  Once you’ve captured one of the two southern control points head south and dispatch the other crawler.  Cap that final control node and head back to your ship for a defense.

3. Protect the Global Stratosphere Ship

This one is pretty simple.  Head back to base with your forces and surround the GST.  Send your mastadon on suicide runs to take out enemy crawlers while your forces tangle with theirs.

The only unit you need to pay attention to are Stealth Tanks.  They can spawn directly next to the GST to take shots at it.  Once the repair total hits 100%, you win.

4. Insurrection

Use the offensive crawler on this mission.  You will want to get a couple of wolves, four engineers, an avenger, and Titan MK 2s.  In case you are wondering this has been copy and pasted throughout the guide.

1. Destroy 1 or More Defense Crawlers Before the Strike Team Arrives

So we’re going to destroy, all of them.  Every single time you destroy one you will get extra units, it’s a win win win.  Your avengers will take care of all tanks.  Your wolves will take care of all infantry (of which the map is polluted with infantry).  If there is no unit that your unit type is not optimum against, that unit should be used against the defense crawler.  In this case it will mostly be your Titan Mk2s and your Avengers that will be destroying them.

When attacking plant your crawler directly next to the enemy’s crawler.  Your crawler will add vast amounts of healing to keep your units up as well will add a lot of damage on its own.

Destroying the southwest crawler will get you refractor which is a heavy anti-heavy tank that can be used against buildings.

Destroying the northwest crawler will get you zone lancers and zone captains.  The zone captains will be very good for wiping out the high numbers of infantry.

Destroying the northeast crawler will get you mastadons which are heavy anti-building weapons.

Destroying the southeast crawler will get you thunderheads which are long range artillery units.

The optimal way to do this is go to clockwise as the last two tend to have heavier defenses.

2. Guide Strike Team to GDI Central Command

A new unit will appear in the south, move this with your army.  It’s an empty carrier unit.

Have your mastadons, thunderheads and refractors clear all of the buildings out while your other units deal with enemy units.

Once those defenses are down move the transport next to GDI Central Command and you will have won the mission.

5. Lockdown

1. Capture Uplink Tower

You will have a few units and the enemy will keep sending infantry at you.  Slowly creep your units forward while killing theirs until you can get the uplink tower.  Once nearby just sit your units on top.  If you don’t make a move you can be killing the enemy for days and having nothing.  Once the tower is yours bring out an Offense Crawler

2. Use Engineers to Deactivate Tractor Beam Power Generators

There are three of them total.  One is very near you.  It’s worth clearing out the enemy infantry just south of you, there are two red upgrade crystals here.

Anyway get out the old mixture, wolves, Titan MK2s, Avengers, and some engineers.  As you move use your Titans to kill buildings while other units support.  The first one you want to kill is to the east.  There will be an enemy crawler here.  If you destroy it, it will just instantly spawn.  So instead just distract it and rush your engineer into the power generator before making a hasty retreat.

Head back away from that area to the west.  There is a secondary objective to kill all of the vehicles in an area.  None of them are functional, so it’s very easy.  This is also a good opportunity to get your veterancy levels up.

Once at the final one, once again distract the defenses and send in your engineer.  Oddly the building will begin leaking nod separatists, not even sure if this event is related to anything.

6. To Kill a Prophet

Use the assault crawler.  Your unit composition should be composed Titan Mk2s, Avengers, Wolves, and engineers.

1. Escort Colonel James to Sniper Spot

As you move you’ll be ambushed by spiders and scorpions.  Kill the spiders with wolves and have everything else on the scorpions.

Eventually you will run into an enemy crawler, except this one is different.  It produces units faster than normal.  Colonel James will destroy it for you.  All you have to do here is survive.  Try to get slightly more avengers out as the enemy will only ever use tanks on you.  You can place your Titan Mk2s on it when you get a chance to speed things up.

2. Protect Base

As you move forward you will find a base with mostly offline equipment.  Make sure you are unit capped with a lot of engineers.  The enemy will attack you with some massive units that can be stolen via engineer for later use.  Colonel James will eventually turn on turrets that will fire on the enemy.  She tells you to stay behind them but really your best bet is to push out instead of fighting inside the choke point.

The enemy will throw a lot of units at you in various types, the avengers and Titan MK2s will be able to deal with most of them.

3. Escort Colonel James to Second Sniper Spot

Quickly get through a tiberium field.  If you wait too long the computer may grab some and try and implode your army.  As you walk towards the mine field there will be a large number of Mantises and Stealth tanks waiting, hopefully you have some massive units with you.  Push on through and there will be Nod tunnels, focus them down as they will eventually produce units.

As they die Colonel James will get to the second sniper location

4. Activate TCN Node

Colonel James will feel like you’re massively out gunned and send down 5 crawlers to help you.  Each crawler will move north and assault the base.  Bypass all of them and move to the far east where there are some turrets, a single crawler and some units.

Use your Titan MKs and your massives to quickly wipe out the buildings as your avenger tanks and wolves clear out enemy units.  There should be a decent number of enemy light units due to a defense crawler being in play.

Once you’ve destroyed most of the stationary defenses move everything north to the TCN Node and sit on it.  Activating it will win the mission.

7. For All Humanity

Use the assault crawler.  Your unit composition should be composed Titan Mk2s, Avengers, Wolves, and engineers.

1. Capture the Deploy Zones

Move along to west via a southern path for the first deploy zone.

Along the way are artillery and anti-air towers.  You should capture all of these.  They will be critical in the latter half of the mission.

You will also run into crawlers.  Target your Titan Mk2s on them and destroy them as soon as possible.  You can use engineers to capture any towers that happen to be off level ground.

Each deploy zone you capture means the enemy cannot deploy from that location (but you can).  In a very linear manner you will push the enemy back to the final deploy zone.

2. Deploy your MCV at the base of the Scrin Tower and Remain There

Once you have set your MCV at the Scrin Tower you will gain a new objective.

3. Survive until the timer expires

Nod will send three crawlers at you.  One of each type.  The support one will fly and try and flank you.  The defense and offense will try and push your front.

Your absolute best bet is to meet them about half way and try and destroy them quickly.  You can send your wolves to try and keep the support crawler at bay.  You can send a lot of units on suicide missions as you can just replace them with more appropriate units for whatever crawler is closest.  If you’re getting overwhelmed move back to the next tower until you’re at the Scrin tower, which is where you will have to make your last stand.

Preventing the enemy from capturing deploy zones is important.  With them they will deploy right next to you.  Only having one far away means they will be building units a very long distance and sending them at you with no support.

Survive the timer, and the campaign is over.

Brotherhood of Nod Campaign

1. Things Fall Apart

Deploy the offensive crawler.  Get out some Scoripon tanks and avengers to take out all of the units towards the south.  The forces to the south won’t activate until you activate the southern tower.  Get out bulldogs to deal with infantry.  Bulldogs are very fast high damage low health units.

Once you’ve taken down the gate you can walk through with your bulldogs and kill off nod separatists for a lot of very easy and fast veterancy.  If you are patient you can rank up every single one of your units here.

There is also a mastodon planted down the ramp and a little to the northwest.  This can be captured with an engineer.  Mastodons are anti-building massive units.  But they do move very slowly.  You can close the gate by clicking on the gate (next to the point) so that the rebels don’t come take that place over.

1. Capture TCN Hub

The secondary objective is to bypass the enemy game.  Simply destroy the tower in order to lower it.  Upon moving closer to the tower you can capture it and close the gate behind you.

After this simply move your forces to the red point where you will have tonnes of enemy defenses.  Kill them with the mastodon and the scorpion tanks.  Once they’re all destroyed use your bulldogs to clean up the infantry units and capture the TCN Hub.

Once you capture it you’ll move on to the next half of the mission.

2.  Escort Refugees

The refugees won’t move until your crawler moves in front of them.  This means you can control its pacing using your crawler.  It also means you won’t have healing available for your units other than the engineers.

To the south is going to be an enemy crawler, destroy it.  The enemy will respawn where you started.

This crawler will put out a lot of armor, so Avengers will be very powerful here.  Use your scorpions and mastodons to attack the crawler.  Once it’s wiped out push the refugees forward fast.  You can wipe out the nod forces with your bulldogs while they follow together.

Remember to open up the gate and get them in the zone.

2. Further Complications

Deploy the offensive crawler.  Use avengers, scorpion tanks, bulldogs, and engineers.

1. Capture TCN Hub

The secondary objective is to destroy the enemy crawler.

Move north with your army wiping out all enemies along the way.  You will find one enemy crawler here.  Focus your scorpion tanks on the base, tanks on tanks, and bulldogs on light units.  This isn’t the separatist crawler you’re looking for, but destroy it anyway.

Continue pushing north capturing points as you go.  If your crawler dies you can redeploy it at these points.

There will be a TCN dampener to the northeast. Destroy it.

As you move up the steps you’ll notice the purple crawler is on the move.  Send scorpions on a suicide run after it.  The purple crawler will continue to send forces to attack the front line and attack you.  With the GDI forces sort of helping you destroy it, it will go down relatively easy.

Once it’s down move your crawler up to the TCN Hub and move your forces up with it.  You will need high numbers of avengers to deal with enemy armor.  Destroy the GDI crawler and capture the point.  Once the enemy crawler is down it cannot be redeployed.  Capture the zone for the win.

3. The Harder They Fall

Deploy the offensive crawler.

1. Prepare for GST Fly Over

So rally out engineers, bulldogs, scorpion tanks and a flame tank.  The goal is to clear out the path of the enemy ship.  Attack directly to the north, move to the east, and move to the south.  Destroying crawlers or even engaging them is mostly pointless because they respawn too quickly.  Instead focus on clearing out all of the extra units from the map so that they will not interfere.

Once you have cleared out all of these extra units evacuate the remainder of your units back to the most northern anti-air tower.  Destroy your crawler and rally out a defensive crawler.

Place your defensive crawler by this anti-air tower and begin rallying out a lot of turrets.  You will need some turrets for anti-ground and you will need some for anti-air.  But make sure you max out on turrets, no bunkers.

You will also want to rally out as many Reapers as you can.  Fill in with Ascended as you begin to cap out.  Reapers deal high damage vs heavy meaning, almost every unit coming your way and the actual ship.  You will need some ascended for other units that come with it.

2. Eliminate GST

Make sure to focus down the Spanners.  Spanners are small healing units, they will out heal a lot of your damage.

All of your reapers should be targeted on the GST.  Select few bulldogs and reapers can be pulled to repel enemy attacks.

Once the GST has flown past this point pack up, move your crawler south  (but north above the enemy crawler) and setup shop near the artillery turret away from any enemy attacks.  Begin deploying your reapers again and focus down the GST.  Note the GST can get new spanners at some point so you will have to deal with that.

4. Reversal of Fortune

Guess what?  Deploy the support crawler.  Yeah, not the offensive one.  Rally out marauders, cobras, engineers and scalpel.

1. Protect the Nod Shuttle

The shuttle needs to be protected for 4 minutes.  It doesn’t really matter what units you focus on, just get rid of anything attacking the shuttle.  Make sure to emphasize for the best possible match ups.  If a unit is low on health, bring it in for heals, otherwise just keep it chasing around the shuttle picking them off.  You also have abilities that will allow you to heal, use them to keep your damage time up.

There are two anti-air turrets.  They are invisible until something hovers over them.  They can be killed for the bonus objective, rather easily.

2. Use Crawler to Hack Gideon’s Command Crawler

This is the main reason why you are using the support crawler.  With the support crawler you can just have your’s follow his around in a circle.  Any time he lands his, you can land yours to get out more units.  Keep your crawler in the circle of his.  The longer you keep it in the purple circle, the easier you will win.  If your crawler is getting low on health you can just refocus your engineers to healing it.

5. Heresy’s Reward

Deploy he offensive crawler.  Your units will be 2x bulldog, 1x engineer, 1x scorpion tank, 2x avenger, 1x spider, and 1x mantis, 1x flame tank and 1x cyborg commander to start.  Try and get whichever units you need as units are dying.

1. Infiltrate Gideon’s Compound

There are two infiltration locations east and west.  For maximum experience you should back track and go for both.  This also means clearing out stationary defenses which will become enormously valuable in the future if your crawler was to be destroyed

There is a secondary objective to save people from prison.  They are spread throughout the map.  After you’ve released all of them they will come back and provide aid against Gideon.

So head north to the first gate and then the second.  Clear both of them out and then make the breach.  It’s easier to start on the eastern side of the map.

2. Attack Gideon’s Crawler until He Submits

Gideon’s crawler is the purple one, it is super charged by three other crawlers in the area.  For every crawler you destroy, Gideon’s Crawler will lose some special ability.  Gideon’s crawler has one default ability, it can magically teleport to a random location and drop a few infantry.  Gideon will activate a self destruct node in which if all of them are activated, you lose.  Engineers can be used to disable them.

Your strategy will be to clear out stationary defenses and mobs, destroy crawlers, and get your engineers to the nodes after Gideon leaves that place.

From the eastern gate head along the narrow path to the northwest.  There will be a crawler here.  It is the easiest one to destroy.

After it is destroyed head down into the pit next to it and there will be another crawler here.

After hat’s destroyed head west and there you will find your third crawler.

Once they’re all destroyed it becomes rather easy.  You chase down Gideon with your crawler and units while sending engineers off to recapture the self destruct devices.

When Gideon is roughly down to 20% health, he will tap out.

6. Bleed Out

1. Repair the GDI MCV

You will only be able to use the offense GDI crawler for this mission.  You will start off with defensive units.  You will have one of each unit, two reapers and a large cache of engineers.  Use your reapers against anything tank like and use everything else against light.  You have only a few minutes to get to this crawler so you need to be efficient with your match ups.  While you are fighting you should be slowly creeping up all of your units.

2. Deploy the GDI MCV Next to Kane

With the MCV captured the timer isn’t gone.  Now you need to deploy it next to Kane.  Simply manually click deploy it on Kane’s location.  You can build units in the crawler while it is moving and have your other units follow closely on foot.  Wolf units will be very good given your lack of anti-infantry at the moment.

3. Get Kane to the Extraction Zone

Once you have Kane you need to get him to an area that is surrounded by purple structures.

Move to the east and clear out the units here.  There will be an artillery turret there, capture it and make it yours.

A secondary objective will appear to kill the sniper, we know this is Colonel James.  Use cliff jumpers to track her down and kill her.

As you climb up the ramp with your main army there will be a mamoth in the way.  Now it’s time for that standard GDI pack of Wolves, Titan MK 2s and tanks.  These will allow you to clear out those heavies as well as quickly push through the defensive turrets and buildings.  You can use your engineers to capture the mammoth tank.

The enemy will also pull out a mastadon.  You can also capture this one as it will be very valuable in destroying enemy buildings.

If you move all the way to the west you will find a secondary objective to capture the Mutant Hovel.  This will allow you to build some mutant units.    The Ironback can make for quite a good tank in the upcoming battle.

Push up the ramp into the main compound.  Send your crawler directly to the location.  Use your forces to take down enemy units and towers while your engineers follow along the crawler healing it up.  Once it’s there, the mission is complete.

7. The End of All Things

Deploy the offensive crawler.  Build bulldogs, avenger tanks, scorpion tanks and engineers.

1. Gain Control of the TCN

So with this mission you have a signal that shifts to whoever has the most TCN hub control.    You will have some forces that will defend you, but are not as good as the GDI forces and will inevitably lose.

Your goal will be to capture the point on the blue side in the north.  There will be a crawler south of there, it should be destroyed.

This crawler also holds a point.  Once you capture it you will gain all the points you need.  You can move south to get the other one but you do not need it.  Their respawn point is just to the north so you will constantly be contesting the north base.  The advantage here is that they cannot push any of your other bases and your computer AI can focus on defending against just one crawler.

Once you have the signal at 99% delete your offensive crawler and rally out a defensive one.

2. Gain Control of the TCN

Destroy the Bomber would losing TCN Control

This bomber will move around from point to point recapturing them and dropping infantry units there.  To take care of those infantry build enlightened.  As well building defensive structures will make it much harder to build a foothold.  The bomber does excessive amounts of damage so you will need these defensive structures mostly to stop him from landing infantry in that area.

The unit of choice for taking out the bomber is going to be the reaper.  It is very high in damage and is highly mobile.  Your goal is to more or less guess where the bomber will go and intercept it.  Maintaining at least 50% of the points should be a priority as this will prevent losing.

Once the bomber’s health hits 0%, you win.

Final Thoughts

Did Command and Conquer 4 deserve all the grief it was given?  Probably not.

Command and Conquer 4 was built in an RTS genre that had become stagnant and dominated by online MOBAs.

What they were trying to do was create something that was different and co-op friendly.  They couldn’t help but look at successful franchises like Dawn of War and think that this might just be the future of RTS games.

Their mistake was the presumption that people no longer wanted to play games with base building, that we all wanted to play co-op games.  In attempting to build something distinct they lost out on what made the Command and Conquer series great.

Like many series titles that make too many changes to the equation that worked in the past, Command and Conquer 4 might have been better off as a full new franchise.  Although it is lacking in depth in terms of tactics and style, it is refreshing to have an RTS game that is trying to be micro focused.


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