Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough – Od Nua

Pillars of Eternity is a game created by Obsidian Entertainment.  This walkthrough covers the game and all of its side quests.  For the full guide click “Pillars of Eternity Guide” in the side bar.  This part of the guide will cover all of the quests surrounding Endless Paths of Od Nua.

For the last part of this walkthrough click here.

Oda Nua is a giant tunnel of basements underneath your fortress.  It is promised underneath it is some demon that haunts everything, someone known as The Master Below.  The format of this guide will be different.  The goal is to kill The Master Below, however what guides you there is a quest called Time and Tide.  Time and Tide is picked up by speaking to Kana who you meet just outside of Caed Nua.  After this you will have to complete The Old Watcher to get to the part where you venture into the actual maze.

The Blade of the Endless Paths

There are four pieces of the blade.  You will find the first piece on Floor 2 in a hut made of skins.

The second piece can be found on the Floor 5.  There will be a secret room that can be opened with a switch.  You will need to enter scout mode to find the switch.

The third peice can be found on floor nine along the south you will find another secret wall.  You will need to enter scout mode to find this switch.

The fourth piece can be found on the Floor 12 along the southern path.  It will be on a Mad Vithrack.

Od Nua Floor 2

As you head south and kill a few xeurips you will notice there is a door that is blocked by a force of energy.  If you want to remove this you will need to talk to the Talking Chair on the ground floor.

Head south into a place where there are some xurips and a hut made of furs.  Inside the hut is a broken hilt.  This will start the quest The Blade of the Endless Paths.  This is a mega sword that will require more parts to build.

head west to fight some spiders.  You will quickly run into the Spider Queen, a floor boss.

You will find a piece of a sword that will begin

If you continue down this way you will eventually reach a floor hatch.  This will lead you outside, a quick way to get out of the basement to restock.

If you’ve talked to the ground floor talking chair person (Sentinel) head to where the energy field once was.  It will now be gone and you can walk through it to reach Floor 3.  Alternatively you can head a bit to the west to a sacrificial alter which will allow you to skip to Floor 5.  However you will still have to cover Floor 4 to proceed further and you will miss out on a side quest.

Od Nua Floor 3

There is a side quest on this floor called Desperate Measures.  Desperate Measures is given by a neutral ogre who asks you to kill his Queen Zallo.

The ogres are much harder to kill than most mobs, so take them carefully.  All of the ogres on this floor have a leash.  A leash means after they hit a certain point they will return to where they came.  With their leash they also will not regenerate health, while you do.

This gives you a definitive advantage in easily killing ogres.  Simply pull them and run away until you see some returning to where they came from, then engage them.

Zallo is particularly tough.  Zallo is a caster that has a cleaving ogre and a druid who will heal her.

You will want to pull the room and only take on two at most a time.  Quickly burn down one using all of your abilities on it and leash the encounter if you are getting low.

Once Zolla is down collect everything on her.  You will need to return her Zolla’s torc to this friendly ogre as proof of your deed.  Once you have done so you will have completed the quest.  You will need to clear the floor of ogres to get to the next floor.  Use the leashing technique to deal with larger packs of them.

You may find a statue on this floor with a hidden wall.  You will need to find Retribution on the next floor and bring it back to this statue to unlock it.

Od Nua Floor 4

There is not too much to this floor.  There is a signet that you will need to pick up for later.  You will find it by following the path sound.  You will go down some stairs and then go to a room that will have only one trapped box to open.  Inside is the signet that you need to pick up.

Continue along the path following the southern route and you will hit the stairs to the next floor. To see something really cool explore south to see the face of the Master Below carved in Adra.

Od Nua Floor 5

Things are about to get interesting.  There is not much to this floor, but it is terribly difficult.  There will be some xurips that you will have to kill.  North will give you access to the grand staircase that will get you quickly out of the area.  It is the last grand staircase in the whole tunnel so it might be worth restocking before going deeper.  Heading west will bring you to the location you could have fallen to if you jumped in the sacrificial pit at Floor 2.

Ahead is Drake.  He is a drake.  He is also a talking drake.  There is no way to really avoid this fight and he is quite dangerous.  Focusing down drake first should be your goal.  Once he is dead you will gain access to Floor 6.

If you’re struggling with this you can use a method called leashing.  With this you can pull an entire group and they will leash back to their primary location.  If you tag them just as they leave some will peel off and you can fight a few separately.  This is a method of pulling you will need to be able to do other floors.

You may notice a hidden wall in the middle of this level.  Go near it with scouting mode on to unlock it and you will be able to find a hidden switch.  Inside is a chest with a piece of The Blade of the Endless Paths.

Od Nua Floor 6

You will feel like the drake was the hardest thing possible, but it will get worse.

You will need to find three different overseer sigils on various floors to get deeper into Od Nua.  This is designed as an experience gate so that you have to get more experience to continue on.

Bloodstone Overseer Sigil can be found on the fourth floor in a small room along the southern bend.

Peridot Overseer Sigil can be found on this floor to the north.

Sapphire Overseer Sigil can be found on this floor to the south.

When you get to the puzzle door you need to place the bloodstone in the sword socket, sapphire in the eye socket, and peridot in the hammer socket.

Once the door is open head down to floor 7.

Od Nua Floor 7

This is the floor that finishes off Time and Tide.  In this area there are four forges that you can choose to activate.  Activating the forge is completely up to you.  To activate the forges simply kill everything and move on.  However that is easier said than done.

Wind blights deal ranged area of effect damage, kill them first.

Fire blights deal splash damage upon death, kill them last.

There are minor, regular and greater blights.  Take note of what you’re fighting.  You may have to leash many of them if they overwhelm.

To get to the end of Time and Tide head towards the south and take the crossroad west.  Go into the room and loot the old copper key.  Move east from here and head south when you get into a room.  Kana will identify that there is a room with a mark of his hero.  Open the door with the copper key.  Inside is a skeleton wizard who is in fact the man you’re searching for.  After killing it you will loot the quest reward from the table in the room.

From here you go back north and head east.  This will be a tough engagement with multiple greater blights.  You may need to leash these.

After this touch the middle post to open the door and move to the eight floor.

Od Nua Floor 8

This level will introduce a new unit these are fampyrs which are sort of like super ghouls.  The fampyr has the ability to take control of one of your heroes so be careful not to accidentally kill your hero.   Leashing will be very valuable here.

As you go through the linear path you will have an option of going over a bridge made of adra.  If you speak the ancient Agewthian you will get a quest to kill off all of the other fampyrs on the floor.  To learn this language you will need to continue the main storyline.  If you did not you will not be able to understand the fampyr and he will attack you.  It is recommended at this point that you leave Od Nua and continue the main quest line so that you can get more quests from here.  You will also need to get this language to progress to the end of Od Nua.  The mission is called Undying Heritage.

The whole floor is nothing but fampyrs.  If you want to work on clearing out the fampyrs for money continue on through the area and kill them.  However if you just want to progress to the next floor kill this fampyor on the hand made of adra and continue from here south to the next floor.

Od Nua Floor 9

Upon entering the floor you will be able to continue straight or turn right.  If you have 10 mechanics you can venture right for the easy way.  Otherwise you will have to go forward for the hard way.

The hard way means crossing a floor covered in spikes in which every single move you take will cost you life.  Take just one hero and move across the spikes.  There are jars on the ground.  Loot the jar that is near the skeleton (but not the skeleton).  Inside it will be a key.  This is a designed trap intended to get you to try it on doors and thus cost your life.  Instead hover towards the east to find another jar that is locked.  Inside this locked jar is another key.  This key will work on the door as well as the previous locked door that required high mechanics.

From here move south along the narrow corridor but be very careful of traps.  One trap can get everyone stuck in place.  This can be absolutely catastrophic.  Make sure to send in a single “dummy” to trigger the traps, someone disposable.  That way when you leash these packs properly you won’t be losing too many people.  If you have a ranger using your animal can be used for fully pulling the packs away from the traps.

Continue north from here and in the next room is going to be the stairs to the next floor.  You can clear the room to the north from bonus gold.

If you head along the southern wall and enter “scout mode” you will find a panel that will unlock a hidden wall.  In here is a chest with a piece of The Blade of the Endless Paths in it.  If you can’t find the switch you may not be high enough level to find it and may have to level up mechanics.

Od Nua Floor 10

This is a very small but very difficult floor.  You can go straight across to get to Floor 11.  However you can also choose to turn right, pick up a key and then go back to the locked door and open it.  Inside the room is a pile of ghosts that you can kill.

Od Nua Floor 11

This is another small floor.  There are giant packs of units, however there is a way to avoid it.

However it also means that you lose out on a potential sword from killing a Dank Spore.  On Floor 12 is the next masters staircase so there’s no real need to return to this floor, unless you want to kill these very difficult to kill mobs for gold that is.

Od Nua Floor 12

This is the Vithrack floor.  Vithrack are sort of a spider-like telepathic set of beings.  They don’t work in a hive mind but they do have a hive mentality.  You should avoid pulling the first set of vithrack directly northeast of you.  There is no way to leash them and the vithrack have the ability to mind control two units each.  With four vithrack that means your entire party can potentially be mind controlled leaving you very vulnerable to death.  So instead pull everything else but it so that you can potentially leash this area later.

After you’ve cleared out these areas head north east and you will find some vithrack who will speak to you.  If you offer to do a quest for them you can bypass a lot of dangerous mobs.  If you decided to kill them you don’t get the quest.

This will give you the quest The Masters Tools.

Head south from here to kill a Mad Vithrack.  The Mad Vithrack will give you your final piece of the Blade of Endless Paths.

Continue heading east and you will run into more vithrack who will talk to you.  Inform them that you have permission and they will let you by.  This will lead you to floor 13.

Od Nua Floor 13

In order to complete The Masters Tools quest you will pretty much need to clear out the entire northern part of this.  Turn left and there is a room with traps that you can loot the machine part.

Move north up the road and you will find the adra shell.

Along the south is a room that will give you the pure adra.  If you continue from here you will reach a wall that has treasure behind it.  In order to access it you have to have either absorbed the knowledge of The Old Watcher or speak a special language.

In order to pass this you need to speak to the ghosts and if you speak the language they will let you into it.

This is also how you get past the door with the Medusa head on it.  If you do not speak this ancient language you will need to continue the main story line and leave Od Nua.

The quest line you will need to do is Undying Heritage.

If you speak it speak to the spirit in the southwest and the spirit to the southeast and they will give you a password for the door.  One person will tell you the loyalty oath, another will tell you it’s corrupted.  Tell the oath in which you are an enemy of Od Nua to get through.

Od Nua Floor 14

This is a fairly simple floor.  You go to the middle of the room and touch the crystal, this will summon the Spirit of Od Nua.  If you have high enough stats you can talk him down and he will send you to the final floor.

If you do not he will attack you and be joined by three other dangerous spirits.  Upon killing or bypassing him it’s off to Floor 15.

There is a grand staircase on this level to allow you to restock on any goodies.

Od Nua Floor 15

This is another pretty straight forward floor.

Head down the linear path and you will find a clickable pile of rocks.  If you choose to simply walk down it one of your team mates will sprain a leg and get a stat decrease until they rest at a hotel.  At the bottom of the rock pile is an adra dragon.  The adra dragon is in fact the Master Below.  When you talk to him you can convince him to leave the place as there isn’t really that much adra left here.  Alternatively you can kill him.  He is a fairly tough to kill so talking him down may be the better way.

If you choose to talk him down you will need to bring an amulet to the Hand of the statue on floor 1.  Once you do this you will need to head out into Black Meadows.  North east you will find a woman.  You will have to kill her which is laughably easy.  This will finish up The Master Below.

Once defeated or once he leaves you can follow the path to the end where you will find a cache of goodies… and a dead end.  Because this is the end of Od Nua.


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