Grey Goo Hard Difficulty Campaign Walkthrough


Grey Goo is a sci-fi RTS.  With millions of possible planets out there humanity created a system for deciding which planets were habitable and had life on them and which ones were barren or had no life on them.  The probe became known as “goo.”  The probe would replicate using the resources of each planet and forever expand outward in order to create more probes that could discover more planets.  But the experiment was a failure.  The Earth colonization program lead to only war and destruction, so the humans returned to Earth shutting down all of their colonies, and turning off the goo.  But the goo stayed alive and flourished in the universe.  The goo also evolved to form armies with the same goal, plotting the entire universe.  Now more aggressive the goo has sieged the planet of a group known as “The Beta.”  The Beta have been dodging The Goo’s detection for a long time and have developed a technology to move from planet to planet using a resource called Catalyst.  As they opened up a hole in the universe they accidentally let a human ship into their system.  Following the humans was a small bit of goo.  Now the three factions are at war with each other under the biggest galactic misunderstanding in history.

This walkthrough will show you how to get through the campaign on hard difficulty.  The campaign is 15 missions total with 5 sections per faction.

Each mission will introduce some new units and each section will first go through what those units are for and what they counter.  However so you best understand the game this walkthrough also includes an introduction into all the units of the game.  The game is all about hard counters.  A single anti-air unit can wipe out a dozen planes if positioned correctly.  A single anti-tank unit can ambush and quickly wipe out a dozen tanks.  Getting the right unit composition is very important for victory.

The Beta Units

Commando: This is a light infantry unit.  It deals 1/3 the damage of a stalker but only costs one supply.  The big difference is that this unit is only 4/5 the health of a stalker, which means equal supply you are getting a unit that is 1.5x the health of a stalker. This means this unit will act as your front line in an early unit in game.  Due to their slightly higher speed they are often used as early game scouts.

Stalker: This is the first anti-armor unit of the game.  It is faster, has high range, costs far less, has less population, and has similar health to the predator.  The downside to this unit is it has far less damage and far less armor penetration.  It makes for a great early game unit, but the predator will replace it.  If you do not have a tank attachment built, stalkers are your discount replacement for predators.

Predator: Can fire on the move.  As an anti-tank unit this in invaluable for taking out artillery units.  However they are very slow meaning that any strategy revolving around them will be one that is easy to point out.  They are the late game anti-armor unit and all armies will do well to mix in some of them.

Seeker: This non-combat unit is purely used for detecting stealth.  It is the cheapest and fastest to build detection unit in the game.  It also has a superior range to all beta units so it can be used to spot for artillery.  As well it has an invisible upgrade allowing for it to become an ultimate spotting unit.

Cloudburst: This is the ground anti-air unit.  It has exceptionally high range and can fire on the move, downside, it only shoots up.  It is on the pricier side of units however not many are needed to cover against air because of their high range.

Hailstorm: This is the beta artillery unit.  It is the weakest artillery unit in the game.  However it has the most health and is the most armored and has a high armor penetration scale.  This means in an all out artillery war, the hailstorm will come out on top.

Avalanche: This is an anti-building unit.  It deals very very slow damage and will not be that useful in an actual brawl.  However it does have awesome armor penetration allowing it to two shot most armored units in the game.

Guardian: This unit has no damage unless it is placed inside of a wall.  When in a wall it can fire land and air and is the ultimate defensive unit.  Common strategies involve planting walls inside enemy bases and putting these guys in them.  Their damage is very high, but unfortunately they are stationary.

Stratus: This is an aerial recon vehicle.  It will spot enemy units as well as act as detection against invisible units.

Warbird: This is an multi-purpose fighter.  It can provide anti-air support against incoming enemy bombers, or it can take to the ground and deal damage against enemies.  It is one of the fastest units in the game and has one of the fastest rates of fire in the game.  This makes them excellent for quick in and out missions.

Nimbus: Area of effect bomber.  Great against enemy units as it deals splash damage.  It also has an exceptional armor penetration value making it very good against armored units and buildings.  They have far more health than the warbird, but on the downside they are much slower and have a far lower rate of fire.

Hand of Ruk: This is the ultimate unit of the beta.  It is built by laying down a large hub and equipping it with two large factories and one of each attachment.  Upon beginning construction you lose all of those facilities.  Once build the Hand becomes a mobile construction factory able to produce all units in the game.  It has six equippable turret slots that most units can jump into to defend from close range attacks.  The Hand also has a long range nuke that will destroy most units in a single shot.  The downside to the unit is that it is very easily swarmed and has no natural anti-air defenses.

The Human Units

Trident: This unit costs less, has more health, and a higher rate of fire than the revolver, however it has half as much damage.  These units are best used as meat to the grinder.

Revolver: This is a human anti-armor unit.  It is much faster than the gladius, deals about 33% less damage, and half about half of the armor penetration.  If no gladius is available, these can make for a great addition to the army.

Dagger: This is the first detection unit for the humans.  It can be upgraded to become a stealth fighting unit.  It deals very little damage and has very little health.  But it has really good vision meaning it can be used to spot armies.

Gladius: This unit is the ultimate anti-tank weapon.  It is almost identical to the predators in every single way, including its ability to fire on the move.  It has 5 more health and costs half as much making it one of the strongest cost per pound units in the game.

Longbow: An anti-air unit.  Can be upgraded to attack ground targets as well.  Due to its high range the upgrade transforms it into a non-splash artillery.

Howitzer: This is the artillery unit.  It has higher damage than the hailstorm but far less armor.

Lancer: This is an anti-building unit.  After a slight delay it will begin channeling a beam that will deal more damage as it continues to channel.  It makes them very weak in an army but very good at destroying buildings, mother goos, and ultimate units.

Monitor: This is the aerial recon unit.  It can be upgraded to be stealth.  However it has no stealth detection.  In exchange it has very good vision.

Scimitar: This is the anti-air aerial unit.  It is the slowest air unit in the game and deals the least damage.  It can attack ground targets but has low penetration so will be particular bad against buildings and armored units.

Scythe: Aerial bomber.  Deals area of effect damage.  Compared to the Scimitar it is better in every single way in a very massive way.  However it only shoots down.

Alpha: This is the ultimate unit for the human faction.  To build it first build an attachment to a cross.  Now build a large factory on the attachment and build the three other attachments to the available attachment slots.  Once equipped you can build it from this factory, the factory stays unlike the beta ultimate.  The Alpha can fire a laser in a line wiping out anything in its path.  When units get close to it they will deploy an area of effect attack that will knock the enemy back.  The Alpha also has counter-measures to defend itself against air attacks.

The Goo Units

Mother Goo: Deals excessively high damage against buildings.  When they swarm units they snare them in place.  Can climb up mountain clifs.

Small Protean Goo: These goo units can swarm units.  When they kill a unit it provides a healing bonus.  Can climb up mountain clifs.

Large Protean Goo: These units can swarm units.  When they are around units they will provide a slow against those units.  Can climb up mountain clifs.

Drover: This unit is produced four at a time from small protean goos.  They are much faster than other light units but have far less health and have very low range.  However they can attack on the move making them very capable in large packs in the early game.

Strider: They are the weakest anti-armor unit in the game.  However you can build many more of them faster than you can build any other anti-armor unit.  On the downside they cost an even supply so they will not make good in an end game army.

Radiant: This is the only goo detection unit.  Like the dagger it can be upgraded for stealth.  However it does almost double the damage of the dagger making it far better of a harassment tool.

Tempest: This is the goo anti-air unit.  They are capable of walking up cliff faces meaning you can plant them in awkward places to catch your enemies off guard.

Dweller: This unit is essentially a land mine.  It will plant itself in the ground and become invisible.  When units step on it, it deals area of effect damage.  As an added bonus upon being destroyed it transforms into a small proteon goo to finish off whatever units stepped on it.  An upgrade can make it explode into two goos.

Destructor: Arguably the most powerful unit in the game.  They can be upgraded to deal area of effect damage or have a shot that bounces.  They are an anti-armor unit that with upgrades can take on all units and structures.

Crescent: These are an artillery unit.  They deal four times as much damage as the beta artillery unit and twice as much as the human artillery unit.  They are very powerful, however they deal no direct damage.  Instead they attack the ground and whatever units walk on their goo will take damage and be snared.  These are also able to crawl up cliffs and mountains providing for some excellent sniping positions on enemy units and buildings.

Bastion: This unit deals no damage, however with an upgrade it can deal area of effect damage upon death.  This unit will taunt enemy units and absorb damage.  They have extremely high health and are very armored.  On the downside it is very hard to save this unit from dying.

Purger: This is the goo ultimate unit.  Like all of the other goo type units it can swarm enemy units and buildings and deal damage to whatever is inside of it.  It also has an attack that will attack in an area of effect at range.  This area of effect attack is the weakest of all the ultimate units.  The Purger makes up for by having 2000 more health than the alpha and 1000 more health than the Hand of Ruk.  In terms of an ultimate meet up, the Purger always wins.

1. Battle at Hunters’ Valley

The Beta faction have hubs.  The headquarters can attach four possible structures.  There are three hub sizes small (2 structures), medium (4 structures), and large (6 structures).  The factory and large factory are the main ways of producing units.  Factories produce 1 at a time and large factories produce 3 at a time.  If a hub has a factory and an extension it can build the units associated with that extension.  Each extension will also unlock the ability to produce one technology from one group.

The refinery is your resource gathering structure, get down one as your first attachment and select it on the one resource node.

In this mission you will only have access to the factory’s base units.

Commandos are light units with no bonus damage.  They can be used as scouts and to provide consistent damage against all unit types.  In terms of building they are low priority due to their low utility.

Stalkers are your other choice.  Stalkers are anti-heavy units which have much more health.  Because of this microing them will yield better results.  However mixing some commandos in will be useful due to the low rate of fire of stalkers.

Make sure to have at least two factories down to produce units.

Once you have eight or so move northwest with your units.  In the forest you will find units, kill them and then kill units from the forest.  Forests provide cover and make you invisible unless you have detection, or an enemy ventures into the woods.

Continue heading north.  Here you will find another resource.

Add a small hub and attach a refinery to it.  You can also add another factory so you can make more units.

Now head southeast through the zigzag and make sure to go through the forests whenever you can.  This will allow you to get a lot of free kills.  You will notice that there is a base there that is under attack.  The computer AI by default will attack structures.  With a focused unit move in and wipe them out.  You can place your commandos inside the wall pieces (little cylinder pylons) to provide defensive fire.

There is a repair facility here.  Attach a hub to it.  Now this repair facility will become active and you can repair damaged units in it.

Moving north there will be more another resource.  You can setup a hub here and once again split between a refinery and a factory.  The forest here represents a great position to ambush enemies.

As you move north you will find a human faction base.  Destroying the connection pieces will disable the piece temporarily.  Alternatively you can just choose to beast down the base pieces which are far harder to replace.  The mission will end when you have destroyed all base pieces.

2. Battle at Ruk’s Bend

In this mission you will be able to use the tank attachment.  Building attachments also allows you to build a technology from that tree.

Build your refinery and then a factory.  Once the factory is done build up a single wall piece to the northeast near your base.  Load your single commando in there and continue building a second refinery.  The enemy will attack you very quickly in numbers you could not possible defend.

Now lay down your tank attachment on your factory.  Once it is complete begin rallying out Predators.  Go to the Tech tab and select the Predator upgrade from the tech tree to bolster your predator damage.

Lay down a small hub and build a Large Factory to help bolster your numbers.

Once you are stable and have some units head north of your base and snipe the units there using the forest as cover.  This is the first farm and you will gain free units by liberating it.

Next head to the east.  But make sure you have some units left at home base for defense.  There is a base there, destroy it.  Just north of the base is another farm with far more units, kill the units and you will get a group of stalkers.

You can build refineries near two more resource nodes which will allow you to further expand your production and allow you to get more units.  On the downside you will have to build a wall segment near there and man it with a commando.

Heading north (to the northeast corner) you will find another base.  Burst through the wall and move in.  The enemy will have a howitzer so move past enemy units and kill the howitzer.  Move into the base and force it down.  There will be one more farm just north of this base that you need to liberate.

Once you have done this take a group and move along the western side of the map from your base.  There will be some units sitting at a high ground that won’t be visible to you.  You need to go up that ramp and kill all the units in there to eliminate this death trap.

After this continue moving north to find the final base.  It’s an easier one to destroy.  You can attack from the south and use your other army (the one that took out the northern base) to flank it from the east.

Once this last base is destroyed the mission ends.

3. Battle at The Quarry

A bonus objective tells you that you will need to destroy the base.  This is not possible on hard difficulty.

The mission has three “catalyst packaging facilities” that you need to guard.  Each facility is a  small hub that will have a resource near by.  Building refineries and factories on all three points stat is very important.  You will also need to put a wall in front of each facility.  The more wall the better.

At home base build a hangar and a large factory to get out a lot of units to reinforce various zones and to get air units to help deal with multiple flanks.  There are two types of air units one is an air superiority fighter that can attack ground and the other is a fire bomber that deals splash damage.  Either will make for a good choice since their base damage is roughly the same.

Every so often there will be an earthquake.  Look at the health of your small hubs and repair after every earthquake as two earthquakes can destroy a small hub.

You will lose a lot of walls so keep re-building them.

Mid way through add a large factory with an artillery add on.  Send out some artillery units to all of your flanks to help bring down giant clumps of enemies.  After surviving so long the mission will end.

4. Battle at The Trench

The goal of this mission is to build a Hand of Ruk and move it to a certain point.

The Hand of Ruk is the ultimate unit for The Beta.  It is built by building a large hub with two large factories and one of each attachment type.  Unlike the humans you will lose all of these processing facilities as soon as you begin it.  So you can’t be dependent on this giant structure for your unit production, it just has to be extra.  Once you have all attachments on click on the Large Hub to create the Hand.

To start build a wall to the southeast of your base where the Catalyst Geyser (the resource) is.  Defend this point to your last life.  You will want to get an extra refinery built there so you can get some extra income.  You can also build a refinery directly north of the base (you need to follow the path east, north and then turn west instead of going across the river).  The enemy will never attack that point.

With all of these resources make sure to get a medium hub with some large factories, tank attachment and artillery attachment.

When your base is secure you can begin making your Hand of Ruk.  Large hub, two large factories, one of each attachment.  Hit the button and it will begin building…. it takes 5 minutes.  In the mean time begin cranking out the money units.

If you want to get the secondary objective of killing Crescents make sure to lay down a hangar and begin creating aircraft to patrol the map and quickly wipe them out.  Crescents can be particularly nasty for your ground forces so killing them should always be a priority.

Once your Hand of Ruk is complete make sure to have guardians or predators inside.  Note that around it are turret holes that units can jump in.  Now move your Hand of Ruk across the map with your units in tow.

Worth noting the Hand of Ruk can make two units at a time, a mobile unit building.

As well the Hand of Ruk has a literal nuke.  Right click on a unit and it will send a long range nuclear weapon at it wiping out anything in one shot other than buildings and other epic units.  This can be exceptionally powerful while on the move.

Once at the point the mission will end.

5. Battle at Crash Site

This is easily the most difficult mission in the game.  You will start off with a headquarters, a heavily damaged Hand of Ruk and a wall.

Build your refinery and after this begin building Guardians.  Guardians can ONLY be used in turrets.  They will not fire otherwise.  Build enough to fill up your wall.  You can change the wall design in the south so that the bottom piece is at a 45 degree angle instead of straight so that enemies will all get hit by the guardians as they walk by.

Once you have all of this done begin building a factory.

The Hand of Ruk is key in the defense.  Right clicking on a unit launching a nasty nuclear war head.  Use it whenever you can, as in on cooldown.

Once your factory is down build an Air Attachment and get out a Hanger.  With the hanger build a Stratus and send it directly north east of the base.

There are two Light Goo Nests here.  Destroy them using your Hand of Ruk (it’s just in range).

In the mean time build Warbirds from your Hangar and Hailstorms from your Hand of Ruk.  Use the Stratus to spot Light Goo Nests and send the warbirds in to kill them.  There are a select number of anti-air units on the map, watch the video to find out where they are.  You can also watch the video for which ones you should kill with anti-air and which ones you should avoid.

After killing so many of them you will have giant surges of enemies hitting your gate, you need to be dead on with your Hand of Ruk.  You can build a repair facility so that your Hand of Ruk can regenerate health and become useful again.

Eventually the reinforcements will arrive, a Hand of Ruk with units.  Jump the units inside the Hand of Ruk and get it on the move.  Head north.  Make sure to kill all enemies are you move making sure ton ever get overwhelmed.  Head east and north destroying all Mother Goos, Light Nests, and units along the way.  If your other Hand of Ruk is full on health you can move it directly north of your base to wipe out the light nest directly north and make way towards the middle.

The goal is to wipe out anti-air units so that your air units can reign supreme.  Once all air units are out make sure to plant stratus throughout the map and kill all the mother goo.  This process can take a while and can be obnoxious.  But once all mother goo are dead, you win.

6. Battle at The Headwaters

Humans can only have a single base, their headquarters.  You can build crosses to expand the amount of build space of your base.  All human buildings can be teleported into any position along the crosses.  Build a factory so you can start pumping out Tridents.  Tridents are light units.  Make sure to build some Revolvers which are anti-tank units.

When you have 6-7 units move to the east where a Large Protean is.  Before it dies it can transform into destructors.  Around this area is a tech upgrade you can pick up.

Once you grab it you can build a tank attachment.  Build the tank attachments on your factory.  These will allow you to build Gladius.  Gladii (the plural) are exactly the same as the Predator except they have more health and less damage.  They are a literal tank.  Getting out a lot of gladius will be useful as well.  Gladius like predators can attack on the move, necessary for killing some goo units.

Once you have a gladius head north and wipe out the units.  Then head all the way west.

You will gain an Econ upgrade secondary objective.  Add a silo and click on any of the available upgrades to get this secondary objective.

Pick up the tech upgrade to get Artillery Hub.  This will allow you to build a lancer.  The lancer will charge up its attack and deal more damage the longer it attacks, a perfect anti-building and anti-heavy unit tool.

Mother Goos can scale mountains and evade damage.  Hunting them down is a pain… but that’s how you finish the mission.

7. Battle at The Wetlands

This is the easiest mission in the game.  However the secondary objectives are not possible on hard difficulty because of how fast the computer is.  On other difficulties you have to bring your army to wherever the enemy is attacking and defend the units to take control of them.  The enemy will always attack Singleton last so there’s no threat of failing.  As you get new units your army will be much larger and you’ll be able to break the enemy faster.

On hard difficulty you just need to mass up an army and move to the west.  The second group of units to the west is Singleton.  Once you have Singleton activated move him back to your base and it’s over.

8. Battle at The Observatory

To start move your unit to the east and you will find some catalyst crates.  These rectangle boxes will grant you 100 catalyst to give you a strong start.

The enemy will send a lot of enemies at you.  So after you get down your first refinery start working on getting down an anti-sentinel turret.  You will have four anti-air units to start.  You can move them to the geyser (resource) to the northeast of your base to hit air units quickly.

Work your way to expanding your crosses in this direction and getting up a refinery here as well.  Getting down an air attachment is key so you can get some anti-air turrets up to stop the constant harassment of enemy planes.  This will give you a constant supply of income.

Expand your production to have two large factories and a single small one.  Rally you a combination of tanks and tridents.  You will want to get some air pads down and start building an air force.

You can use this airforce to deal with the enemy’s air bombers and ti make strike operations on the base to the northwest of your base.  Air deal very high burst damage so they will go down fast.

Get down a stealth attachment and rally out daggers.  You can create an army of daggers and use it to target down the headquarters to the east.  Without a headquarters they will be unable to re-build anything.

After destroying this base move your army of daggers to the north and have them walk around the most northern part of the map.  When at the HQ have them destroy it, and then all of the other hubs.  With the enemy unable to produce any new units you can just clean up the remainder of the buildings to win.

9. Battle at Mago’s Pass

There is only one unit you will realistically need for this mission, the Gladius.

You will need to make six refineries total to support your expensive tastes.  The enemy won’t challenge too many of them so go ahead and put them all along the west side of the map.

Take your starting force and move into the middle of them map near the north.

Make sure to get down a large number of large factories and pump out those gladius.  Initially you will want just one group but eventually you will want to expand into two groups.  The goal is hunt and destroy, make sure the goo can’t get units.

The Mother goos will spawn randomly from time to time from various points of the map.  Your goal is to patrol with two groups to make sure they can’t get resources to build units.

To make the pathing easier you should break down all of the rocks around the map.  This makes civilians get to their check points faster and will allow you to move around faster.

Eventually you will want to get two air units.  These are only needed for spotting mother goo quickly so that you can wipe them out as they spawn.

10. Battle at The Terminal

The secondary objective of this is to wipe out ten light goo nests.  This is sort of a difficulty slider.  The more of them you kill, the harder it will get.

This will assume you want to kill all of them.

To that extent build up a base at home with three anti-heavy sentinels and as many artillery sentinels as you can afford.  The enemy will come in giant waves of units that you will need to be able to defend.

As well you need to keep your computer ally alive, although he won’t help you very much.  Randomly he can just die to an opening rush so keep an eye out for it.

Other than that you will want to build up a base army with a mixture of units, but mostly you will want to get air units.  You will use the air units to wipe out light goo nests.  Each light goo nest also allows for another resource point.

The enemy will have anti-air all throughout the map but rarely does the AI make new ones.

As you clear the map with your air units it’s time to build… THE ALPHA.

It is never made all that clear how it is made.  You will need to attach four attachments to a large factory.  When you build your large factory you’ll notice that you can only build three.  That’s because the fourth point is being connected to the Cross.  So you have to build your attachment first (connection it to the cross) and attach a large factory to it, and then move your other three attachments in place.  Once this is built you will be able to build The Alpha.

The Alpha (unlike Hand of Ruk) will not take up your unit producing facility, so you can in fact continue to use it and build more alphas once you have completed your first one.

Once your alpha is completed sending it out on the map to go kill.  It has a lot more defensive measures than other ultimate units and can deal damage in a line attack.

The alpha is exceptionally slow moving however so it should be sent out to the northwest corner of the map where most of the enemy are situated (as well as a lot of AA).

You can use the alpha to clean out anti-air nests while your bombers come in to spot the new mother goos and kill them.

It’s a bit tedious but all vs Goo encounters are, you have to track every mother goo and kill every last one.  They can replicate very quickly so eventually you’ll need to have your army split around the map quickly tracking locations and killing them.

11. Battle at The Cauldron

Welcome to Goo 101.  They are a very hard micro oriented faction and because of this the missions themselves are all very easy… however the mechanics of the goo keep them challenging.

In this first mission you will be able to create mother goos, small proteons, and four other groups of units.  Each of these units has their function.  Mother goos when used on an enemy will snare them in place.  Small proteons when used on an enemy will heal.  Your first unit is sort of a close range shotgun unit, however it can attack on the move and uniquely pawns four at a time.  The strider is an anti-armor unit.  The Radiant is a scouting unit.  And then you have your anti air unit, which is unavailable.

To start move your units to the east side of the map.  Here you will find a light goo nest.  Break it open to get a mother goo.

Mother goo is the main production unit of the goo.  It can build small proteons, large proteons, or make more mother goo.  It can also do research.  For this you will only get small proteons and mother goos.  Mother goos also do exceptionally high damage against buildings.  They renegerate health over time but require to take energy from some source.  They can climb over the vent of a geyser to steal the vent.  The vent returns occasionally providing more health.  You can also destroy buildings or destroy units to get energy.

Get as many multiple goos as you can.  When enemies approach use your mother goos to kill them quickly.

To the northwest is a light goo nest.  Upon breaking this open you will gain access to Destructors.  Destructors are the armored unit of the goo and heavy very high damage.

You can flank from the northwest into the enemy base and destroy a few buildings.  Sometimes the AI will just let you kill the HQ.  Persistence is important in hitting them from this direction.  Be careful of the enemy howitzer, they can destroy many goo units at a time.

The mission ends when you can wipe out the enemy HQ.

12. Battle at The Shallows

You will need to destroy Encryptian nodes, which is easy enough.

Expand your mother goos around the map.  Get a research point and invest in stealth radiants.  Now make a pile of radiants and use them around the map to pick off the encryptian nodes.

These are spread through the map and will walk around with an armed guard.  A mother goo can also walk in their path and kill them.

Once they are killed you will need to push the northern fortress.  For this you will want mother goos, destructors, and crescents.

There is also a flanking position you can take from the northwest.  You should break the wall down with your artillery and slowly creep in using your radiants to give increased vision.

The artillery work differently from the other factions.  They apply a damage over time effect to the ground so that any enemy that steps in it takes damage over time.

Once ready to go send a large cluster of mother goos at their base to destroy its components while your artillery and destructors destroy enemy units.

Once everything is destroyed you will have to “hack” their computers by having a Goo sit on the base. Make sure to max out your units here and have tonnes of goos connected to the building.  If one goo dies, the other goo will give you credit.  Make sure to have tonnes of artillery.  Once a goo connects enemies will randomly spawn and you’ll have to survive until the connection can complete.

Once it is done, you win.

13. Battle at The Grotto

The secondary objective is required for bating this mission.

You will start off with radiants and artillery.  Begin by heading to the east.

Use the radiants to provide vision and the crescents to break down the walls.

Production wise it is non-stop mother goos.

You will use your artillery against everything while heading east, then south, and then east, and then south again.

Upon hitting this final south you will unlock a group of destructors and a new tank unit.  This new tank unit will not be able to fire but can absorb a lot of damage.  Send it and the destructors to take out a wall.  Once the Bastion takes too much damage pull him and the destructors back.  The Bastion also acts as a moving wall, so enemies will not be able to see what is behind it.

As you begin to dominate the northwest corner of the map get together an army of destructors, artillery, bastions and anti-air units.  Yes, the enemy will have a lot of air units.

Move directly south and there will be a base here that builds predators (tanks).

Move to the east and there will be a base that builds cloudbursts (but you have no air units soooze…).

Head north again and there will be an air base.

Finally there is one more gate to hit.  Break through and you only have to get a mother goo on a certain point to win.

14. Battle at The Barricades

The goal of this mission is to KILL EVERYONE.  But doing that is easier said than done.

The general strategy of this is to control your own progression against expected outcomes.

So to start build up your mother goos and spread them along the south. You can plant most of your army in front of the gate of the enemy and take whatever comes out heads on… but there won’t be much coming out.

Research radiant stealth tech and build about 20-21 radiants.  Send them to the gate stealthed and bust down a gate piece.

Move to the east and break down a wall here.  Have your radiants focus down the headquarters.

Once it is destroyed move to the middle and destroy the small hub there.  Then move to the west and destroy the two hubs there.  Now that the buildings are inactive and the enemy can’t re-build them focus on getting down the three walls completely.

While you are doing this you can prepare for the next phase of things.  Build a Purger, some destructors, and a lot of artillery units.  You can build the purger faster by creating mother goos and feeding them into the purger.  You will only want to do this when you hit army cap however.  You will also want to get a decent amount of anti-air units scattered throughout the map because the enemy will have air units sent in to wipe out your valuable units.  20-30 anti-air units should suffice.  The enemy will have 4 hangars producing 16 aircraft, so don’t underestimate it.

When you’re all ready break through the second set of walls to the north.  Make sure to break down the ones on the west and not the ones on the east.

Move through the walls and two Hand of Ruks will activate, how to deal with them after.  For now move your army of radiants towards the west and break down one piece of wall to get your units in.  Send your stealthed radiants against the headquarters until it is down.  This will prevent another enemy from re-building their buildings.  After this is destroyed move this army to the east to destroy the walls of an area and wipe out all the hubs there.  This will be the end of the usefulness of these radiants.  You can use them to wipe out scant units, destroy walls, destroy buildings but they should never progress any further north as there is static detection there (and also the only detection of this mission).

Now for the two Hands of Ruk.  They will come at different times, so the first one has to be destroyed very quickly or else the second will show up to reinforce it in time.

Grab a few mother goos with this as well.  When the first Hand of Ruk fires its first missile send your purger up to challenge it.  Use your purger’s ranged attack on it non-stop.  Bring your artillery up and spread them out.  Move your destructors in and spread them out.  You want the missile to do as little damage as humanly possible.  Now also send in your mother goos to attack it directly.  The mother goos will deal excessively high amounts of damage and if any of them can swallow it they’ll gain full energy.

Now the second Hand of Ruk has no units on top of it, it is completely defenseless.  You can technically just kill it with a mother goo and let your purger do other things.  But you want to do it fast, so send in the purger to deal some damage.  You can also produce more artillery to try and wipe out out faster.

Once it is dead, move your anti-air as far forward as possible along the cliffs in the middle of the map.  This will stop the air units in their tracks.

Send your purger directly north down the middle of the map and wipe out the final headquarters, they will now be unable to re-build any buildings.

Destroy the remaining hubs here and then head directly east avoiding all of the guns.  You can take out the hub here without having to deal with any of the guns.  Then move on to the west and do the exact same thing.

Now it’s just a matter of clearing out the remaining buildings.  Use your army and your mother goos to help speed this up.  Once all the structures are down, you win.

15. Battle at The Aperture Device

It’s the final mission of the game and it’s the bad guys, so no happy endings for anyone.

So much like the last mission you really need to race out that Purger.  Build as many mother goos as you can hitting all of the vents along the entire southern half of the map.

There is a human base east of the middle of the map and a beta base to the west of the middle of the map.  Each base will be working on their respective ultimate units.  However in reality they cheat, they will spawn on the map regardless of what you do.  That however doesn’t change how you will play this out.

Make sure to not actually hold any of the points you have to hold.  They will just hold you back.  Instead you will focus on destroying the enemy’s base first, with the purger.  Remember that once you begin purger construction you can feed it mother goos.  You should begin producing mother goos and feeding them to it whenever you can.

Once the purger is made it’s out to destroy.

The human base is the easiest to destroy so kill that first.  Focus on the crosses to wipe out power to various structures.  The turrets all have the no-power upgrade so you will have to destroy them directly.  The fastest way to kill them is to just sit your purger on them while it destroys other things.  Killing off the headquarters will prevent all future unit construction.  However as was stated, the alpha will still spawn randomly.  Killing off the base will delay the first alpha.

Next up to kill the beta base.  This has to be more precise and more careful.  Bring destructors, bastions, crescents and some anti-air units to support your purger.  Wipe out every single wall.  Do not single wall and every single unit.  Once you’ve wiped them out move in and take out the headquarters.  Finish up by killing off the remaining structures.

Saturate mother goos all over the map to collect maximum number of resources.

Every single base will need some artillery, some dwellers (land mines), some destructors, and 2-3 full health mother goos.  You want back up mother goos in case one goes down quickly.  You can also add in some cloaked radiants to help target down some particularly nasty units.

Once you have all of your units in place and a maxed out army activate the 5 minute rounds by attaching a mother goo to all three points.  When you can, focus down the lancers, they are anti-heavy unit units and can get very nasty.

Since all of the enemy units are gone you can try this over and over until you get this.

Once you can survive the five rounds you will get a tonne of reinforcements, which are useless to you at this point.  Move a mother goo to the point noted on the map and finish it off.  Worth noting that the Alpha and Hand of Ruk can arrive even without bases there so if they do you will need to focus your resources and energy in destroying them again.

Concluding Thoughts

Some aspects of the campaign were exceptionally difficult, and others might have just been too easy.  The campaign lacked a lot of balance of progression and struggled to teach how units work or how they are built.  The campaign itself only took me 11 hours to complete, but maybe 20-30 of them might have been spent just trying to figure out game mechanics.

The game did offer many ways of beating each level as many people could come up with completely different solutions to the game.

However with a lack of sales it is unlikely this game will see expansions.  The studio that made this game, Petroglyph Studios just came back from bankruptcy, so it is likely they will be scaling down and moving on to smaller projects.



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