What is an Action Game?

Action is one of these odd categories that has expanded over the years.

Action games are often clumped together because these are often the games that require great hand-eye co-ordination and quick reaction time, they are skill based games.

Some popular sub-genres of this category include shooters (first person and third), fighter games and platform games.

Some common themes in the action genre include:

  • Levels: Players will advance through and complete stages of the game.
  • Main Character: In action games you control a central character in the story arch and guide a character that is not you (an RPG therefore is a game where you control a created character).
  • Enemies: Action games will involve navigating through space, beating past obstacles and enemies.
  • Health/Lives: In an action game you will have either health or lives or both.  This will make it so you can lose the game and will have to start over.
  • Ending: Action games have definite endings.  After the game is finished you start from the beginning or enter a free roam sandbox mode, however once the game is done the game is over.

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