HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 3 Mission #5: Company Confrontation

The final confrontation of the Age of Empires 3 series is a sticky one.

In the first part of this mission you should build a keep and work on building up an army.  In the beginning it will be a lot of sepoys and a lot of melee units.  Very quickly you will need to get up elephants to defend against these pushes.

To the west of your base will be a constant attack of enemies.  After every single attack from the north there will be a small attack to the west.

You will want to expand your base to the west.  Use wood imports to power up your economy and have your harvesters get food and gold to afford an army.

Once you survive the waves you can plan to move on the enemy.

The enemy will have saltpeter supplies to the west.  Destroying these cuts down the enemy’s ability to create their own sepoys.  The enemy also has trade routes to the north which will cut off resources and cut out their ability to make units.

Once you break in (from the back) you can capture the enemy’s back two cannons.  These can be used to destroy the enemy’s main base and win the game.  All you have to do from here is just protect these guns while they take out the main base.


HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 3 Mission #4: Raid in Delhi

Possibly one of the easiest missions in the game you must raid Delhi, free sepoys and save the Sultan of the Mughol Empire.

The game acts as a little puzzle, avoid the enemies whereever possible, destroy explosive barrels near elephans and progress through.

The Sultan is the only one who has health that will regenerate.  However the Sultan dies is an automatic loss.  You need to keep enough of your units alive so that the final battle to save the Sultan will be a massive success.

As an alternative you can just move the Sultan through the enemy line as you attack in to get to the final point.

HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 3 Mission #3: Resist!

As Nanib rebels so do so many sepoys follow him.

As far as missions go this one is relatively easy.  You build a Keep and start building units.  There will be small attacks from time to time, but you can deal with them all very effectively if you stay by your keep.

Building reputation building pens is smart.  By doing this you will have a new set of resources without cutting into your main army supply.

I use sepoys and cavalry in this mission.  The high damage and armor of cavalry make them able to stomp any units, sepoys just end up being a cheap resource dump.

Push out once you have high unit producing abilities.  This means that if you lose large chunks of your army you can rebuild it very quickly.  To win Right Click on the enemy’s base.

HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 3 Mission #1: Into the Punjab

Much like the last through walkthroughs, first a little bit about the history of the Indian revolution.

After the Dutch rebelled against the Spanish their first move was to acquire territory and become a real empire, which they did.  The French and British saw a need to maintain their positions in the world and so they worked to help carve up India.  The giant land of India (modern day Pakistan, India, and Southern China) was a vast land ready to be conquered.

India was home to a giant expanse of mountains that cut off villages and created multiple small empires in the area, yes India was a split nation of people.  The Europeans used these inter-country differences to carve out the Indian empire and use them against each other.

As British dominance grew in the seas, the Dutch Empire vanished.  Various wars with the French with the help of the Germans left the French weak.  This gave Britain the opportunity to take control of all of India, all of China, half of Africa, Canada, and many Middle Eastern lands.

The British were the world’s bastion of power.  In order to maintain this power two company’s were created.  First was the Hudson’s Bay Company which was responsible for running the country of Canada and maintaining the fur trade.  The British East India Company was created to maintain the flow of spices and resources out of India.  This company was the effectively government of India up until Ghandi became Prime Minister.

In between this period was the Sepoy rebellion.  This was the first crack in the British Empire. It sent a message home that they were not the noble rulers they thought they had been.  The Sepoy rebellion set the East India Company back quite a bit and fed into a future determination of a nation of people.

In the Ghandi peaceful rebellion most of his supporters were wealthy descendants of Sepoys.  Instead of just killing off all of the Sepoys it was determined they could bribe these people with new positions of power.

On to the game.  In this mission you have to destroy Saltpeter sites and recapture the main trade route on behalf of the East India Company.

To do this you will want majority Sepoys and Elephant artillery.

The goal to this mission is to make a strong economy.  This will be tougher than in previous campaigns because the Indian worker costs wood instead of food.  This means you will need to have a lot of wood production which means you’ll have tones of ability to make buildings but less ability to make units.

To deal with this you can take in wood shipments and have your harvesters gathering gold and food instead.  With this approach you can make a lot of harvesters and grow a large army very quickly.  This tactic will pay off in future missions as well.

It is a good idea to take out and capture the southern trade post (just east of your base).  This will give you a tonne of resources that will pay off.  If you build a Keep here it will stay protected for most of the game.

Do not go north from there.  It is an ambush.

Instead head north and west of  this ambush and you will be able to take out the heavily guarded middle trading post.  At this point it is largely pointless to capture these. They will get destroyed very quickly unless you guard them with a lot of Keeps.

Instead just continue north to the main stronghold.  Once the stronghold and his unit producing abilities is destroyed then you should build up all the trading posts.  Until then he will keep sending armies at you.

HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 2 Mission #3: Lost Ships

The Chinese have landed in America!  And the locals have taken half of your crew captive.  The treasure fleet is spread out and Captain Huang needs to unify it.

This mission is pace based.  By activating a treasure fleet you activate a barracks to produce units.  This means it is to your advantage to do a lot of building before you move out.  Build a Town Hall and get your economy going.  Build up an army and get a little head start before moving out.

After taking the first ship you should build a Castle before the ship for extra protection.  If you head west there is a barracks here you can destroy to stop constant attacks on this ship.

After each ship captured the number of units attacking  increases, so your unit producing abilities should increase as well.  After capturing each ship build a fortress in front of it and destroy the barracks to the west.

You should be Aging up and getting higher end units.  For your final battle you will want largely expensive units rather than weak bow units.  It would also be wise to add in some flamethrowers to chop down the vast number of Aboriginal infantry units.

When you get the final lost ship you will be told to cut down the village.  You will also get a direct path to the enemy.  This should be relatively easy considering your existing army size.

HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 2 Mission #1: To Finish a Fleet

I’ll start this guide to discuss the story of this particular Act.  At first it would seem the story is a fabrication created by Big Game Studios to make for an interesting way to mix in the Aboriginal faction into the game, this is not the case.  The story is actually true.

16th century China, was actually quite advanced.  They had gunpowder (saltpeter) weapons long before North America.  They had a printing press long before Guttenberg ever came up with one.  The Chinese had vast treasure fleets that sailed across the world long before Columbus tried to find India.

The Chinese treasure fleets would sail around the local area with Chinese delicacies and trade them for spices, gold, and silver… just like the Europeans.  One particular voyage went even further.

The international cartographers association came on to this when looking at a single Chinese treasure fleet voyage.  They were wanting to prove that Chinese treasure fleets hit Ethiopia (an independent empire for all of time) before the Europeans did.  After looking at the star charts and matching them up what they found was that the Chinese went even further… they hit America.

When the Chinese landed in America it was mostly likely in Central America where violent Mayan warriors lived.  The Mayans were powerful enough to destroy five Spanish fleets with of armies… so one Treasure Fleet was nothing.

When the treasure fleet returned the Chinese were in social upheaval.  The Emperor deemed that the reason for this was the influx of foreign ideas and so when a ship arrived with information about the outside world, all records were torched and the crew were all killed.

The only reason we have a surviving copy of these charts is because Christopher Columbus got his hands on them and claimed he was using these star charts to get to India… or maybe he was just reading the wrong chart.

This mission starts at the very beginning in which Captain Huang is introduced to a suspicious Admiral and a  first hand.

Huang has a very powerful area of effect bomb attack that ought to be used on cooldown.  His first hand has an area of effect fist attack that should also be used on cooldown.

In this introductory mission you are fighting a mirror match, Chinese.

The Chinese army forms very differently from other civilizations.  Units will come clumped into groupings with definitive group roles.  For this mission just make whatever units you can afford based on what resources you have available.

The opening move will be to head west and destroy a fortress.  Destroying this fortress will give you access to a dock and a very powerful ship.  You can also connect the trade route along this way for extra resources and extra experience.

After defeating this fortress it will be revealed that the pirates are to the east.

Send your rag tag army to the east.  Here numbers are more important than unit composition.  By simply having a large enough army you can right click on their main base and just win by numbers.

HOW TO: Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties Hard Difficulty – Act 1 Mission #5: The Battle of Sekigahara

In this mission there are three enemy factions and a single enemy to deal with.  After completing a quest regarding an enemy faction you will gain control of a strategic resource.

For destroying enemy forces to the south you gain control of the base which will give you access to a large number of farms and more importantly, a gold mine.

For destroying the area just north of this you will gain access to some unit producing facility.  Most importantly you will also gain some defensive structures around the enemy’s base which will now fight on your side.

Moving north and east of this base will bring you to a circle full of enemies.  By defeating the leader who is marching around you gain control of 50% of the forces in the circle.

Taking each of these secondary objectives adds about 10 minutes of play to the game.

The mission quite simply is to have enough of your army available to survive giant pushes while still having enough of an army to push the enemy.  The enemy can hit you frmo two attack paths (attacking southeast or southwest) meaning that you will need somewhat of a mobile force to deal with this.

As another option you can ‘all in’ and move forward, just make sure there are tones of buildings to destroy on your other front.  Once your main town hall is destroyed you lose, so this option is very risky.

There are two northern attack paths.  The western path has a lot of unit producing structures meaning you will face above average number of enemies.  The eastern attack path has a lot of defensive structures meaning you will have to face a lot of hard to destroy buildings.

Both attack paths are about even however the defensive structures will end up being a faster method because once they’re down they’ll never be rebuilt.

Once you destroy the enemy’s structure the enemy will spawn.  This hero has about 4x the health of your heroes combined, however it does not heal.  This means you can just keep making units until this guy dies…. and thus you’ll beat the Japanese campaign.