A Game of Thrones Genesis Complete Expert Single Player Walkthrough

This guide and FAQ is designed for people who are attempting to finish the game on Expert.  All tactics described here will work on any other difficulty as well.

Year -700: Part 1 – Beginnings of Diplomacy

In this first mission you will need to learn the basics of the game.

Your first unit is the envoy.  The envoy makes agreements with towns.  Towns with agreements will provide a source of income, gold.  Gold is the only resource in the game so the more towns you control the more gold you will have and the more units you can create.

So you will have to make more envoys and send them out to capture towns faster.  On the bottom right panel there are six buttons.  The top left one will open non-offensive units which will include envoys.

Note that as you purchase more envoys the cost of them goes up.  There is no unit limit in the game but they control the amount of one unit you can have (for balance purposes) by increasing the price of that one unit as you buy more.

But the enemy has envoys too!

The enemy convoys can take over your towns as well.  To stop this send your envoy to the town they are going for and this will send their convoys back to the base.  As their envoys are moving back slower you can be put into a position to take over more of their bases.

Eventually it will dawn upon you how absolutely impossible the goal of the mission is.  You will now unlock… the spy.  This is available under non-offensive units, bottom right panel top left button.

The spy can create secret agreements. Secret agreements are made with enemy towns and will turn purple once granted.  These will give you and your enemy income equally.  Spies when used on town can also rout out secret agreements.

Spies are also invisible detectors.  Since they are invisible themselves you can use spies to find enemy spies.. and later assassins.

Once you are getting close to being complete the enemy will start killing convoys with mercenaries.  These are attacking units.  You will need to build your own.

On the bottom right panel the middle top button is for mercenaries.  Open it up and go to town.  Build as many as you can.  Cavalry seem like the obvious choice but in reality archers are the strongest unit.  You will need to mix in some cavalry just to deal with some enemy units.

Once you have a decent sized army move forward and smash through the enemy’s units.  These mercenaries can also kill enemy spies and convoys.

Try to be cost effective.  Use your army to wipe out enemy convoys.

After you have made so many secret agreements and so many envoy agreements you will gain an objective to kill an enemy spy.  Place an enemy spy near the front to detect the spy.  Once it is detected have your army kill the spy.  This will also end the mission.

Year -700: Part 2 – Call to Arms

The first part of the mission will insist that you need to capture seven zones to win.  So make a few envoys and set them out.  Use your envoys to dispel enemy envoys and get as many bases as you can.

But you will quickly notice that the enemy is staging spies to make secret agreements.  Soon you will get a mission to route out one of the enemy’s secret agreements.

Next you will be introduced to the rogue.  The rogue can convert enemy assassins, spies, and envoys in exchange for money.

The main function of the rogue however is to create an uprising.  Uprisings make it so that an enemy town will not produce any income until the riot leader is assassinated.

Try and pick a town that is in the middle.

After you stage this uprising you will have to continue taking over seven towns.  So make sure to increase your number of envoys and spies over time.

Eventually an enemy assassin will kill your rogue.  You will now have the option of hiring on an assassin.

Assassins are invisible units that become revealed on the map after making an attack.  All non-aggressive units die instantly.  All of the armies will require multiple hits from an assassin to kill… so they are recommending for wiping out enemy envoys, assassins, rogues, and spies.

Build an assassin to take out their assassin.  You will need to use a spy to find the assassin.  Remember the spy can out run the assassin so if the assassin tries to kill your spy simply move it away.

Once your assassin is out, assassinate the assassin.  The assassin can be used after this to wipe out enemy envoys and spies to make winning this mission easier.

The enemy will place a rogue in one of your towns.  You will need to wipe it out with an assassin.

After this simply focus on using your spies to make secret agreements, your assassins to pick off enemy units and your envoys to push enemy envoys out of your territory.  Gaining control of the map will become very easy.

Year -700: Part 3 – Choice of an Ally

You will be given one mercenary to start.  The mercenary can be used to wipe out enemy convoys…. however note that there are two enemy bases…. so maybe not such a good idea.

instead focus on getting the most towns possible by simply using envoys.  After you have the majority you will be given a mission to rout out the secret agreements.  After so long you will realize… there are no secret agreements.

Instead they have made false alliances.  This is done after a spy is bought out by a rogue.  In order to figure out which envoy is a turn coat you need to use your spy on each one.  Upon figuring out which envoy is a fake you will lose all of those alliances… but will find out which one is working with the enemy.

Next up you will need to hire a rogue and fill up his money bag.  A rogue will need to stand next to the base to fill up the money bag.  Once it is full you can send the rogue out.  However if the rogue dies… the money is lost forever.

You will need to use your rogue on an envoy to get them creating false alliances for you.  Once you have done this you will get your next objective.

your next objective is to hire peasants.  Peasants are farmers.  They will work the fields around towns that you own and they will give you a new resource, food.  Food is needed for building an army.

Remember that the rest of the game continues.  You still need to use envoys to make agreements, use spies to create secret agreements, use assassins to wipe out enemy envoys, and and rogues to create riots.

Peasants can be assassinated so you will need to make more peasants until you can get to that minimum 300 food threshold.

Now you will be able to raise an army…. armies are expensive.  Pick a unit any unit.  Once you have selected an army unit (this is the button on the right hand top side of the bottom right menu).

You will now have the option to choose between marrying Lord Jordayne and Mors Marten.  It doesn’t matter which side you choose, the end works out exactly the same.

You will however have to build up a large army.  So get your peasants working and get as much food as you can to raise a large enough army.  Once you have a few units move them to the rally point set by whomever you choose.

If you choose Lord Jordayne he will turn on you.  If you choose Mors Marten he will join you against Lord Jordayne.  Regardless Lord Jordayne dies and you marry Mors Marten.

Year -700: Part 4 – After the Wedding

The first step in this mission is to form a blood alliance.  For this you will need an envoy and a noble lady.  First send the envoy to a town and take it over.  Once your envoy has one town send it to many others to try and take over others.

All the while produce a noble lady.  They are insanely cheap ranging from 20-50.

After you complete this assignment you will need a second noble lady to create a second blood alliance.  As well you will need to send an envoy to the enemy to try and negotiate peace.

While your envoy is on route it will be seduced by the enemy’s noble ladies.  Noble ladies can seduce envoys, spies, and rogues.

The game suggests you buy a guardsman… and you should.  Guardsman can arrest noble ladies, assassins, and spies.

So from here you can use noble ladies to create blood pacts, of which the enemy will not be able to destroy.  After so much toe to toeing you will be told you need to start food production.

So get out as many peasants as you can and place them at farms.  Continue to use envoys to try and take over zones and produce those cheap noble ladies to secure enemy envoys and create blood pacts when you can.  You can use spies to create secret agreements as well.

Once you have enough food war will be declared.

When war is declared envoys and spies become useless, they will no longer be able to make diplomatic agreements until the war ends.  You will need to siege with an army.

Hire a commander to give you an aura.  You can also bring your lord forward to change the place where your army will spawn at.  But if your lord dies you will most likely lose… so don’t lose the commander or the lord.

Move to a town and siege it.  The gold mine will be destroyed.  Bring envoys to help rebuild it so you gain another point and extra income.  You can bring in a noble lady afterwards to secure it from the enemy taking it.

Continue to move towards the enemy’s keep, capturing towns and conquering them.  You can use a rogue to neutralize the point to the northeast so you won’t have to worry about the enemy getting income from it.

Push south with your army.  After you have taken all of the points on the map the mission will end.

Year -700: Part 5 – Consolidation of Power

In this mission you will have to visit all of the towns.  There are mercenaries along the road and at night time assassins are deployed.  You have to get to each town before night time or else you will die to an assassin.

There is a timer in the top right corner indicating how much time you have.  Make sure you have some mercenaries moving with your lord.  If your lord dies you lose, so make sure to baby sit him.  You will run into your first mercenary pack south of your base at a Y intersection.

Once you get to the town to the southeast you will get more free mercenaries and extra time added to your clock.  Next up let’s head to the far east town.

Directly northeast there is a band of units.  Instead of trying to counter against counter focus down each enemy as you can.  This is after all, a time trial.

After you have cleaned up most of this army you will be ambushed from the north and then from the west, so make sure to move your lord away from them accordingly.  Your lord is the main priority here.

After defeating this ambush head to the town to the east, there should be no more ambushes.

This will once again replenish your clock… and give you a massive army.

Heading north there will be multiple assaults, so keep tight.  Move the lord appropriately to avoid damage.  You will need to pace effectively.  Once inside the town you will be given a new mission.

You will need to head to the town to the south to wipe out the enemy there.  Your army is massive, their’s is small.  Head south with the ball of units, keep the cavalry units on a separate control group so that don’t get isolated.

Once this town is destroyed, you win…. and this ends the -700 year as well.

Year 1: Part 1 – The Red Keep

Brand new campaign and brand new cast and characters.

Your first mission is to create an alliance with the closest town and those in the south.  That means sending envoys off to do their job.  You can use noble ladies to solidify those agreements and get a guardsman to deal with assassins and spies.

After you capture your first turn start producing mercenaries.  You should also get out a spy to detect assassins with.  The more noble ladies you can use to solidify towns the easier later in the game will become.

Use your mercenaries to protect your envoys specifically.  The enemy will send scatteres mercenaries at you.  If you can increase your numbers slowly you can can this done in good time.

After you have all of the southern points you will have to conquer Crackmaw Point.  Be slow but be precise.  Use an army to protect your envoys as you capture each point.  Make sure to put noble ladies anywhere you can.

Eventually you will get a new objective to take the two towns closest to the enemy… this isn’t easy.  Use noble ladies so solidify as many places as you can.  Move your army of mercenaries into a position to support.

Once you have control of these two towns the enemy will suddenly have a giant army, and you will have none.

Luckily Aegon II has the power of a dragon.  Use the dragon to destroy the enemy’s armies (if they spawn) and then destroy the enemy’s castle.

Year 1: Part 2 – The Storm Lands

You have to defend three towns, they are pretty far apart from each other.  You start with a spy and an envoy.

You will need an army of mercenaries.  Stage them as the default position in the middle.  As enemy’s begin to attack each location move your army there to defend it.  You will want to get a decent number of guardsman, archers, and a large cavalry force.

You can use the envoy to protect a point from enemy envoys, the most eastern one is your best bet.

After five minutes the army will arrive.

You can use the dragon to help destroy the enemy’s army.  You will need your army in order to capture towns.  Make sure to produce peasants and have them till fields.  This will give you food to raise a larger army.

After your first major victory use the dragon to take over towns by himself and use your army to hold off the enemy’s army and try to push forward.  It will take a few minutes to do this.

Once you have captured all of these points you will have completed the mission.

Year 1: Part 3 – Counter Attack

This is a very short mission.  You will start with an army and a few zones.  You will need to defend.  Keep all of your units in a ball and focus fire down enemies as you can.

You will have a commander.  The commander has an aura that boosts attributes, keep him alive and keep him in the back.

After you survive the first wave separate your forces into three groups.  One group will be the east, one group to the west, they should be balanced.  Your third group should be all cavalry.  All of your reinforcements should be cavalry.  Have your cavalry float between whichever area needs to be reinforced.

It’s important to note that both sides need to be defended.  Keep this up as long as you can and it will be an easy win.

Year 1: Part 4 – The Pact

For this mission you will have face off against two enemies who have made a pact with each other.

Slowly creep in using envoys to capture points.  There is no point in having any blood pacts because they simply will not hold.  Take the time to put peasants at every single point you can, gold is not going to be a valuable resource.

Once you get the dragon you simply have to destroy the enemy’s archers, the rest of their units cannot attack up and thus will not count towards the victory.  Once all archers are dead you will have a victory.

Year 1: Part 5 – The Power of Persuasion

You will have to save prisoners to the north.  Take an army of two cavalry and one archer north.  There will be units on the way so focus fire the enemies down.  There will be two armies, try to keep your archers out of melee combat.

Once you get to this town you will gain reinforcements in the form of the prisoners.

Next mission is to destroy 12 peasants.  They are in the fields around the towns you do not own.  It states to avoid patrols and simply take out peasants.  You will probably be able to take out one… but not many more.

Once you get all twelve done you will be tasked to destroy a group of merchants.  Merchants are generated from towns and carry gold from the towns to the keep.  These merchants can be found on horse back riding from the second most western town on the map.

After this you will get an army, simply move them to the appropriate spot and the mission ends.

Year 129: Dance of the Dragons

This single mission has two ways to complete it, so we’ll go through both.

Rhaenyra Path

Rhaenyra is the rightful heir to the throne.  It was obvious she is the key choice as she has been taught how to use statehood to her advantage, whereas Aegon did not.

In this mission you must create seven secret alliances with seven different towns.  To do this you will need spies.  You should have your first two spies going opposite paths.  The map is a loop so have them going back and forth on the loop.  Once your third spy arrives have him try and fill in a sector and simply have the three spies rotating their sector properly until you have all points.

Getting an assassin to kill enemy envoys, spies, and assassins is almost pointless as the enemy will eventually get Men-At-Arms to arrest your assassin.

Once you have 7/7 secret alliances, or if your own assassin dies it will activate a new fatal mode in which you have to hold five secret alliances for five minutes.  To do this simply continue to rotate your spies around the various locations.  Try to get out as many spies as humanly possible to help you with this.

After five minutes if you have held five points you will win.  If you do not have three spies for the last 2 minutes you cannot win.  The enemy will simply have too many spies of his own routing out the deception for you to possibly win.

Aegon II Path

Aegon II is the first born son and thus is the rightful heir to the throne.  But Rhaenyra with her expertise in statecraft has managed to get seven blood pacts signed.

So you’ll have to destroy the blood pacts.  This way of doing it is far harder.  You will need a spy and an assassin to move around the map.  The spy will detect the noble lady and the assassin will kill her.  This is one of the two ways to destroy a blood pact.  The other way is to siege which is too costly and not worth your time.

Your opener should be to buy two more envoys to try and defend your territories from the enemy.  These envoys will come in handy later

You will also need to hire on an army of mercenaries to try and help wrestle control of the map.  To the north is the Eyre.  Before it there are two bases and a bridge.  This is a point in which you can cut off any envoys, any soldiers, any assassins, any spies, and any enemy units.

You will want to station a giant army here, do not move out until you can get 5-6 units here.  Try to focus on getting a decent number of ranged, some guardsmen and some some knights, just to counter everything the unit can send.

Make sure to have your envoys working, have three at all time.  They will need to constantly be capturing points and holding them.  By the time you wipe out all blood pacts you should have control of most of the map with your envoys.

Once you have destroyed all the blood pacts you will get part two, Create 5 Blood Pacts.

The enemy is also a cheater, he will have an army spawn in your territory and will be able to spawn a lot of soldiers up north.  So hold off on noble lady production and begin  to spawn a small army to try and deal with this.

Then produce your five noble ladies and escort them to the various regions.  Once all blood pacts have been made, the mission is completed.

Year 157: Part 1 – Conquest of Dorne

In this mission you will start off with one guardsman.  This one guardsman can be quite critical.

Your first objective will be to build an army of three military units.  Remember these are the ones from the tab furthest to the right.

In order to do this you will need peasants, so start cranking out those peasants and get them on farms.  Remember peasants are from the non-military tab.

Once you have most of the fields up you should get a spy.  The spy will be able to detect all of the assassins and rogues that come into your territory.  It will allow your guardsman to arrest them.  This will either become a potential source of income later on (if your opponent decides to buy them back).

You will need to balance off your army.  Knights and pikeman will take care of most of the enemy’s units.  Bowmen and Crossbowmen will be very powerful with sieging, and if held back will take no damage.  The commander is almost essential as it will provide a very powerful buff to your army.

Once you have your three armies continue to make armies.  Your new objective will be to wait and defend while your ally gets into position.  Take this time to split up your army effective with a few units on the western flank and most of your army on the middle flank.

You will have to deal with rogues spreading insurrection, assassins killing your peasants and an army or two attacking.

Once the command is made march your army across the river into the eastern more enemy fort (to the south of your base) with your whole army.  Focus on wiping out armies using only a few units to siege.

You should also bring down your spy and guardsman to pick up any assassins that might try and get through.

After so long your ally will have permanently captured a point and will have a number of guardsman deployed to delay the enemy’s army.  You should be able to capture one fort in the least.  Once it is captured wipe out the enemy’s army and then head west and south taking those forts and those towns.

There are fields in these towns so you can deploy more peasants here so you can get more resources for more armies.  You should set your rally point to the fort so that your army will rejoin you quickly.

Head along the southeast with your army taking those points and finally take the one point north of the enemy’s keep.

Once you have captured all of these points you will be declared the victor.

Year 157: Part 2 – Prosperity

This mission you start off with nothing at all, not even merchants.  You will have to produce a large number of merchants for each town.  These merchants are all very cheap and it is worth maxing these out.

This is a timed mission, events and objectives will trigger at specific times.

You will need to get the maximum number of merchants to towns.  Select each merchant and right click on a town.

After so long assassins will start spawning in the north, so hopefully you will have started in the south with merchants.

Once the assassins spawn you will now have access to four mercenary types, noble ladies and spies.

You will need a guardsman and a spy.  As soon as you get the guardsman send it north.  The three spies are located in the three most northern towns east to west.  Use the guardsman to arrest the spies.

After so long two rogues will spawn on the map.  You will want another guardsman for this.  As soon as you see them, arrest them.  Otherwise use the guardsman to kill the riot leaders in the town.  The riot leaders will not be visible without a spy spotting them.  Luckily your spy is quite fast and can move around to help with that.

So far you have a guardsman cleaning up the three spies and another one quelling uprisings and arresting rogues.  Next up full on mercenaries will arrive.

There are some archers and cavalry spread around.  Make sure to build mercenaries and group them up.  Run around wiping them out one by one.

Once you have cleaned out all three of these types of units remember to max out your merchants again.  There are no more threats so save up your money for the final objective of holding 1000 coins.

Year 195: The Blackfyre Rebellion

It’s time to make as many blood alliances as you can!

You will have a few minutes to quickly capture as many places as possible and make as many blood alliances as possible…. but you really don’t have to.

Once blood alliance will be fine.  Get a second envoy, an assassin, and a guardsman.  You will want to use these to slow down the enemy’s envoy numbers.  You will also want to get a spy.  The spy can be used to spot enemy assassins, rogues, and spies.

The spy can also be used to make secret agreements with harder to reach enemy towns.

Eventually you will want to get a rogue.  The rogue can be used to buy out one of the enemy’s envoys to make fake agreements.

You should be stockpiling as much of an army as humanly possible.  Try getting tones of archers and guardsmen.

After you are caught you will need to get the gold mine with an envoy.  This gold mine provides two merchants instead of one and will provide very high income.  Combined with the secret agreements and your regular agreements, you should be in a good position.

Your next assignment will be to gain 1000 coins.  Instead of doing this try and get some peasants out to farm and start building an army.  The army can be used to destroy enemy units and guard your properties.  Once you have full peasant saturation on your areas you can use it to push forward and take more zones with your envoys.

While pushing collect your 1000 gold coins.

The next mission will be to get four different armies…. your existing armies do not count.

Simply make one of each.

As some tips make sure to use your spies to rout out secret agreements, especially if you see enemy merchants coming from your territory.  Use the assassin only when he is stealthed (there is a timer for it) and make sure they are wiping out any rebellions, envoys, spies, enemy assassins, or rogues you find.

Year 282: Part 1 – Battle of Summer Hall

It’s the War of the Usurper.  This is the war that brings Robert Boratheon, the original king in the TV show, to power.

This mission has two parts.  In the first part you will have two envoys.  Split them up.  The path you have to take is a circle so one goes left and one goes right.  Have them follow the paths of the road to create as much of a circle as possible.  The will be able to get all towns-1.  Each town you gain gives you an army later on.

As each envoy brings the alliance to full (signified by the color yellow) move the envoy to the next town.

The second part of this is rather simple.  Organize your troops into three control groups.  Non-mounted melee in one, archers in two, and cavalry in three.  Have the non-mounted melee up front, the archers in the back and the cavalry setup to intercept any units that get past your front.

The first wave of cavalry are the only ones that can touch your archers.  Have the cavalry come on them once they bypass your melee and you will have them trapped and killed quickly.

There are three flanks to worry about.  You will do first the west, then the south, then the northeast.  If you manage and control your army like this every time it will be no problemo.

Year 282: Part 2 – The Battle of the Bells

This is one of the clearly harder missions in the game.  Phase one of this is surviving.  For four minutes.  You have Robert who is injured.  To do this simply go where the enemy is not.  If the enemy is stopping in a place and might turn into you, stop for a second just in case.  If they turn the other way you can continue on the optimal path.  If they turn into you, you have the opportunity to turn around.

It seems the patrols really don’t like the south, so if you’re struggling with this head south and you’ll have a much better time.

After four minutes you will have to head northeast to the blue dot.

So here’s the hard part.  The enemy has vastly superior numbers and will call in another four cavalry units.  What you need to do is isolate them and pick them off one at a time.  The second you engage 2… you lose.  If you engage two their army will slowly creep on you and overwhelm you.

So move around with your cavalry units on a separate hot key (Ctrl+1) and try and get them to pick off the archers if you can.  All the while have your main army ball looking at the patterns and luring the enemy towards the northern area.  Try to stay away from inside the towns as they have a lot of patrols through there.

Once you have defeated all of them, you win.

Year 299: Part 1 – Pillaging

In terms of war if you do not show a banner or a flag you are considered to be a pirate.  Every single army traditionally will lay their flag on territory or have it flying high on a ship.

So the brother’s without banners are pirates, and this mission shows how they get their armies, through non-traditional means… or pirating!

With your first group move to the east, there is a T intersection, this is where you will engage the enemy.  Destroy the army and kill the merchant.

You will now have more income so purchase some cavalry.

Now you will need to head south.  Make sure to avoid heading east towards the merchant.  Instead wipe out the guardsman protecting the bridge and wait for the merchant and his escort to come into range.

With your units setup the trap.  Melee range units up front, archers in the back and cavalry will come in after the fighting begins.  The cavalry can also be used to pick off the merchant if it is getting too far away.

Next set of units you should purchase are melee or archers.  You won’t be using these for the next merchants.

Heading south you’ll note a bridge, don’t cross it.  Instead head to the west and there is another bridge.  This is where the merchant will pass through and you will be able to ransack it with your existing army.

After this happens you will have successfully hurt the Lannister’s enough that they will now turn on the people.  You will want to take the new money you’ve made and have an army of two archers and two melee for the northeastern flank.  Your existing army will intercept a merchant and unit to gain another bit of money.

Head west with the army you have and kill the two armies there.  Remember mercenaries are not as strong as armies so try and fight them individually, don’t engage the one in the town first.

At the same time have the army in the north engage the two armies separately.

Once both of these are destroyed converge on the final point to the northwest.  Once each army is taken out in each town you win.  The final place only has one army, so either army can engage it independently, whomever hits there first.

Year 299: Part 2 – Rebirth

You will start off with a large group of mercenaries.  Move along the linear road.  As you kill groups of armies you will gain more units.  The first group is easy enough to find.

The second group is split into two.  There is one along the northern path and one along the southern path.  You will need to get both to continue on.

As you move you will need your spy more and more.  This spy will be able to spot the armies ahead so that your archers can get the first hit in.

It will stop being linear as you get to the most northern part.  Here if you head along the southern path you will be ambushed on all flanks.  Instead go the more northern path and you will slow down their ambush.  The enemy will send one unit at a time instead of all at once.

Continue forward until you get to the castle, there are three guardsman here.  Kill them.

Move your lord unit into the blue circle and you will have to face off against two more waves of units.  That will complete the mission.

Year 300: Part 1 – The Wall

In this first mission of Year 300 you will have to find some wildings!  They come one at a time but you only have mercenaries… only three of them.

To effectively use them have your melee unit up front taking the brunt of the damage.  You will want your archers in the tear dealing damage.  Your cavalry should sweep in after the battle engages to add extra damage.

If any unit is below a hit point, simply move it to the base, nothing will spawn from there.

The enemy will spawn an archer and a cavalry unit to the east, a soldier to the south, and a soldier and an archer to the west.

Once you’ve killed all of these the second part of the mission will open up.

You will now have an army of three cavalry units, three archer units and a commander. Remember the commander has an aura that boosts all of your units damage, as well as being abel to do a little bit of damage itself.

Move north and you will have to fight off three mercenary cavalry units… very easy to kill.  Continue moving north into the base.  You will be told that your comrades are somewhere.  There is tones of territory.

Your comrades are the furthest west in a town.  There are a few mercenaries you will have to stomp down.  The middle area is a giant ambush so prepare for it.  These mercenaries all die very easily.

Once at the town you’ll get two units.  Once you get your two new units (melee) make sure to barely use them.  If one of them dies… you lose.  There are a couple of wildling mercenaries on the map, nothing to worry about.  The big worry are the GIANTS.

Giants are about twice as strong as an army… so they’ll chop your mercenaries to pieces.  There are two of them.  One is located in the middle of the map, he moves east-west and is unavoidable.  The one to east (traveling north-south) is avoidable but without vision of where he is it will be impossible to do it consistently.

If you get to the second giant, he will chop up all of your  cavalry… just make sure your commander and two melee are out of the fight because they CANNOT die.

After you’ve gotten through the giants proceed back the same way you came to base.

Year 300: Part 2 – The Wildlings

You will start with a massive army.  It will be composed of four swordsman, four pikeman, four crossbowmen, four archers, four knights, four riders, and one commander.  Swordsman will tank the brunt of damage, pikemen will deal with enemy riders, crossbowmen and archers are both pure damage dealers who stay out of melee, knights will deal with archers, riders will help pikeman with riders, and the commander will stay back to provide an aura.

That’s how you micro the army, and this one is purely about micro.

You will have two big battles to fight.  The pure one involves the enemy being scattered.  Every single time you see a mounted unit send your pikemen after that.  Other than that keep your knights and riders on the archers and the remainder of your melee on enemy melee.

The second battle is actually easier.  Maintain your army at the Y intersection and engage roughly the same way you did before.  With a bottleneck you will be able to chop down their front line easier.  You will also still be able to use your cavalry to wipe out the enemy’s archers and pikemen to deal with mounted units.


Recon and Counter-Recon – Wargame Red Dragon Strategies and Tactics


Recon units can all be found within the recon category in your deck building menu.  The objective of a recon unit is to provide battlefield vision.


Higher optics adds two features, higher efficiency and range.

So let’s say you have a tank sitting in a position and it wants to fire on a target across the way.  The tank has a long range.

However his vision is half of that.  It means that a tank will only be able to cover his vision and not his range.  The tank will not be able to hit the target unless it can see further.

However when you add a recon unit into the mix the range of vision for this unit becomes far higher.  That’s not to say the tank will now have full vision range, but it will certainly be a lot higher.  The higher the optics stat (of which exceptional is the highest) the further and more efficiently that recon will see.

It’s worth noting that vision cannot be granted beyond obstructions.  As well when a unit is in cover it gains a bonus to “stealth.”  This is a stat that is modified by the other half of optics, efficiency.

However it is clear that a unit’s combat efficiency goes down if it doesn’t have a recon to spot for it.

Stealth and Efficiency

Every single ground unit in the game has a stat called stealth.  This is how visible the unit will be.  A unit with exceptional stealth is barely visible while a unit with low stealth is highly visible.

So your optic range will go so far.  However even within the range of this optic it will not be able to see the stealth unit… unless the recon moves up.

Think of stealth stat producing a “stealth field” around a unit.  The larger the stealth stat the larger this stealth field is and the more it will push the enemy’s stealth back.

In order to overcome this you have to either get closer or have enough optics to see beyond their stealth stat.  A recon with high stealth values will be able to do just that without risking itself.

This means in order to “counter your recon” the enemy will have to deploy counter-recon units.


A counter recon or “defensive recon” is used to find and stop the enemy from reconning your position.

If an enemy can spot a unit’s position this gives them an opportunity to use focused artillery shots (which do more damage) on a particular location.  As well if they spot high value targets like commands they may choose to send a cheap rocket plane after it.

Recon units can also be used to spot enemy planes coming so that you can quickly deploy your own to intercept them.  Counter recons are used entirely defensively and are most commonly used when an enemy’s attacks just seem a bit too precise.

No unit just dies to random artillery.  If it is getting wiped out by artillery… chances are they have a recon behind your lines…. and it’s time to send out an appropriate recon unit.

Recon Functions

Recon come in many sub-categories and each has its own function and position.  After looking through this list and descriptions of how they work it might feel like all of these are necessary.  Not every deck will be able to do everything and so in this regard, you will be relying on your team mates to fill in any gaps you are missing.

It’s important that when you are choosing recon units you try and get a variety of types and functions instead of focusing on just one type.

There are three vehicle classes of recon with each having sub-categories with functions.

Recon Infantry

Recon infantry generally have higher stealth values than average recon units.  The trade off is that they are exceptionally slow moving once deployed and will die very easily if spotted.

As another plus they are one of the two unit types that can recon mountains.  When on mountains they will gain bonuses to optics from the increased altitude.

It’s worth noting that some people like to split this category into two “Recon Squad” and “Recon Team.”  But their functions are roughly the same.  The difference between these is that recon teams are two-man teams while recon squads are five-man squads.  Squads have an extra weapon and slightly more survivability.

But they’re all pretty weak in the end.  Because of this they tend to want to stay in cover and call in air or artillery support on any target they spot instead of engaging them, themselves.

These recon specialists include:

  • BGS
  • Commandos Para
  • Fallskarmsjagare
  • Fernspaher
  • Green Jacket
  • Grenzer
  • Hussards
  • Jagers
  • Jeongchaldae
  • JSDF Rangers
  • Kommando Aufklarer
  • Lai Ran
  • Marinejeger
  • Navy Seals
  • Norforce
  • Nz SAS
  • Oppklaring
  • Pathfinders
  • Prazkumnaci
  • Rangers
  • Razvedka
  • Recce
  • SBS
  • Specialna Jednotky
  • Spejderne
  • Spetnaz VMF
  • Susaek-Dae
  • Teukjeonsa
  • Zwiadowcy

Recon Vehicles

Recon vehicles come in many forms and many categories.  They can be split up as Light Recon Vehicles, Defensive Vehicles, and Amphibious Recon.

Light Recon Vehicle

Light recon vehicles are lightly armored and have either no or few weapons.  They have the limited role of sitting with an army and supporting vision or being deployed to scout flanks.

By no means are they going to be able to defend themselves against attacks and because of this you have to factor this hidden cost in when choosing these hidden units.

These recon units include:

  • AufklFz UAZ
  • AufklFz UAZ KPV
  • BJ212 ZC
  • ILTIS Aufk
  • ILTIS Scout
  • K111
  • L3304
  • LRPV Perentie
  • LRPV Rover
  • M1025 Humvee M134
  • M1025 Humvee Mk.19
  • M151A2 FAV
  • M151A2 MUTT
  • M201 106mm
  • Rover
  • Rover Pinky
  • Rover REKV
  • UAZ 469

Defensive Recon

Another word for the anti-recon vehicle is a defensive recon.  These recons are heavily armored vehicles or tanks that have the most powerful of recon weapons capable of taking out enemy vehicles and unfortified infantry.  They are useful sitting with your army and behind your lines to stop the enemy from deploying recon and for spotting any sort of approach.

Without a spotter for approaches you will not be able to attack with the effective range of your anti-tank weapons and tanks.  In pushes it is common to move with one of these recons behind your tanks to provide vision against defenses.

Because they are so armored and many of them have impressively powerful weapons many people will opt to turn the weapons on this unit to slay targets.

If deployed early enough it is entirely possible to sneak one of these behind enemy lines to wipe out some pricey targets.

These recons will come with a lot of various types of armaments for a lot of different situations and a lot of different units.

Defensive recons come with various weapons for dealing with either infantry or vehicles:

  • AML 90
  • AMX-10 RC
  • AMX-13/90
  • ASLAV-25
  • AufkPz BRM-1
  • BRM-1K
  • BTR 40A
  • BTR-40
  • BWR-1D
  • Coyote
  • EPBV 3022
  • FV701 FERRET Mk.2
  • FV712 FERRET
  • FV721 FOX
  • LAV-25 SCOUT
  • M113A1 LRV
  • M1992
  • M41 DK1
  • M551A1 TTS
  • M8 Pansarbill
  • NM116
  • SPW-40
  • SPW-60PB
  • SPz 11-2 KURZ
  • ZZC-55
  • ZZC-56

Amphibious Recons

Amphibious recons are able to travel across rivers and lakes.  This means they will be able to get behind enemy lines when that line happens to be a river.  They are equipped with a gun so they’ll also be able to remove any enemy recon infantry or light recon vehicles.

These are deep strike recon units.  They work best behind enemy lines.  Generally speaking people will cover open areas with anti-tank weapons.  Being able to move across rivers behind cover gives them a decisive advantage of deployment as these areas are less likely to be lined with anti-tank weapons.

Helicopters can perform this same kind of recon however it becomes far more dangerous because of anti-air weapons.

Against newer players a person may be able to sneak a recon across a lake.  A more experienced player will have a recon waiting to stop this.

Amphibious recons include:

  • AufkPz BRM-1
  • BRDM-1
  • BRM-1K
  • BRDM-2
  • BRDM-3
  • Cougar Recon
  • FERRET Mk.1
  • FERRET Mk.2
  • FIAT 6616
  • KAFV 90
  • KM900
  • M113 ACAV
  • M113 C&R LYNX
  • M113A1 MRV
  • M114A2
  • M551 ACAV
  • OT-65
  • OT-65A VYDRA
  • OT-65RL
  • PT-71
  • PT-76
  • PT-85
  • SpPz LUCHS
  • Type 63
  • V-150
  • VBL

Recon Helicopters

In the air are the helicopter recons.

Helicopter recons come in many variants and with many load outs.  Without going to deep into all of their functions ungunned helo recons are for spotting and ones with guns are for spotting and light damage.

Generally speaking a recon with air to surface missiles (ASMs) or rocket pods can deal with any unit that doesn’t have any anti-air missiles or AAA (anti-air artillery sure as the Flakpanzer).

Recon with infrared missiles can take out any helicopter that doesn’t have their own infrared missiles…. but won’t be able to deal with planes.  This can make them an asset in an early game rush, but not powerful or cost effective enough to go against a superior number of anti-air helicopters.

Helos when airbourne will provide their maximum benefit of recon.  Helo recons have the ability to see over obstructions, something that no other recon can do.

When they are on at lower altitude they no longer gain the ability to see over obstructions and their optics are reduced.

Helos have to worry about being in the air and attacked by anti-air weapons.

Helos in the air are very easy to spot by other recon because they have no stealth stat.  Air superiority fighters have insanely high vision of things in the air.  When a helo is landed they are less likely to see them and can no longer be targeted with all anti-air weapons.  However when at low altitude they become vulnerable to land based weapons.

A higher costing recon helicopter such as the Longbow is likely to become a major target to remove.  People will choose to sacrifice air superiority fighters have the price at the opportunity to kill one.

The Bell 206 on the other hand is very cheap and in high supply.  This helicopter is less likely to see all in attacks.

For this reason a high value recon helicopter deployed behind your lines can be used to deter any sorts of pushes or be used as bait.  Ones used on flanks to cover areas like lakes and mountains are better off being cheaper ones unless you can support them with an anti-air network.

Recon helicopters are also highly mobile, in fact the most mobile of helicopters.  They should be brought in the air from time to time to extend vision and track a larger area, while remaining behind enemy lines.

Recon Helicopters Include:

  • A22 Squirrel
  • AHS Mi-2
  • AHS Mi-9
  • BELL 206
  • Bo 105CB
  • CH-136
  • HKP 6A
  • Ka-52
  • MD500
  • MI-24K
  • Mi-1
  • Mi-2
  • Mi-2
  • Mi-2
  • Mi-2Ro
  • Mi-9
  • OH-1 NINJA
  • OH-58C KIOWA
  • OH-58D KIOWA
  • OH-58D KIOWA Wr.
  • OH-6
  • OH-6D

Concluding Thoughts

Recon is essential to a winning team.  Having just one player on the team with a motorized deck is invaluable.

A good player will be able to position their recons effectively.  An amazing player will have them actively scout the enemy’s position while keeping them alive.

If you haven’t been deploying 5-6 recons per game you should take a step back, look at the battlefield and see which flanks are not covered with recon.  If there’s just one… chances are the enemy has found a chink in your armor.

Next Humble Bundle Announced: Focus Home Interactive

Well another publishers is throwing in with the Humble Bundle charity people and donating their contributions to the Red Cross (how neutral of them).

Included in their bundle will be:

RAW: Realms of Ancients
Cities XL
Blood Bowl
A Game of Thrones RPG
Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga

And if you contribute at least $6 you get:

Sherlock Holmes
Wargame: European Escalation

For those unaware Humble Bundle means you donate whatever you want and you get the games for free.  Most people donate at least $6.

Wargame: AirLand Battle Tutorial – Control Groups

Control groups are a fundamental component of RTS games.

Control groups are used in order to limit the total number of orders you are required to give while also allowing for fast selection of units.

The standard for control groups in any RTS game is the Control Key and a number (Example Ctrl+1).  By binding this you can now quickly select that group by pressing the 1 key.

There are two main uses for control keys in Wargame: AirLand Battle.

The first is for fast access to units.  Units such as helicopters and artillery are used very specifically and require timing.  Every single helicopter cluster should have its own key binding and all artillery should have a keybinding.

Unmicroed units such as infantry often do not require any keybindings at all.

Tank battlegroups will require keybindings.  These are often moved and used as soon as a unit is within range of them.

For the vast majority of a battlefield control groups will not be necessary.  Sometimes quick groups for your flanks may be necessary just to highlight what you have and quickly move to them in place of using a map.

Steam Sales Review #55: Of Orcs and Men

Talk about a game that received absolutely no attention at all…. Of Orcs and Men.    This is another one of those games designed for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network library.  What’s weird is how non-present this is on PC. As you can see by their website there isn’t even a mention that there was in fact a PC release:

oforcsandmenSo yeah pretty underwhelming launch for this game.  People gave it a little bit attention because of its PC release but ironically… they marketed towards the console community.

Literally no one paid attention to this game because of its launch during the same time as a lot of AAA titles.

This is another one of these cheapy RPGs made by Focus Home Interactive.  The other one of course is Mars: War Logs which received tones of attention.

How odd.

Oh well.  The game is made by the same guys who gave us Blood Bowl.

The premise of the story is that the big bad evil humans have gone to war with Orcs.  Orcs were winning however they rallied all of the nations of elves and dwarves to their side and fought them back.

Unlike The Lord of the Rings in which people rule justly, the humans started taking orcs as slaves and were slowly wiping them out.

A group of Orcs ban together to try and stop them from ending this.  At a random Orc band everyone is given a job, you (a mighty Ork known for a mass slaughter of humans) have been given the task of assassinating the enemy’s king (who is unjust).

You are assisted by a cheeky Goblin who doesn’t seem to say a single word without a swear word.  There’s also no real parental blocks in the game so yeah… don’t let your kids play this one… it’s just non-stop swearing.  There’s so much swearing in this game that they started to invent their own swear words just to lower the amount of actual swear words.

On the massive plus side of the game is the combat system, which is the crux of the game.  In this you control two different heroes separately.  You queue up attacks while choosing your target (kind of like Knights of the Old Republic).

You have two different stances.  The first is aggressive.  This gives you higher damage but leaves you vulnerable to attacks.  The second is defensive which gives you higher defenses and often block or interrupt aggressive attacks.  A third category of special attacks have neutral valued attacks that do something special like stun.

You queue up to five of these per hero while in combat with the ability to slow down time and modify your ordering as you go.

This is also an action RPG game.  The RPG elements include being able to choose attacks, upgrading said attacks with a unique modifier, equipping gear, and choosing a static stat increase.

When looking at RPGs this would be seen as very linear with about 20 hours of gameplay. The whole game is going through narrow corridor to narrow corridors and engaging in fights.

And our villain will be.... man
And our villain will be…. man

I think my major problem with this game was that I just didn’t enjoy it excessively.  It wasn’t a bad game or anything but I really had problems sitting down and finishing the game.

I would just play 30 minutes at a time and then turn it off.

Unfortunately the game is very simply and it will get very repetitive doing the whole dialogue and killing stuff endlessly.

It’s another game that I’m REALLY undecided about.  In one sense, I enjoyed it in short segments.  On the other hand I only played short segments.  I might say if you are buying this game only buy it if you have other games or other things to do.  For a person who can play 30-40 minutes a day this game is perfect.

If you however are a person who is looking to do some mega 8-hour days on this game… it’s just not happening.

It’s an average game and it gets an average review.

Wargame: AirLand Battle Tutorial – Reverse Micro

A year ago in a forum post I indicated that when engagements take place my APM (actions per minute) jump up to around 100 actions per minute.

This is done through intense micro-management to win battles.  The next few tutorials I will be producing for this game will be with how to micro your units.

This first one is what I consider to be the most important, reverse micro.

War vehicles are often designed with very heavy forward armor, medium to weak side armor and weak to no back armor.  The idea that a vehicle would turn its back to an enemy in a combat zone is so odd that tanks are trained to drive backwards with accuracy.

In a tank battle you will move your tanks forward into their tanks.

As your heavy tanks take too much damage you will want to move them back so they take less damage.

If you simply right click or Move Fast command in the direction you want your vehicles to go they will do two things.

The first is turn around.

Turning around takes a long time in a battle which will give the opponent one extra rocket and two volleys of tank destroyer guns.

The next thing it will do is run away with its back turned to the enemy, this might even be worse.  This means your tank will be exposed on its weakest armor points meaning it will take extra damage.  This also means that upon microing this way you can just as easily throw that tank away.

The alternative is reverse micro.

The default reverse key is G.  I use it in the video because it is the default however you should remap it to something more accessible.

If you hit reverse and click on a location your tank will move to that location while still facing forward.  This removes the turning time and this removes the risk of losing armor to the enemy.

Wargame: AirLand Battle Tutorial – Meta Strategy of Placing Your Commands

Happy Victoria Day Commonwealth nations.

Playing the meta game becomes an important part of creating and working within a game.

How you use your units should note how the meta game works and counter-meta game examples.  In this tutorial you will learn how you should place your command vehicles based around meta game and what you will need to consider.

Important Definitions

Meta Game: This is the overall strategies, movements, and tactics deployed by the majority of players at a given time.

Example: In the current meta game Soviet national deck players favor building heavy amounts of tanks for a single T80U based push.

Meta Strategy: This is a strategy that is based upon how the majority of people play.

Example: Since in the current meta game the majority of Soviet national deck players go heavy into end game heavy tank pushes a NATO player developers a purely, anti-tank heavy bomber defense.

Command: Any vehicle that when placed within a zone grants points per 3 seconds.  These are denoted by stars.

Command Jeep: Any low vehicle wheeled command, all have very low armor and very low cost.

Command Armor: Moderately armored lightly army tracked commands.

Command Tank: Heavily armored heavily armed tracked commands.  Only one can be rallied out per game.

The Guide

Understanding the meta game means thinking like you would think.

The main concern of this tutorial is Command Jeeps.  As shown in the tutorial on command costs and efficiencies  jeeps are insanely cost effective for taking points.

However upon deploying these it becomes very risk.  Command jeeps are very vulnerable because they have low armor, all of them have zero top armor.  This makes them vulnerable to:

  1. Artillery Fire
  2. Bombers
  3. Helicopters

These are of course all of the units that fire from the top.

To avoid bombers and helicopters commands should rarely if ever be placed in the open.  They should be as far back as possible and in the woods.

On the other hand the most common place for artillery fire at towns, buildings and forests… so having the command in these areas makes them easy targets.

Another tidbit (not mentioned in the video) is that the closer to a road a jeep is, the faster it will be able to run away from an overwhelming enemy attack.  The biggest value of the jeep is that it is the only wheeeled command type which means if it becomes vulnerable from a major attack it can run away very well.

However this advantage is largely lost when you are not on a road.

Forests are locations often near reinforcement points.  Having your command further away from these is important.

The meta game consideration comes with the popularity of unit choices and where people perceive your commands to be.