Steam Sales Review #60: Cthulhu Saves the World

No doubt the most common villain in RPGs is Cthulhu.  Cthulhu is a creation of H.P. Lovecraft who is ominously one of the most popular fantasy writers of all times.  So because of this Lovecraftian invention it seems all of video games are plagued with Cthulhu.  Note that a lot of elements from this game take on elements from HP Lovecraft novels.

CSTW 2013-07-15 10-03-05-11

Cthulhu Saves the World tries to twist the formula by making some way for Cthulhu to actually be a hero instead of a villain.

If this sounds like a joke… well it’s because it is.

CSTW 2013-07-14 00-00-59-49

The game is made by Zeboyd Games.  They make these obnoxious retro RPGs which include Penny Arcade’s On the Precipice of Darkness 3 and Breath of Death VII.

Surprisingly however Cthulhu Saves the World is able to get a few laughs out of me while the other two were not.  So let’s look at Cthulhu Saves the World shall we?  Note this game often comes as a free bonus for purchasing a different game from Zeboyd Games.

First off really neat thing:

CSTW 2013-07-14 00-00-02-64

Yes it appears the game designers after re-releasing their second game decided to add commentary about their game design.  It’s interesting stuff if you’re into game design.

It comes up here:

CSTW 2013-07-14 13-50-27-98

CSTW 2013-07-14 13-50-41-76

I don’t want to spoil too many of the gems of this game however, so I won’t.

Instead I’d like to mention that most of the commentary is discussing all the great ideas they had for this game that they decided not to do because of time constraints.  You would think they would just re-build the game with added content since they re-released the game and all… but they didn’t.

The game much like many of the Zeboyd Games likes to point fun at gaming stereotypes.  One such is the traditional party group, which would look something like this:

CSTW 2013-07-14 00-10-33-18

Instead they give you this

CSTW 2013-07-14 00-03-21-90

Yes your first party member is in fact a self-described demon Groupie who sees Cthulhu through rose tinted glasses.

The next party member is Sharpe, a sword.

CSTW 2013-07-14 20-19-27-97

And finally

CSTW 2013-07-14 21-35-28-60

A Necromancer who wants to become powerful so she can enslave the zombies.

CSTW 2013-07-15 10-08-33-76

An alien cat (it’s green)

CSTW 2013-07-15 10-59-21-94

An old man who is out of his mind.

CSTW 2013-07-15 12-22-39-57

And a dragon

So Cthulhu is stripped of his powers.  The only way to regain his powers is to become a true hero.  He decides he will become a true hero in order to regain his powers to destroy the planet… oh the dry humor is already hitting me.

An interesting thing about this game is that every single battle is pre-programmed as opposed to random.  At the top of the menu is an indicator of how many monsters are left in that area to fight.

CSTW 2013-07-14 19-00-13-52

Once you have depleted them you will no longer fight monsters in that area and are forced to move on to the next.

CSTW 2013-07-14 20-16-31-17

This is an odd innovation because honestly these kind of games often have people just running around a single small plot of land until they are strong enough to move on.

This is not good because some items will be out of your reach:

CSTW 2013-07-14 19-04-07-54

So the game works like this.  You have moves that have a set number of attacks that stack into a combo meter.

CSTW 2013-07-14 21-27-29-09

Attack is a standard attack that adds one Combo point.

Tech are specific attacks designed for your hero that are automatically added.

Potions regenerate every singe battle and can be used to heal or bring people back to life.

Unite are group attacks that add extra damage.

Protect allows for a player to defend as opposed to attack.

What about magic you say?

Well every time you level up you will get a choice.

CSTW 2013-07-14 20-18-48-41

You have two choices.  Often it is between abilities and stats.  Sometimes it’s between different types of stats.  This adds an RPG element in which your choices actually do matter.  On the hardest difficulty it becomes impossible to win the game if you choose wrong.

But it ends up just being another Zeboyd Game.  They’re short, they’re grindy, they are not that funny, and they’re buggy.

Yes, buggy.

CSTW 2013-07-15 10-59-37-44

Note in this bonus added content that he has made a serious grammatical error “to handle to handle.”  That’s something that has been ADDED POST PRODUCTION.  As if he couldn’t even use a grammar check on his own script.

A lot of times when you see buildings you will see non-existent of buildings everywhere.  It’s just a mess.

It’s a really cheap game, but unfortunately it is not fun and it is not well made.  Of the three Zeboyd Games I’ve played, this is the best… but that’s not to say much.

Unfortunately this is the second game they’ve made of three and their work did not improve that much in On the Precipice of Darkness 3.

So don’t buy this game, it’s just not very good.


Without Internet I Review: Etrian Odyssey

Okay RPG fans, it’s time for me to look at another RPG… or should I say… revisit.

Now this game isn’t for you wimpy Skyrim fans.

Skyrim’s great and all, but the only difficulty on this game is Nightmare.

Etrian Odyssey has this odd problem of being an amazing game… that’s so complicated no one will ever want to play it.

And that’s just the case.

This game was invented for the Nintendo DS.  Yes, the NDS… not the 3DS.  There’s even a sequel to it, Etrian Odyssey 2 (and 3 and 4 for 3DS).

So where do we start.

There is this giant forest which blocks off the land of Etria from Verda.  Heroes often try to get through the forest but always seem to die.  People in fact form guilds to accomplish this task.

So all of the guilds are full and here you are an adventurer without a guild.  A stranger tells you why not just start a guild, and if you’re brave enough… join your own guild.

So you form a party in a style that resembles that of Dragon Warrior (if you haven’t played the game check out my video on tedious character creation here).

Typical fight in Etria
Typical fight in Etria

The game has something stupid like 10 classes.  Renn and Hexer are initially unavailable.  They all have funny names that don’t really mean much to people.  You select five character archetypes and arrange them in rows, front row takes damage, and back row gains a static damage decrease.

You go into the forest hoping you’ve picked the right people.  Truthfully if you haven’t picked an Alchemist… you are doing it wrong.

So after a while you will realize the error of your ways and get your alchemist and your healer and your swordfighter (you’ll find out around Level 14 why you want this guy)… and your troubadour.

Anyway your first task will be to draw a map.

This is actually one of the really cool and innovative parts of the game.

In an old first person dungeon crawler you would just endlessly go through hallways having very few ways of remembering how to get around.  It became a grind in which you sort of just guessed your way around.  Eventually people started putting maps in the game.

In this game as you move around you plot the map on your second screen.  You use blocks to indicated traversable spots, white lines to indicate walls and a number of symbols to indicate objects and places.

From what I gather from the lore here no one is ever supposed to be able to get through this labyrinth of a forest but you eventually do.

The odd thing is that they have a sort of heroes economy here.  Whereas popularized fantasy often has you being the only hero in which the town or world is relying on you, in this one you’re just a hero and there are in fact thousands of more capable heroes.

As you go through there are odd tasks in which experienced heroes are sitting in front of a big boss that they profess they could easily destroy but they save to help train up newer heroes.

This gives the game a dynamic in which you are a student who eventually surpasses a master.  This is refreshing story telling because most games set you as some super mega hero when there are literally thousands of other roles to play in a world.

Here you are a student becoming a master by reaching Etria.

Of course… you probably never will.  It takes insanely high amounts of time and dedicated to do anything at all in this game.  Just to sort of get started on this game it takes about 10 hours.  I honestly haven’t had a chance to finish this game in the past just because of how much time you had to dedicate to this (and my NDS with my Etrian Odyssey cartridge was stolen).

Make sure to bring your healer!!!
Make sure to bring your healer!!!

There are insanely high amounts of grinding in this game.  This is in part because of the economics of the game.  You collect animal parts from creatures you kill and trade them in to a weapon’s maker.  The weapon’s maker will start making a sort of item once they have enough to fulfill a recipe that is unknown to you.

Gathering involves moving to a gathering zone and just gaining random items in the categories of wood, flowers, and minerals.  You have to choose to level up this skill in place of actual damage skills in order to farm this stuff.

At first this might seem like a waste.  However by getting these gathering skills it allows you to get gear much faster… and gear makes up most of your stats.

The game also features a thing called a FOE.  These are super powerful enemies that need to be avoided.

Another really odd thing about this game is that even though you are supposed to be traveling through a forest labyrinth you are descending down steps… like it’s a dungeon.

The game is just a giant mess.

It’s a REALLY enjoyable long term game when you REALLY get into it.

But it’s really hard to get into.

In the end the game is overly complicated and really hard to understand.  If you’re a hardcore RPGer who is looking for a challenge this will be the game for you.

If you’re newer to RPGs and looking for a great place to start… maybe Skyrim’s your poison.

Since this is an Nintendo DS game it means you will probably have to purchase it off of eBay, through  a warehouse site or *gulp* emulation.

Steam Sales Review #55: Of Orcs and Men

Talk about a game that received absolutely no attention at all…. Of Orcs and Men.    This is another one of those games designed for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network library.  What’s weird is how non-present this is on PC. As you can see by their website there isn’t even a mention that there was in fact a PC release:

oforcsandmenSo yeah pretty underwhelming launch for this game.  People gave it a little bit attention because of its PC release but ironically… they marketed towards the console community.

Literally no one paid attention to this game because of its launch during the same time as a lot of AAA titles.

This is another one of these cheapy RPGs made by Focus Home Interactive.  The other one of course is Mars: War Logs which received tones of attention.

How odd.

Oh well.  The game is made by the same guys who gave us Blood Bowl.

The premise of the story is that the big bad evil humans have gone to war with Orcs.  Orcs were winning however they rallied all of the nations of elves and dwarves to their side and fought them back.

Unlike The Lord of the Rings in which people rule justly, the humans started taking orcs as slaves and were slowly wiping them out.

A group of Orcs ban together to try and stop them from ending this.  At a random Orc band everyone is given a job, you (a mighty Ork known for a mass slaughter of humans) have been given the task of assassinating the enemy’s king (who is unjust).

You are assisted by a cheeky Goblin who doesn’t seem to say a single word without a swear word.  There’s also no real parental blocks in the game so yeah… don’t let your kids play this one… it’s just non-stop swearing.  There’s so much swearing in this game that they started to invent their own swear words just to lower the amount of actual swear words.

On the massive plus side of the game is the combat system, which is the crux of the game.  In this you control two different heroes separately.  You queue up attacks while choosing your target (kind of like Knights of the Old Republic).

You have two different stances.  The first is aggressive.  This gives you higher damage but leaves you vulnerable to attacks.  The second is defensive which gives you higher defenses and often block or interrupt aggressive attacks.  A third category of special attacks have neutral valued attacks that do something special like stun.

You queue up to five of these per hero while in combat with the ability to slow down time and modify your ordering as you go.

This is also an action RPG game.  The RPG elements include being able to choose attacks, upgrading said attacks with a unique modifier, equipping gear, and choosing a static stat increase.

When looking at RPGs this would be seen as very linear with about 20 hours of gameplay. The whole game is going through narrow corridor to narrow corridors and engaging in fights.

And our villain will be.... man
And our villain will be…. man

I think my major problem with this game was that I just didn’t enjoy it excessively.  It wasn’t a bad game or anything but I really had problems sitting down and finishing the game.

I would just play 30 minutes at a time and then turn it off.

Unfortunately the game is very simply and it will get very repetitive doing the whole dialogue and killing stuff endlessly.

It’s another game that I’m REALLY undecided about.  In one sense, I enjoyed it in short segments.  On the other hand I only played short segments.  I might say if you are buying this game only buy it if you have other games or other things to do.  For a person who can play 30-40 minutes a day this game is perfect.

If you however are a person who is looking to do some mega 8-hour days on this game… it’s just not happening.

It’s an average game and it gets an average review.

An Ode to Square-Enix

I’ll be honest, I never liked Square-Enix.  I mean I used to like them in the Super Nintendo days when they made great games…. but something happened to them in between all that time.

Oh I know what it was, Final Fantasy 7… and the failure of Final Fantasy 8.  After Final Fantasy 8 I think Square pretty much only started making ‘safe games’ and there was an endless wave of sequels.

Even when they weren’t making sequels they were buying licenses and ideas from other successful games and using them.  Sleeping Dogs for example was originally set to be a sequel to True Crime.

So when Final Fantasy 14 came out I didn’t buy it… but a lot of people did.  And no one was impressed.  Word of mouth spread very quickly that this was a bad game and soon one of the most anticipated AAA MMORPGs of the year became a laughing stock.

And that’s when Square-Enix impressed me.

You see, most developers out there just make stuff up.  They just bullshit promise people all sorts of stuff and just don’t deliver.

These developers are scum.  They are looking to squeeze dollars out of their customers while they can.

No Square-Enix actually did something very decent, they dropped the sub fee.  Anyone who bought the game would play the game free for a full year while they were working on fixing the game.

As many expected fixing the game meant getting it on PS3.  So now a beta has come out for the new Final Fantasy 14 after it was fixed and I’m actually excited.

Of course it’s impossible to get into this beta because the queue is so huge.

But I can also dream.

Square-Enix has shown a lot of heart in admitting that their game sucked and working to fix things.  I’ll be paying Square-Enix a little more attention in the future.

Facebook App Review #3: Dawn of Darkness

Well it’s time for another casual game review.  There’s honestly only so long I can play these games and I feel these kinds of games have to be looked at over a fairly long period of time.  So after two weeks with Facebook game Dawn of Darkness, my thoughts.

Dawn of Darkness is an RPG game in which you select one of six hero characters.  Each is a sort of stereotype of a hero type.  There are three females and three males.  I went with the Robin Hood look a like.

kevin-costner-robin-hoodNO NOT THAT ROBIN HOOD


Much better.

The screen indicates no descriptions of any particular roles the characters play or even what their classes are.  They’re just characters. This of course means there is not going to be a lot of variety in the game, everyone will be one of the six possible characters.  So either the classes don’t matter and they all play the same or you’ll never know what possibilities you have.

So upon finishing the create a character you get sent into this chaotic world:

dawnofdarkness1In it are all of the other players collecting their quests.  The screen is larger than my 23 inch monitor so you don’t see most of the UI options.

Along the top right of the game screen are the five bonus buttons.  Each of these offer some sort of bonus for either playing or promoting the game.  Bookmarking for example gives you free money.

There is also an achievement button on the right side.  Upon clicking on it we get this menu:


Yes there are in fact achievements for spending money.  To be fair there are tiers of achievements that will unlock every 10 levels.  However even when looking at those you find there is need to spend money to get those achievements as well.

There is also an arena button that’ll allow you to PvP people.  It’s kind of dull to be honest… given the style of combat we’ll get into later.


The arena is an easy source of income because most people who play the game don’t get crafting and equipment.  Every day you get so many free fights.  I’m not even sure people know you are fighting them.

On the top of the screen is a meter indicating power which basically tells you who will win right off the bat.

Moving on there are seven UI buttons along the bottom.  You can’t see them in any of these images because of how GIANT the UI is for this game.

The first is a button is heroes.  This is just a list of heroes you have and give you options to spend some money and purchase new heroes.  You get three free heroes and then they continue adding super cool heroes for free.

Then there’s your bag which doesn’t fill up very fast and just usually has vendor junk.

The “enhance” button allows you to enhance your gear by leveling it up and spending money.  This is why I win arenas… because I enhance my gear effectively.  Enhancing gear is the difference between winning and losing battles.  You can also upgrade weapons via crafting which will also take time.

Train allows you to level while you are offline.  This means using small amounts of gold to level up your characters over 12 and 24 hours.

Battle allows you to pick battle formations.  These are the other way of determining battles.  In my time I picked up two formations one for standing in a line and one for standing side by side.  The formations are the other way of deciding battles.  Formations decide who gets attacked and relative attack strengths.

The others are quest and social options not really worth mentioning.

So after all of this you go to the over world:

dawnofdarkness2After getting a quest you will auto path to this over world.  You will click on a number and go into a zone.  The zone will have 1-5 enemies to murder.

This is where it gets bad.

The game automatically completes the battle for you.  The game even makes sure to explain how the automation works… as if you were actively doing something.  The only things you can do to win battles are enhance gear, add talents, and set formations… so not much.

dawnofdarkness3Yeah it’s kind of lame.

After each zone is complete you will get some story.  This is usually done in greyscale story telling.


The story actually does progress through the various over world levels.  Each over world will vary from 9 to 30 levels.  You get to the next over world by beating the last one.

Yes… this game is very very linear.

For faster experience you can actually download the flash client to your computer.  I didn’t do this because it ruined the Facebookesque experience.

I think the biggest weakness in this game is I see no reason to ever team up with people, join a guild, or be social.

As far as a casual RPG goes it is very casual and you can choose to jump into it at any time.  But it just might be too casual.  As I’m writing this review I’m playing the game by clicking a single button and letting the game play itself.

In fact the hardest part about this game is waiting for all of your energy, slot tokens, cards, gold, silver, and points to re-fill up every day.

It’s my humble opinion that this game is simply not worth your time… and ought not to be played by anyone.

As a final stab the game cannot keep running in the background as it takes tones of Internet power and actually slowed down my Age of Empires Online and Wargame: European Escalation matches, yikes.

The game is quite bad and heavily addictive…. that’s an evil combination.

Terrible Games #9: Risen 2 – Dark Water

When I installed this game I intended to review it for a Steam sale… but that’s just never going to happen, it’s just not high quality enough to get a comprehensive review.  No let’s go over my experience with Risen 2 – Dark Water.

Upon loading up the game I turn on gamepad support and I didn’t realize that the game would become ten times harder by doing this.  The controls are absolutely atrocious with a gamepad.  Things run at you which you absolutely cannot dodge in any conceivable way and you die, all because the controls are wonky and not well thought out.

risen2 2012-12-17 18-18-30-59So this means I die a lot, and I mean a lot… by everything.

The difference between maximum graphics and bottom graphics is barely noticeable.    For the fun of the viewer I have taken various screenshots of this game at various resolutions.  As the reader you can try and figure out which ones are maximum graphics, which ones are medium and which ones are low.  If you can figure it out… you are a better man than me.

So the story starts off with you being a Spanish Conquistador on some random location when a random friend of yours from the last game shows up, she’s a girl with boobs… that’s mostly all that seems to matter.

risen2 2012-12-17 17-22-13-92She becomes your side kick and will either get in your way or leave you to die to the various hogs, monkeys, and butterflies you will be dying to.

The first thing you notice about the game is that there is no mini-map and there is no map period.  As it turns out you have to purchase a map in order to have a map.  There is a feature in the game that places a tracker beacon on where you have to go…. but without a map you can never actually find that tracker beacon.

Worst yet, it’s not all that clear where to buy this map or how much it costs.  More on ‘costs’ later.

As you venture beyond this opening tutorial area you will notice some really shady things.  The very first thing you are encouraged to do is to be immoral and steal.  So you are introduced to the game’s stealth mechanics.  You hit a button and you crouch and suddenly you can steal whatever you want with no real vision control like most games.

Now I had just gotten back from watching The Hobbit and dearly was inspired to play an RPG game and become a burglar class.  I thought why not play Risen 2, as long as it has a stealth class.

So I threw all of my points into cunning, the stealth tree.  Well what a mistake that was.  As it turns out you cannot sneak up on anything or anyone without being caught.  The second you get into attack range of anything at all they immediately jump you and kill you…. because you die a lot in this game.

Even though the very first mechanic you are introduced to in the entire game is stealing… it is the only mechanic you will never want to invest points into because for at least the very beginning of the game it is largely useless.

risen2 2012-12-17 18-01-03-01

As well the leveling system is kind of wonky.  You are not rewarded for doing everything, only for fighting.  So obviously a smart person would only invest in fighting skills.  You gain an experience type resource which you can invest into the talent trees and get skills from them.  I mean I can’t imagine a situation in which being a persuasive speaker is going to help me beat this frigging monkey I’m trying to deal with.  Yes these skills unlock new quests and new conversations…. but if you unlock them it makes it that much harder to progress through the game.

Don’t expect it to be like Fallout: New Vegas where if you max out your social tree you don’t have to face the last boss, it ends up being completely useless.

Let’s talk about difficulty settings.

In a good game Easy is designed to be a snorefest playthrough.

Normal is designed to be a moderate challenge but still relatively easy.

Hard is designed to be taxing and require a lot of skill.

I immediately had to toss this game on easy because this game’s easy is apparently on par with other game’s hard difficulty.  It’s not even worth trying to play on hard…. because it goes nowhere.

Did I mention the combat sucks?  Yes this is in large part because of the costs in the game.  Every skill costs MONEY to learn… as if it was World of Warcraft.  Not only does it cost money but it costs A LOT OF MONEY.  I spent the first two hours of the game running around collecting seashells so I could cash them in to get a parry skill so that I wouldn’t get owned by monkeys anymore.

Of course that didn’t stop me from getting owned by boars.

risen2 2012-12-17 18-14-59-90Did I mention health bars do not regenerate on their own?  Yes the stuff I was running around to gather in hope of selling is also a resource you need to regenerate your hit points with.  This means that had I run into anything at all I’d immediately be set back.

The random encounters are very punishing in a game in which your health does not regenerate on your own.  You could be walking heading out to kill off some jaguars when someone jumps you and you are forced to lose most of your health bar to them.

In combat you will spend a lot of time in your menus selecting random foods you just picked up to regenerate health.

Overall this is probably the worst RPG I’ve ever played… and I’ve played Dragon Warrior 3.

Avoid this game at all costs, it will cause you nothing but suffering and misery.  Just pay the extra $10 and get Skyrim…..

Oh, and Merry Christmas

Review: Borderlands 2

Quite a delay on this one coming out largely because, I’ve been too busy to devote myself to a game.  So without furtherado, the review of Borderlands 2!

The Brief: Borderlands

When asked to explain what Borderlands is Angry Joe referred to it as “gun porn.”  This is a strong way of describing this game.

The game developers (Gearbox) looked at the the RPG genre and saw a common theme, too much story.  Game developers stopped looking at creating great and fun gameplay but instead were going for developing stories.

Everyone's favorite large breasted woman is....
Everyone’s favorite large breasted woman is….

Gearbox also saw that there was really not a lot of RPG developers creating co-op games.  In fact most RPGs out there were specifically designed so that only one player would ever play it.

Third Gearbox looked at successful RPGs that did have co-op.  They were pre-dominantly MMORPGs.  Gearbox saw this as a model for their game.

The end result was a random loot generator and a game that focuses away from story.

The world that Gearbox portrayed was not unique.  In fact they said it was based on Mad Max’s world.  However along with the cool graphical style it was enough to overwhelmingly wow people over.


Let’s start with the beginning of the game, co-op.

The matchmaking system in this game is fantastic and works well.  A person creates a co-op game and people will ‘drop’ on it.  Everyone who drops in on it will be of appropriate level and relatively even progression.

As well instead of having two player co-op you get four player co-op.  This is where it gets a bit bad.  Two player co-op worked REALLY well.  Once you get to that third player though the game gets kind of bad.  Once you add in the fourth player it gets good again.

All I’m saying is the game plays as well with 3 people as it does with 1 person.

One downside is that there are no real loot controls and everyone sort of just snipes all of the loot that drops.  On the plus side all money and eridium is shared.

The game offers four characters, similar to the previous game.  The only difference is that in this one the Gunzerker becomes available.  I tried out this character to see what it’s all about… apparently it’s about shooting guns.

Four seated cars baby!
Four seated cars baby!

The world is very very cold.  While Borderlands 1 spent most of it’s time around desert regions, Borderlands 2 focuses largely around nordic regions.

Most of the enemies are roughly the same as the old game.  It’s the same bandit hunting.  It’s the same animals.  It’s the same flyers.  Basically all the same with a few exceptions, a couple of new bandit types…. a couple of new animal types.  The only major addition are the robots which are pretty well designed.  Whatever part of the body you shoot at will fall off… kinda cool.

A big change from the last game is that using weapons no longer levels them up.  This is a major change because by doing this you were locked into a type of weapon.

Instead you have accolades you have to achieve and by gaining them you get a currency that will allow you to increase a generic stat.  This allows for even more customization.

As well instead of just having 2 gun slots you have 4 gun slots.  This means you can carry half of the available gun types including some of those odder situational weapons (like rocket launchers).

Let’s talk about cars!  There is now a new four player car that you unlock around Level 10.  These new “bandit cars” have more powerful guns and have some extra seats in which your team mates can use their own weapons on.

It’s kind of the retard-o-mobile designed for retard-os who can’t drive around in a separate vehicle.

It was odd to immediately find co-op partners
It was odd to immediately find co-op partners

One big change from previous games is that the game becomes very story driven.

There are still tones of side quests however unlike in previous games where you can just run away from the story, this game seems to want to keep you on track with that.

As well while the last game was sort about just getting loot this one has a more puritan heroic goal.  Whereas before you were portrayed as a greedy vault hunter, in this one you are portrayed as the do-all hero.

Much like before head shots cause critical strikes, fire damage burns skin.  Electric damage takes out shields.  Corrosive damage melts armor.  A new eridium damage makes people very vulnerable to damage.


  • Replayabilty
  • Weapons Variety
  • Addictive
  • Funny

After my first play through I immediately started up another game.  So there might be a delay in reviewing another game because I’ll be playing the hell out of this game again.    It’s so easy to just jump into a co-op game and play with random people.

A lot of the replayability comes from the fact that this game has so many freaking weapons.  In one playthrough you can be a pistols gunzerker and in another you can be a sniping queen.

A rare scenario where you sit back and watch something happen
A rare scenario where you sit back and watch something happen

My first time playing the game I started playing and eight hours later I looked at the clock and wondered where the time went.  Like this game is dangerously addictive to the point where I actually have to cut myself off.

There are a lot of times where you just want to sit around and listen to what is being said.  A lot of the stuff is just absolutely hilarious.  When I died a voice told me “Hyperion Corp reminds you that it is a good idea to get revenge on whatever killed you… unless it’s a cliff.”  It tells me that they sat down some comic genius to just come up with actual funny messages every time you die.


  • Money is Pointless
  • STUCK!

The first time giong to the co-op queue I was like AWESOME however after killing the first boss together I started to notice that every single person in the group would bum rush the boss and die.  Everyone was doing this because they wanted to get the loot.  With two people there is tones of sharing and it’s fine.  With four people it’s just free for all no one cares.

Even with great weapon variety you'll always choose a pink gun that rocks
Even with great weapon variety you’ll always choose a pink gun that rocks

Money is once again pointless in this game.  While playing Borderlands 2 I felt bad about dying because I lost so much money.  In this game I just don’t care because money doesn’t do anything.  There is enough ammo in crates and the best weapons drop from bosses… so why use money again?

The world in this game are huge.  A lot of the elements of the world are randomly generated.  To this effect I got stuck no less than 23 times.  There is no unstuck feature or way to get out of this other than to kill yourself or to Save, Quit, and start over.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end if you enjoyed Borderlands you’ll enjoy this… and probably already own it.  If you didn’t enjoy Borderlands you won’t enjoy this.  If you haven’t played Borderlands, give Borderlands 2 a try.  The nice thing about this game is that it doesn’t require you to play the last game at all.

Overall I was very satisfied with my experiences here and I think you will too.