DC Universe vblog #6: Raven Possessed

So in the opening part I talk about an announcement from SOE.  I talk about this because when you log into DCUO it shows up on the loader as a major announcement.  It kind of just came out of nowhere and it had the forum community in disarray.  People were thinking that something major was going on at SOE.  It wasn’t.

About a year ago Sony Online Entertainment cancelled The Agency which was supposed to be their AAA first person shooter MMO.  But after getting bad previews they cancelled the project stating they were focusing on Everquest and DC Universe Online.

This deal they announced with ProSiebien.Sat1 is a distribution deal.  There are very few things in Germany that come in German so most Germans play English games.  By making a German language MMO they’d be hugely ahead.  So they’ll be distributing DCUO and Everquest 2 in Germany, that’s the deal.

The thing is ProSiebien.Sat1 isn’t exactly a major German distributor, they’re known for making crappy games.  So nothing is happening really unless you have German friends, they might play the German version now.

In the remainder of this video I’m fighting Raven who is possessed by some evil father of hers.  Raven of course is the hero most remembered for um… Teen Titans.