Ryka Dharvos Kill Strat – Charmer’s Caldera

Ryka Dharvos is the third boss of Charmer’s Caldera and represents one of the more challenging fights you will find in T2 dungeons.


Whirling Bolt: Attacks a random target dealing 50% damage and 30% DoT damage.

Summon Bird: Summons a Level 50 elite bird.


There are two constant lasers that will patrol around the room. Everyone needs to dodge these as the longer you stand in them, the more damage they deal. As well people will have to dodge the green and red patches on the ground.

Ryka will whirling bolt a random target which leaves a heavy ticking dot on them. The healer needs to know that this dot will not be healed up purely by support healing.

The final part of this boss is the summoning of bird ads. These do not need to be DPSed down directly. Cleave damage should kill these. However if two are up at a time your group should AOE them down.


Caelia the Stormtouched Kill Strat – Charmer’s Caldera

Caelia is the last boss of Expert Charmer’s Caldera and is going to be the second hardest boss in the dungeon.


Shocking Paralysis: Single target air damage spell

Stormtouched vision: Spawns 8 carbon copies all named Stormtouched vision.

Whirling tempest: Applies a debuff that deals are of effect damage to anyone around them.

Grip of Death: Lifts everyone in the air and pushes them backwards, causes fall damage.


The raid should position themselves at the door behind Caelia shown in the image below:

In a very basic strategy your entire group can just sit here for the entire boss fight. There are many ways to kill this boss but this is the simplest and most consistent.

The boss will occasionally place a debuff (Whirling Tempest) on a party member. This debuff needs to be dispelled as soon as possible. If it is up for too long the party will take too much damage and it will be a wipe. You should make sure the dispeller knows what he’s doing before pulling.

Every 33% Caelia will spawn minions which you will have to kill. These can be AOEed down.

After the minions she will spin in a circle a dodgeable line of electricity. You can choose to run around in a circle to avoid it, or if you’re new sit there and seat the damage. The damage it causes is pretty minimal and only does about 10% damage twice.

After this she will lift everyone in the air (grip of death) and drop them for substantial damage. This will also push you back. You are standing at the door so that you will be pushed against it and not thrown into the dangerous lava surrounding the boss.

And that is the whole fight. Do this two more times and you win.

Gronik Kill Strat – Charmer’s Caldera

Gronik is the fourth boss of Charmer’s Caldera and has no trash leading to him. Gronik is accompanied by two hencemen and is a low difficulty fight.


Reflective Torrent: Puts up a shield that will reflect all damage back to caster.

Storm’s Rage: Stacking buff that increases Gronik’s damage.

Pulse: AoE damage shield gets placed over one player causing them to deal damage to everyone around them.

Static: Snares an enemy in place making them unable to move.


There are a lot of ways to do this boss. The easiest way is to kill off Gronik first. Make sure you have someone who can purge and who will purge as soon as reflective shield comes up. Once it comes up everyone will take a burst of damage your healer will have to heal through. A support is recommended for this fight.

Players should stay mostly spread out so to avoid area of effect damage.

A second strategy involves killing the ads first. This removes the snare and the pulse from the equation however should only be done if your tank is confident in his gear.

A third and final strategy involves simply using AoE to kill all of them at once. This will get you the kill the very fastest and will grant you an achievement. This needs a support and should only be done if bosses are falling over.

Jultharin Kill Strat – Charmer’s Caldera

Jultharin is the second last boss in Charmer’s Caldera and is entirely a gear check. If you can pass Jultharin you have the gear to do all of the T2 content easily.


Deranging Tempest: Summons a line of orbs that will instantly kill an opponent

Shocking Blast: Single target air damage on target of boss.

Daze: Dazes a target causing them to confusingly walk around.


So as far as a setup goes you want to be like this:

The goal here is to start off as far away as possible and just grind the boss down.

The orbs you see in the picture (red line) will slowly close in on you. This gives a direct timer for how long you have to kill this boss.

You have two options as far as makeup goes. The first is you can choose to run your healer as a DPS and have your support heal everyone. If your support is geared enough he should be able to keep everyone up while still DPSing. My rogue solo heals a number of bosses so as long as people are being smart it’s easy.

The other option is to have your support transform into a full on DPS (the more common option). In the kill video our makeup is one healer and one support. It just so happens that I forgot to transform into a DPS, however because it was a guild run it was not necessary.

A big tip is to not run off the edge. Sounds dumb but when you are dazed make sure to mouse turn and not keyboard turn around. Sometimes if you keyboard turn around you’ll push yourself off the edge.

Cyclorax Kill Strategy – Expert Charmer’s Caldera

Cyclorax is the second boss of Charmer’s Caldera and is arguably the most challenging boss the dungeon will offer.


Tempest Spear: Will hit a random group member.

Shocking Blast: Hits main tank for air damage.

Suppressing Gale: Applies a snare to a random group member.

Cyclonic Destruction: Area of effect spell that will kill anyone in range of the spell.

Criss-Cross Lasers: Three lasers will move across the room causing very heavy damage.

Power Orbs: Small white power orbs will spread to the room and turn red. If stepped on they will give a stacking debuff that will increase the damage the boss does to you.


There is a lot going on in this fight.

Your tank and melee will have to run out for every single cyclonic destruction. If the tank misses one, it is a wipe. On top of this they will have to dodge the lasers, so they have to be always watching for those two things.

A support will most definitely be needed on this boss to take the burden off of the healer.

The key in this fight is to constantly pan your camera around looking for dangers.  You are going to be looking for (most importantly) these lighted moving barbs that will criss cross as illustrated below:

Your best bet as a ranged is to be on the sides of the room.  As a melee you will find yourself having far more problems.

Smouldaron Kill Strategy – Expert Charmer’s Caldera

Smouldaron is the first boss of Charmer’s Caldera which is arguably the easiest of the T2 dungeons. All the bosses in here have the lowest gear dependencies of any of the T2 dungeons but replace that with mechanics that will wipe a group regardless of gear level.


Smoldering Bolt: Single target fire spell

Growing Pyre: Area of effect fire spell that will grow into a larger circle.

Detonating Blaze: Creates an ad. Ad will target a player and detonate dealing area of effect damage to anyone around them.


Smouldaron should be tanked closer to the middle of the room (where he starts) and should be moved as little as humanly possible. This will give your group tones of room to spread out and minimize area of effect damage.

Players will have to move out of red circles and continue to move as they expand. It is better to stand in place when the detonating blaze comes in for melee than try and run it to the group. Overall if you are stacked next to someone and a blaze is coming to you, move away the best you can. If you keep running it will fuse out and not deal damage.

As you get more gear you will be able to just ignore the blaze.